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WCW NITRO The First 6 Episodes    Approx. 6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This tape has the first 6 Nitro’s on it, starting in September 1995 at the Mall of America in Minnesota. See Brian Pillman wrestle on the first historic Nitro, as well as Lex Luger jump from the WWF to WCW and shock the world by showing up on Nitro and challenging Hulk Hogan. See where the Monday Night Wars all started!

BEFORE SUPERSTARDOM  Vol. I     Approx. 2 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This is the first of a three volume set that shows wrestlers that became major names in the wrestling business, before they reached their superstardom level.  Here is what is on this volume:
1.Interview with The Handsome Starnger (Buff Bagwel) August 1991
2.Interview with Cactus Jack and  Scott Anthony (Raven) August 1991
3.TD Madison (Tommy Dreamer) & 2 others vs The Equilizers and Cannonball  August 1991
4.Tasmaniac (Tazz) vs Ray Odyssey   August 1991
5.Vince Torelli (Ken Shamrock) vs Robert Fuller   May 1991
6.Samoan Swat Team (Yokozuna) vs The Pitbulls  June 1990
7.The Master Blasters (Kevin Nash) vs The Steiner Brothers   January 1991
8.Interview with The Lightning Kid  (X-Pac)  1991
9.Cheetah Kid (Rocco Rock) vs Beast   1991
10.Lightning Kid (X-Pac) vs Chaz Taylor 
11.Ebony Experience (Booker T & Stevie Ray) vs Alex Porteau & Shawn Summers   1992
12.Tazmaniac (Tazz) vs Johnny Rodz
13.Sandman vs JT Smith  1990
14.Dean Malenko vs Rick Rice   August 1990
15.Handsome Stranger (Buff Bagwell) vs Butch Blackheart  July 1991

BEFORE SUPERSTARDOM  Vol. II    Approx. 2 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This is the second of a three volume set that shows wrestlers that became major names in the wrestling business, before they reached their superstardom level.  Here is what is on this volume:
1. Jean Paul Levesque (Triple H) vs Alex Wright   December 1994
2. Master Blasters (Kevin Nash) vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner
3.Mean Mark (The Undertaker) vs Jerry Lawler
4. GI Bro (Booker T) vs Bobby Perez   1990
5. Vegas Connections (Kevin Nash & DDP) vs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas
6. Sid vs Kerry Von Erich   1988
7. Interview with Johnny B Badd (Marc Mero)
8. Interview with DDP, Scott Anthony (Raven), and Vinny Vegas (Kevin Nash)  1992
9. Scott Anthony (Raven) vs Johnny B Badd  (Marc Mero)
10.Mean Mark (Undertaker) vs Tim Parker
11.Dustin Rhodes & Jimmy Jack Funk vs Brain Lee & Robert Fuller  1990
12.Sid vs The Nightstalker (Wrath)  Novmebr 1990
13.Steve Austin vs Sam Houston   June 1991
14.Ron Simmons (Farooq) & 2 Cold Scorpio vs Cactus Jack & The Barbarian
15.PJ Walker (Justin Credible) vs Yokozuna  1993
16.Interview with The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) and DDP   June 1991
17.Lex Luger vs Crush (Brian Adams)   1993

BEFORE SUPERSTARDOM  Vol. III    Approx. 2 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This is the final of a three volume set that shows wrestlers that became major names in the wrestling business, before they reached their superstardom level.  Here is what is on this volume:
1. Axl Rotten vs AJ Fritzoid  August 1991
2. Matt Hyson vs Frank Dalton  June 1994
3. Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Tex Slazenger & Master Blaster  June 1991
