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08 April 2013
Virgin Photo

Easter puzzle - The answer

Last week (April 1st)  we told you that the photo below taken by Mike Davies is a virgin copy and has not been doctored or touched up in any way whatsoever.   

Mike's answer to the question:
  " I sometimes park the car by the Neath Golf course and always stay in the car and wait till the wildlife comes to me  as there are many rabbits around and a chance of a hare or two - if one is lucky enough to spot them in the fields.
 Whilst waiting on one occasion, I looked at the sheep with their lambs, and in the far distance I could see a two headed lamb, I rubbed my eyes, and thought it can't be, but when I used my 300mm lens I could see clearly that there were two lambs laying down side by side in opposite directions.          
The early morning sun was shining on them which blended their coats together.
 It even had me April fooled at first.   I can genuinely say that this photo has not been doctored in anyway -  just an illusion to the eye."

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