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18 March 2013
Success for Neath Poet

Paul Tristram gets published AGAIN !!

Report by Lindsey Wallace.

One of our favourite poets and writers Paul Tristram has a couplet from his short story 'Candletree Graves' published in the illustrious Poetry Society Magazine for Valentines Day.

You can read Candleteee Graves, for free and which I recommend without reservation, on our Book Oggle Site.

I bet there are many women out there who would love their husbands and boyfriends to be able to pen something as good as this for Valentines Day.

'Struggling through the cold seas of life / in search of love to treasure.
I have now found that love, / a love beyond all measure.'

Paul Tristram

You can see Pauls Valentine Poem in situ if you follow this link :-


Paul has written over 1300 poems, with half of these published or accepted for publication in over a hundred different publications in nine countries (So far!) across the world, as well as writing numerous short stories and sketches.

Who said the men of Neath are not romantic.

Congratulations Paul for what you have already achieved and for your exciting future.

I love all Paul Tristrams writing but there are some pieces that  for me shine through; such as the following; which has to be my personal favourite being a 'Neath girl' :-

"He (Paul Tristram) remembers walking through Victoria Garden’s in Neath when he was around seven years old, holding onto his Mam’s hand and pointing at the statue of  Howel Gwyn and asking.

“Mam, who’s that and why’s he there then?”

“Oh, I don’t know boy, someone famous probably, done something good for Neath I bet?” she answered.

“They’ll put me there one day mam, you watch!” said Paul.

“Will they now then?” she replied shaking her head.

“Hurry up, you daft sod before we miss the Caewathan bus!”


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