4. The Terminator (Buh Buh Ray Dudley) & Destruction vs Ray Odyssey & Cousin Luke
5. Bob Holly (Hardcore Holly) vs Mantaur  May 1995
6. John Hawk (Bradshaw) & Black Bart vs Chaz & Steve Dane  1993
7. Interview with The 123 Kid (X-Pac)
8. Handsome Stranger (Buff Bagwell) & Steve Dane vs Rip Rogers & Scott Anthony (Raven)  1993
9. Robby V vs Shanghai Pierce  March 1993
10.Hulk Hogan vs Jesse Ventura  1982
11.Tommy Dreamer vs Kevin Sullivan  1994

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume I   Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*QVC Special – Wrestle Mania X + guest “Macho Man” Randy Savage
(includes commercial for the show at the beginning) 1994 60mins
*Johnathon Ross presents: Hulk Hogan (Hulk discusses Wrestling/Mr Nanny/Starting out/Merchandising/Steroid scandal/Direction wrestling is going/ Etc. 1993 29mins
*Hulk Hogan i.v. On the set of “Thunder in Paradise” (C4 Surf Potato) 1993 4mins
*Hulk Hogan on ? (BBC1 UK kids TV show) (NOT COMPLETE)1994 3mins
*The Undertaker & Paul Bearer on German T.V. show (NOT COMPLETE)  brief
*The Undertaker & Paul Bearer on ? (ITV UK kids TV show) 1993 2mins
*AAA Luchre Libre advert (Galavision) 1994 brief
*British wrestlers on “Byker Grove”  4mins
*“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith on “Live & Kicking” BBC 1 OCT 94 14mins
*Stars & Stripes (Bagwell/Patriot) on C4 “Games Master” 1994 5mins
*Shawn Michaels on BBC1 “Fully Booked”) (NOT COMPLETE) 1min
*Sting & Johnny B. Badd on “Scheinemakers Live” (German chat show) 1994 9mins
*Undertaker comedy sketch BBC 1 “Newman & Baddiel” 1min
*Shawn Michaels on C4 “The Big Breakfast” JUNE 22 1995 4mins
*AAA footage from T.V. show C4 “United States of television” 2mins
*Aja Kong video Diary (from T.V. show “Passengers”) OCTOBER 13 1995 9mins
*Feature on 1st annual womens wrestling convention – Live TV “Adult television Entertainment (Includes Nicole Bass interview) 5mins
*Jesse Ventura interview NBC “Meet the Press” (NOT COMPLETE) 1999 5mins
*Bret Hart & Martha Hart (Owen’s wife) interview
(same day of Owen’s funeral) NBC “Larry King Live” 1999 8mins
*The Rock & The Big Show on C4 “The Big Breakfast”
(inc. i.v. & comedy sketches) OCT 1 1999 20mins
*The Rock & The Big Show on BBC 1 “Live & Kicking” (promoting WWF Rebellion on Sky Box Office) (inc. Sketches/Phone in/etc) OCT 2 1999 28mins
*QVC Rebellion special (Backstage footage + interviews with: Road Dogg/Vince McMahon/Ivory/Gangrel/Holly’s/Edge & Christian) OCT 3 1999 110mins
*Bret “Hitman” Hart on MTV: UK’s Select (promoting UK TV premiere of Wrestling with Shadows) (NOT COMPLETE –missing first minute only) NOV 5 1999 9mins
*BBC 1 news report on “Extreme Wrestling” in the U.K. NOV 24 1999 5mins
*Megadeth “Crush ‘Em” promo (inc. Goldberg) 1999 3mins
*Jay Leno announces XFL and cracks joke about it NBC “Tonight Show” 2000 Brief
*Chyna on NBC “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” FEB 11 2000 7mins
*ECW Hardcore Revolution for Play Station commercial 2000 brief
*WWF Jakks Titan Tron toy commercial (with Triple H) 2000 brief
*“The Jenny Jones Show” WCW special - “Jenny’s Daytime Nitro” with Buff Bagwell, Disco Inferno, Perry Saturn, Scotty Riggs, Jimmy Hart, Billy Kidman (Cruiserweight Champion), The Nitro Girls & Mancow. (Same week as Super Brawl 9) 1999 38mins
