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18 February 2013
Concerns about speeding cars on school roads

 Concern about speed on school roads


Mike Davies writes about the roads in Cadoxton....

The speed limit is 30 mph from Pen-y-Wern to Cadoxton church, from there on it is 20 mph all through the village, to Aberdulais bridge

Keeping to 20 mph seems awfully slow with modern cars, but we must keep within the limits of the law. The signs are not put there to make the village look pretty, they are there for a purpose - for motorists to obey at all times 24/7  even to the motorists behind who their flash their lights and make gestures.    If you want to speed then use the A465 NOT speed through Cadoxton village with 2 schools on a narrow road, on street parking and an OAP complexes not forgetting  the bad bend at Catwg church

I have seen a few fatalities in my time on this road we do not want so see another

Parked cars along Cadoxton terrace remains very dangerous,  overtaking them you have to cross over the white line into the oncoming traffic, which is likely to cause an accident, if the road is too narrow then STOP till the road is clear, do not take any chances,it could be a MISTAKE YOU WOULD LIVE TO REGRET,

Many motorists who over-take, especially with vans and lorries, push the oncoming traffic onto the curb, the white line is there to stop the traffic from crossing  into the opposite lane. use the white line as your boundary marking

And please when you see the sign 20mph it means exactly that!

Ed Note.   Readers comments and suggestions are very welcome.

First published on the Neath Ferret website

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