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Mayor opens Neath Fair

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Neath Magistrate Courts - going.... going


Photos - Mike Davies

Start made to Neath developmentPhoto by Mike Davies


Steam Train passes through Neath

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Stan's new logo

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Roads with no potholes, pavements with no chewing gum, neatly cut grass verges with planted flowers and fountains that work - dispite no rain - yet there has been money problems! 

Mike Davies reports on Cyprus

Dog show at the Gnoll - see inside

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Girls Out Loud

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A sight to make your eyes sore

The Gnoll woodlands
Where does the buck stop?


Steam and Vintage show at Cefn Coed Colliery Museum

Special feature by Mike Davies and Jeff Griffiths


Heritage Scene-Neath

Jason Reynolds of Heritage Scene-Neath who covers areas beyond that of the Neath Antiquarian Society (of which he is a member) in saving for the future contents of building due for demolition.   It all started with the Empire Neath when no-one else appeared to be interested.

Some reduced size reproductions of the Empire Neath windows are shown below on the windows of the Victoria Garden Community Building.

Next week we will feature a video by Mike Davies.

Temporary 'POP UP' museum at
Victoria Gardens with
the Neath Antiquarian Society

The report of the 'pop up' museum held at the Victoria Gardens community building appears on our NEWS page with a list of who's who in the above photograph.   See the YouTube video - also on our NEWS page.

Twin jumpers on ITV news

The 55 year old jumpers of local twin brothers, Mike and Pat Davies, were featured on the ITV (Wales) news programme during the past week - for details play the above video clip




you have arrived at Neath's most exciting news and magazine website

Population circa 20,000


The power of Tesco

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A favourite TV advert

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entertainment value - it deserves an award just for that.



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The stained glass window shown above has been donated to the people of Neath by the Coastal Housing Group, who were responsible for building the houses that replaced the Empire.    Jason Reynolds (right above) of Heritage Scene - Neath is currently working with the council for a building in Neath to display them with other art treasures that are now in storage at various sites.  The windows are being kept safe at Swansea University's Art Centre.
The Heritage Scene's vision is to have a Heritage Art and Craft centre where hand skills from previous generations can be highlighted to benefit  youngsters of today and also future generations.
Acknowlegement is given to Gill Roberts of the Evening Post for her reports and interest in the Heritage Scene at Neath.



Neath & District Ladies Choir
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Neath Food & Drink Fair - do you want to see it on your lounge TV ?

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Neath Abbey Heritage Video  - 6th July 2013
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Waunceirch Family Fun Day Video - 29th June 2013
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Our featured websites this week



The doubts and alleged dangers of the gas pipeline

Vale of Neath website

Derek Brockway the BBC's popular weatherman writes the foreword for a brand new website: The VALE OF NEATH.

The breathtaking photographs have been taken by Mike Davies of Cadoxton who has has many of his pictures shown on television's weather programmes.

Mike (pictured right) covers all the seasons of the year in addition to the waterfalls in what many call Waterfall Country.    Also revealed is the murder gravestone in St.Catwg's graveyard.

The website will be treasured by all those who love the Neath Valley and is sure to attract many visitors from far and wide in the New Year.

Be sure to tell all your relatives and friends about this wonderful addition to the Internet, brought to you by the Neath Guardian website team.   Click on the link below for your New Year treat:


Mike Davies looks at Neath from the Gnoll Park

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