*Torrie Interview C4 “T4” (NOT COMPLETE – missing first minute only) 2000 3mins
*Smackdown on Playstation TV commercial (The Rock in the Smackdown Hotel) 2000

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume II   Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*Kurt Angle on MTV UK “MTV Select” (promoting WWF Insurextion on Sky Box Office) MAY 4 2000 13mins
*Kurt Angle on C4 “The Big Breakfast” (promoting WWF Insurextion on Sky Box Office) MAY 5 2000 16mins
*Kurt Angle on ITV “SMTV:Live” (promoting WWF Insurextion on Sky Box Office)
(Kids TV Show – sketches/interview/etc..) MAY 6 2000 20mins
*WWF Insurextion UK TV commercial – Sky Box Office MAY 2000 brief
*WWF Royal Rumble/Aggression available at HMV - UK TV commercial 2000 brief
*David Arquette on NBC “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
(promoting Ready to Rumble) 2000 4mins
*WWF Jakks Titan Tron TV commercial 2000 brief
*BBC 1 “Ruby Wax’s American Pie” (Documentary on womens wrestling WCW/Indies) 2000 29mins
*The Big Show on NBC “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (Promoting King of the Ring on PPV) 2000 10mins
*WWF “late Night” UK TV commercial – Sky Sports 2000 brief
*The Rock on “Star Trek Voyager” - UK TV commercial – Sky One 2000 brief
*Wycliff Jean interview MTV news UK(“It Doesn’t Matter”) 2000 brief
*“It doesn’t Matter” out next week commercial 2000 brief
*“Stone Cold” Steve Austin introduces Jay Z at MTV Video Music Awards SEPT 9 1999 1min
*Beyond the Mat on video - UK TV commercial 2000 brief
*“Good Vs. Evil” wrestling episode (Mankind acting debut) 2000 43mins
*“Star Trek Voyager” episode with The Rock 2000 42mins
*Rock & Wycliff Jean “It Doesn’t Matter” promo music video 2000 4 mins
*Extreme Fighting feature on TV Show “Extreme Sports” 2000 6mins
*The Rock on Jay Leno AUG 23 2000 10mins
*The Rock & Kid Rock announce “Best Dance Video” at MTV VMA 2000 4mins
*Chyna & Survivor winner introduce Christina Aguillara MTV VMA 2000 2mins
*WCW moves from TNT to Bravo UK TV commercial 2000 brief
*WCW on Bravo UK TV commercial 2000 brief
*ECW Hardcore TV on Bravo UK TV commercial 2000 brief
*Terry Funk interview – C4 “T4” 2000 4mins
*Yokozuna on C4 “The Big Breakfast” 2000 11mins
*Yokozuna death news C4 “The Big Beakfast” 2000 1min
*WWF game card in the UK newspaper “The Mirror” UK TV commercial NOV 2000 brief
*“Screamin” Norman Smiley on BBC 1 “Live & Kicking” (promoting WCW UK tour) 2000 38mins
*Ready to Rumble UK TV commercial 2000 30secs
*WWF Rebellion preview – Sky box office DEC 2 2000 6mins
*Chris Jericho on C4 “The Big Breakfast” DEC 1 2000 12mins
*Chris Jericho on BBC 1 “Live & Kicking” DEC 2 2000 29mins
*Mick Foley on NBC “Late Night with Connan O Brien” NOV 16 2000 10mins
*WWF Competition on BBC 1 “Live & Kicking” APRIL 28 2001 3mins
*WWF Insurextion Preview show– Sky Box Office MAY 5 2001 5mins
*The Rock on NBC “Late Night with Jay Leno” MAY 2001 16mins
*William Regal on C4 “The Big Breakfast” MAY 4 2001 8mins
*The Mummy Returns UK TV commercial MAY 5 2001 brief
*The Rock at MTV Movie Awards
(pre show interview/Rock and Brendon Frasier comedy sketch + present “Best Action Sequence award”/clips of The Rock) 2001 4mins
*Kurt Angle on NBC “Late Night with Conan O’ Brien” (KOTR this Sunday) JUNE 20 2001 8mins
*XFL on TNN US TV commercial 2001 brief
*Smackdown 2 on Play Station 2 TV commercial (Kurt Angle at Smackdown Hotel) 2001 brief
