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21 January 2013
BEG and their tree concern

Bryncoch Envionmental Group Criticize NPT HOMES

At the end of 2012 a large mature oak tree was cut down in Bryncoch on the grass verge opposite the Special Needs Schools.  It had been growing for some considerable time on a grass verge alongside Main Road in Bryncoch village.
Many people were shocked to see the stump that remained and were left wondering why this fine specimen had been felled.
It appeared that Neath Port Council was unaware of this action and unable to offer an explanation.
After many enquiries an explanation was offered by NPT Homes.
It appears that this ill-fated tree was preventing light from reaching NPT homes in Heol Pant Glas, a neighbouring housing complex.
Being a mature tree, it exhibited scars on its bark, which NPT Homes thought was a sign that it might come crashing down on the adjacent footpath and road.
We doubt there are any trees of this maturity that do not have such scars, much us we humans aquire due to the natural ageing process.
This is not the first time that NPT Homes have carried out tree felling close to their newly acquired housing stock.
A large tree was felled in Waunceirch at the rear of Tudor Gardens in the summer of 2012. This was a great loss to local residents who were outraged at the loss.

These trees have been growing for centuries but can be felled in hours.  It's time we realised that trees are vitally important for all sorts of reasons.

Firstly they absorb harmful carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.
They provide important habitat for numerous animal and plant species. In particular, an oak tree such as the one felled by NPT Homes, supports more life forms than any other British tree. For example, it supports as many as 284 species of insects.
After growing for more than 80 to 120 years the bark of a healthy oak tree becomes deeply fissured.
Hardly a justification for being felled by NPT Homes who may be intent on removing other significant trees in Neath Port Talbot.
So, we urge everyone to be vigilant.
Our trees are vital to the well being of us as human beings, our wildlife and also play a huge role in safeguarding our planet from global warming.

Many members of BEG thought that NPT CBC had an attitude towards the environment that left much to be desired but they now consider that NPT Homes is far less caring in this direction.    Thought and consideration must be given to this matter now - before it gets out of hand.


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