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01 April 2013
UFO activity over Neath

South Wales UFO Film Regarded as Genuine

Something mysterious has been captured on film above the skies of Neath. Something glowing and flashing in the night sky. Something that has left Mike Davies and his wife Maureen baffled for years. And now that something has intrigued an expert on unidentified sightings.

Something mysterious has been captured on film above the skies of Neath. Is there anybody out there who can explain what this footage is all about?

The Neath couple had not long moved into their house in Cadoxton when Mr Davies was awoken by his dog late one night.

The 62-year-old went downstairs and saw two bright lights in the sky. Intrigued, he grabbed his video camera and began recording.

The two lights looked far too big for an aeroplane, and were flanked by two smaller, flashing lights.  All four were static.  They hung in the sky above a valley in a north-easterly direction from the house.

Mr Davies carried on filming for nearly 20 minutes, and then went to bed perplexed.

Within days he got in touch by email with an expert on unexplained sightings, John Hanson, but the duo lost contact when Mr Hanson’s computer crashed.

Not long ago, however, Mr Hanson, a retired policeman and author of a volume entitled Haunted Skies, got back in touch.

He has studied the video footage and presented it at a UFO conference in Truro, Cornwall. And he remains intrigued.

“It is a very genuine piece of film of what looks like a genuine phenomenon,” said the 60-year-old, from Alvechurch, near Birmingham.

“It is clear that the size of the lights were two to three times larger than any aircraft.”

“Similar formations of strange lights like this, normally triangular in shape, are nothing new to UFO organisations.”

He added: “Inexplicable light phenomenon like those seen and captured on film by Mike Davies excite the imagination, but one should be careful about forming snap judgements on matters such as these, because although it appears what he saw was very unlikely to have been orchestrated by human hands, one should not automatically believe they are representative of any visitation by an extraterrestrial species.”

“But there is some strange stuff out there.”

His words have left Mr Davies feeling vindicated- but at the same time the mystery remains unsolved.

“I had never seen anything like it,” said Mr Davies.

“What are they? Where did they come from? And where were they going?

The following video was posted on YouTube in March 2013:-

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