*Dynamic Muscle Builder US TV commercial (Triple H) 2001 brief
*William Regal on ITV “SMTV:Live” (Kids TV - iv/sketches/etc.) MAY 5 2001 24mins

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume III  Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends 1999 45mins
*Mick “Mankind” Foley – Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (promoting Foley is Good book) JUNE 8 2001 9mins
*Jesse Ventura – Tonight Show w/Jay Leno 2001 13mins
*The Rock – Tonight Show w/Jay Leno FEB 9 2001 8mins
*The Rock on “Late Night w/Conan O’ Brien” (“peoples Strudel” debut – 1st time ever!/Does Arnie impressions/Just Returned to WWF) 2001 16mins
*Rikishi on C4 “The Big Breakfast” OCT 25 2001 12mins
*Rikishi on BBC 1 “The Saturday Show” (Kids TV Show interview/etc..) OCT 2001 16mins
*WWF Rebellion preview – Sky Box Office NOV 3 2001 5mins
*Matt Hardy interview – Sky Sports News NOV 2 2001 6mins
*Matt Hardy & Lita on ITV “SMTV:Live” (Kids TV show interview/sketches) (includes Matt/Lita dressed as pixies) NOV 3 2001 14mins
*WWF Royal Rumble preview – Sky Box Office JAN 20 2002 5mins
*Chef Boyardee TV commercial (Matt & Jeff Hardy) 2001 brief
*WWF Tough Enough entrants/tryouts at WWF New York – MTV “TRL” (includes interview with Daryl before he made it into Tough Enough show) MARCH 1 2001 3mins
*“Ten on TNN” TV commercial (WWF/XFL) 2001 brief
*XFL on UPN 13 TV commercial 2001 brief
*XFL Jerry Crafts news report – UPN 13 news FEB 9 2001 brief
*Legends of Wrestling for Play Station 2 TV commercial 2002 brief
*Backlash preview – Sky Box Office APRIL 21 2002 4mins
*Monster Truck Madness for N64 TV commercial (Kevin Nash) 1999 brief
*“Faking It” (UK - C4 documentary on Ballet dancer learning, then trying to pass himself off as a pro-wrestler) (features Gary Albright + NWA UK/Hammerlock wrestling school) 2002 49mins
*Crime Stores “Wrestling with Death (US documentary on death on children caused by kids copying wrestlers) (Features comments from Linda McMahon/Chris Cruise/backyard wrestlers/etc.. + SMW/backyard/WWF/etc.. footage) 2000 43mins
*The Making of The Scorpion King (Sky Premiere channels) (Interviews/behind the scenes/clips/etc…) APRIL 2002 15mins
*MTV Making the Video: Godsmack “I stand Alone” (Making of the video for the song from The Rocks movie + also includes The Rock) 2002 22mins
*Anna in Wonderland – Womens Wrestling (Episode in BBC Choice series which Anna looks at womens wrestling) JULY 2002 29mins
*The Weakest Link – WWF Special (William Regal/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley/Lita/Kurt Angle/Trish Stratus/Booker T/The Big Show) OCT 24 2001 42mins
*Stacker 2 US TV commercial (Chyna in Gym) 2001 brief
*Best of Backyard wrestling US TV commercial 2001 1min
*“Stone Cold” Steve Austin on E! “The Howard Stern Show” 2000 9mins
*Triple H on NBC “Late Night with Conan O’Brien MARCH 13 2002 8mins
*The Rock interview BBC 1 “Film 2002” APRIL 14 2002 3mins

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume IV   Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*Lita Interview – Sky Sports News (promoting Royal Rumble on Sky Box Office) JAN 17 2002 8mins
*Lita on BBC 1 “The Saturday Show” (promoting Royal Rumble on Sky Box Office) JAN 19 2002 22mins
*Vince McMahon on HBO Sports “On the Record with Bob Costas” MARCH 14 2001 35mins
