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01 March 2013
Professional vandals!

Commercial Rape !

Many people have flooded to Cilfrew to live in the last quarter of a century. Little estates have sprung up in a picturesque area of Neath Port Talbot. The view from this village is one of the best South Wales has to offer and for this reason people came there to enjoy the wildlife and tranquillity, together with the stunning views.

Then came the LNG pipeline. Planners told the people it would be out of sight and would not impact on their lives. But since the installation of the LNG there is more disruption on the horizon. Cilfrew is to have wind turbines to the back of them wind turbines to the front of them and now the powers that be have decimated their woodland, Graig Gladys Country Park, as far as the residents of the village are concerned, beyond anything they envisaged.

Contractors start work at 6.30 am in the mornings with their huge machinery and  peace and tranquility is no more. Cadoxton had 61 trees with TPO’s removed, for public safety it is said. Cilfrew and Cadoxton have had thousands of trees removed, except for the ones with the Herons in, for this year anyway.

This area is abounding with wild life and skylarks nest here every year. Much of the habitat of this wildlife has been destroyed and the reason they are told is because of larch disease. Yet much of what is being removed is birch. Beautiful silver birch reflecting the millions of bluebells at their feet, all gone, destroyed, a mud bath in their place.

Neath Port Talbot Council has handed over to contractors the job of removing the diseased larch. Is there an answer as to why so much wood is being removed, why huge swathes of woodland are being decimated in an area of outstanding beauty?  Where is the wood going? Is it fuelling power plants?

Mynydd March Hywel is destined for huge wind turbines and opposite this village standing aloft on a totally unspoilt valley ridge will be placed the biggest wind farm so far, stretching from Neath to Aberdare. Who can compensate the people who have bought properties in Cilfrew, those who have lived there all their lives and cry at the destruction of their surroundings?

People living at Cilfrew have sent us pictures of the devastation of their Country Park. They have been told that not all the paths will be replaced and find walkways which helped them walk through the woodland from the school into the village are now no go areas.

Is this area to be always at the mercy of others to utilise or is it time the people who live in these areas had more say in issues that are affecting them so badly.

Look at the pictures and ask why, why, why?

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