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Why oh why do I need to tap in to the grief of the world?

Is News, News?


Not usually, usually the news we hear about is after the horrendous events have taken place.


We hear of the aftermath. Perhaps our news channels could be called aftermath channels instead of news.


What is the point of being grief stricken and taking the grief of the world on to our shoulders when we have children of our own to rear, children to protect and children to shield from this grief.


Yes I believe children should be shielded from the grief of the world. It is no wonder there is no hope in a lot of people’s hearts when all you hear of is carnage and destruction from every corner of the globe.


Yet what can we do about it?


How can we help?


Can we catch those terrorists before they open fire in another shopping mall?


I doubt it as we never know what they are doing until the aftermath.


We hear ‘news’ of atrocities, they show us the grief of those affected day after day in the news, in the newspapers, in magazines, on the internet. In fact everywhere you look you are confronted with grief.


Media outdo one another with levels of heart wrenching grief.


Are you callous if you do not watch it?


No, you are protecting yourself from the aftermath of something you can do nothing about and which was not your fault.


But it can be made alright, can’t it? You can put your hand into your bank balance and make it alright.


You can ease your conscience by giving money.


Sorry, but to give money when people have lost loved ones and families have been shattered is callousness itself. How can money replace a dead child, how can money change the violence of the world we live in. How can money stop the grief of the world from being set firmly on every inhabitant’s shoulders?


Many people do not see logic in what is happening in the world today. We do not see logic because we are not confronted with the truth about causes, but we are confronted daily with the aftermath that the actions of certain people have caused.


Is the responsibility mine? Did I encourage these people to give me the riches of the word? Did I beg them to build me a motor car into which I would need to put oil and petrol so I could get around and see the sights of a world that was opened up for me?


Was it opened up for me? Or am I a consequence also.


Am I a victim or a perpetrator?


I was given opportunities which I was told were my heritage, I was told I had worked for it. I was told it was my reward. Now I am being told it is my fault so pay up.


I saw an advertisement this week and it said, relax, put up your feet, do nothing at all, you deserve it. But, I thought, if I do nothing then someone has to do something to enable me to do nothing. If I do nothing, who is going to cook my food, who is going to clean my house, who is going to feed my children or grow my vegetables or build my home. If we all do nothing we do not survive, so that advertisement is a lie.


How much news is a lie?


There are people who believe utterly everything they are told on the television. They believe the television only says the truth. But what about what they do not tell you.


How can you know all the millions, no zillions, of events that happen on a daily basis right across the world.


You cannot, you are only told, what is ‘news’, which I now call   ‘aftermath’.


It is also about time that those people who stopped thinking when computers took over started to activate their brains again and realize that what you are shown on television and newspapers etc is what someone somewhere dictates is ‘news’.


This is not my news and I cannot buy into the grief of the most atrocious events happening in the world.


I do not want to buy into an aftermath.


I want to buy into my life, into my children’s happiness and into what affects me, always.

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