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This page has been re-introduced after an absence to allow readers to make comments on the content of this website

You are invited to leave a comment or message for anyone to see.  Please note that letters will be considered for the next edition.

Found Earring
I have been trying unsuccessfully to trace the owner of a single earring which I found whilst walking my dog in the Gnoll park. It is a valuable item and I am sure the lady who lost it would be very glad of its return.

I left my mobile number at the Gnoll visitor centre.

Posted by Mandy Benjamin on 19 November 2014
Dulais Rock
I absolutely agree with Mike Davies about the Dulais Rock. It was a very pleasant place to have a convivial drink under its last proprietor - though I was sorry to see the skittle alley go.

Perhaps some enterprising micro-brewer could take it on. As the Falls centre increases in popularity, it would be good for visitors to have an alternative to the tea-room, nice though that is.
Posted by Frank Little on 01 September 2014
parking fair week
how and where dose one park thier car on fair week miland road will be close to us workers shoppers and commuters ?
Posted by jenkins on 18 August 2014
Outdated and irrelevant Internet references
Can I just correct a couple of misapprehensions about the recent EU court decision? Politicians are not involved; it is still for the search engine provider to decide on the validity of complaints in the first plac; the original material to which the link points remains and cannot be removed; and it applies only to the area of the European Union - though the practicalities of deciding where a search request comes from are daunting!

The key test is whether the link is still relevant. There is a parallel in this country in the non-disclosure of spent criminal convictions. I predict that the number of successful requests for removal of links will be very small.
Posted by Frank Little on 21 May 2014
European Parliament elections
Mr Editor, I trust that you will be urging all readers to vote in the EP elections this month. They are the most important yet. More power than ever has been devolved from the central executive and administration. 190,000 Welsh jobs are linked to the European Union. It is not a time to allow extremists or time-servers to exploit apathy on the part of ordinary citizens.

Key dates: if you need a postal vote, you must register before 6th May; postal ballots will be going out around 12th May; and polling day is 22nd May.
Posted by Frank Little on 01 May 2014
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