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28 January 2013
Herons - Mike Davies reports

Herons - one man's view

.... Mike Davies

Jan 26th 2013.
I noticed that the grey herons are once again returning to Craig Gwladys Country Park, Cadoxton, near Neath (pictured left)  to inspect their nests in readiness for their breeding season, they have repaired their  nests which have been there for around 30 yrs +

Sadly this may well be the last of the breeding season at Craig Gwladys Country Park, as the trees which the various nests are on are to come down after the breeding season.
I am sure the herons will endeavour to keep coming back, and find other trees which will be suitable, as a disease called phytophthora  ramorum which kills Larch trees has been found.
Herons are among the earliest nesters. It's not unusual for some birds to lay their first eggs in early February, though the normal start is early March, peaking at the end of the month.
I, for one, would like to see them make a return next season, man and nature should work together. as we can all share this wonderful  planet in harmony.

More can be read about these birds and why they are losing their nests:
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