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Porn On The Brain


I started off this series of articles concerned at the way people were being forced on to the internet to conduct every aspect of their lives.


I was dead set against social networking as I honestly believe it is the people around you, those you can touch and whose eyes smile into yours, or get angry with you, who ultimately matter in your life.

I have always read peoples’ eyes, it is second nature; by the eyes you can tell if you are in favor or not. As a public speaker I have often read my audience and have known instinctively if I am on the right thread or if I need to change tack to captivate their attention.

Because I feel this way I made sure I watched the documentary “Porn on the Brain” last Monday night  and I cannot see how anyone who has children could not fail to be alarmed if they also saw it or watched the reaction to the programme in the press and on chat shows the following few days.

What the programme showed were facts that have long puzzled many people. All of a sudden a lot of things were dropping into place for me.

The internet while it is an amazing communication channel has been allowed to be used to groom young men as much as young girls are groomed by pedophiles.

The programme highlighted, through research, that someone who has an addictive personality is as affected by porn on the internet as a heroin addict is addicted to heroin.

The programme went on to show first hand examples of young men whose lives had been taken over by their addiction.

You only have to join a dating site on the internet to find millions of men who are addicted to the thrill of internet sex and porn.

Firsthand accounts were given of the way young people are learning how to have sex through violent porn sites on the internet. They are traumatized and bury this trauma for it to have repercussions on all sexual relationships throughout their lives.

At the end of a chat show the following day, which the documentary makers attended, it was said that nothing can be done about this porn on the internet.

I believe something should and can be done about it.

Millions of young people are being groomed so that when they reach adulthood they are totally dependent on porn for their sexual needs. A relationship with one partner is boring. Sex with a person is not as exciting as sex with 2,3 or even 4 people. If they cannot get group sex then porn and relieving themselves is preferable. Young men spoke of the excitement and depression brought about by their addiction and also spoke of how one partner could not compete with what was available via the internet to arouse them.

Addicts hate themselves; they hate themselves for their dependency.

They then spiral into depression and get addicted to treatments that numb them.

Let’s be honest about this, at the end of the day, what the people who show this porn want is your money and they are prepared to wait until you have some and will then get it off you as you have no choice but to get an ever more extreme fix. Yet the minute that fix wears off you spiral into a black hole. Do the people who have taken your life and your money care? NO.

Have a whole generation of children been shanghaied and groomed for a life of addiction and depression?

Many people live their lives now waiting for the next fix. The ‘fix’ of shopping, the ‘fix’ of online gambling, the fix of ‘TV Soaps’ and the fix of ‘porn’ that is so easy to get.

Is this the life you bring children into the world to experience?

I do not want my children caught in this trap, but I have a son and he and I will be having a heart to heart as soon as I can snare him. I have to know and we will deal with it together, but no one is going to groom him and take him from me into that seedy half world they call a life without fighting me first.

And where do these people get help, for there are many of them. The next thing you will find is there are no resources or money to help these people; the pornography and gambling industry has taken it all.

If you have a drink addiction and conquer it then for the whole of your life you must not have one drink or you will become an addict again. The same goes for hard drug addictions.

How do you escape sex and porn?

Pretty near impossible.

As said on the ‘Porn on the Brain’ documentary, they even use sex to sell washing machines.

Is there no escape for our children?

Another aspect of this peddling of sex as something that should be more of a recreation than part of a loving relationship, is lives being ruined, by one of the partners in that relationship becoming addicted and forcing the other partner to succumb to practices they might find repulsive but are persuaded by the stronger partner that it is the ‘norm’. Failure to capitulate and to go to any lengths to satisfy is failure to adhere to the ‘ conjugal rights’ they are persuaded  they deserve.

Sex is now used to peddle everything; you cannot watch a film, an advertisement or see a poster without sex and glamour coming into the equation.

We have spoken previously of the shallow society we now live in where image is all and I believe it is time that people looked beneath the veneer again and found the hearts that beat there.

Life has many aspects and it was always said of the ‘Celt’ – they look past the outward appearance straight into the soul – we are a Celtic nation and caring and loving has always been part of our makeup.

Let us not allow media and materialism to steal our children away but let us talk to them and bring them back to what really matters in life, before it is too late.

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