*Nicole Bass on “The Jenny Jones Show” (Topic: “ I went from boney to buff”) 2000 9mins
*Ivory on ITV “SMTV:Live” (promoting Backlash – Sky Box Office) APRIL 20 2002 15mins
*The Rock interview (promoting Scorpion King) SMTV:Live APRIL 27 2002 5mins
*Cindy Lauper/wrestling (Piper/Albano/Hogan) feature – VH-1 “Greatest Moments: Publicity Stunts  3mins
*The Rock on CNN “Larry King Live” (Originally scheduled for 17/4 but was rescheduled for a day later) (promoting Scorpion King + general chat on wrestling)
APRIL 18 2002 45mins
*The Rock on NBC “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (promoting The Scorpion King) APRIL 16 2002 12mins
*Dennis Clark Douglas on NBC “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
(Co-Star of The Scorpion King talking about The Rock) APRIL 17 2002 6mins
*The Rock on NBC “Late Night with Conan O’Brien
(Promoting Scorpion King + Madam Tausauds wax model of The Rock in studio) APRIL 19 2002 12mins
*The Rock interview on C4 “T4” (Promoting Scorpion King) APRIL 28 2002 3mins
*The Rock on CBS “The Late Show with David Letterman” (promoting The Scorpion King) APRIL 26 2002 20mins
*Fear Factor – WWF Special (Lita/Test/Mighty Molly/Jaqueline/The Hardy Boyz) 2002 44mins
*Tough guys meets Blackwood (Richard Blackwood goes backstage at WWF show + ivs) APRIL 30 2002 46mins
*WWF Insurrextion preview – Sky Box Office MAY 4 2002 5mins
*Jim Ross and Terri Runnels on BBC1 “The Saturday Show” (interview/sketches etc..promoting Insurrextion) MAY 4 2002 15mins
*E3 Games Convention highlight video from Games Network
(Lita signing autographs + Interview with producer of wrestling games for THQ)
MAY 17 2001 5mins
*British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith death news BBC1 North West (father interview & the guy who first trained him at the gym where he first started out) MAY 20 2002 4mins
*The Rock on MTVs TRL (promoting The Scorpion King) APRIL 18 2002 12mins
*The Rock predicts Tyson win at the Tyson vs Lewis boxing match on Sky Box Office APRIL 18 2002 2mins
*Bob Costas on “NBC Late Night with Conan O Brien” (talks about the infamous McMahon interview) 2002 2mins
*Wrestling on Bravo TV’s “A to Z of Bad Boys”
(Programme in which every letter of the alphabet is clipped with a “bad boy” image. Wrestling appears for letter “W” and features clips from British indy show + interviews with Drew McDonald, Sweet Saraya, & some brain dead/inbreed fans) 2001 7mins
*The Big Show on “TV Total” – German TV (promoting Insurrextion Tour – Interview + comedy skits) APRIL 29 23mins
*Kanyon on “Jede Sekunde Zahlt” – German TV (Game show where families appear and do tasks on their specialized interest. A woman has to put Kanyon in wrestling holds) (Promoting WCW Millenium Final German PPV) NOV 9 2001 9mins
*Torrie Wilson on ITV “SM:TV Live” AUG 31 2002 16mins

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume V   Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*Vince McMahon on HBO’s “On the Record with Bob Costas”
(McMahon’s highly awaited second appearance on the show. Very Different from the first) 2002 30mins
*The Weakest Link – WWF Special 2 (Features: Terri/Kane/Edge/Dudley Boyz/Steve Austin/Debra/Jerry Lawler) 42mins
*DDP interview clip on Sky Sports News. (Also shows clips of Kurt Angle & The Rock at previous UK autograph signings) (Promoting Vengeance PPV on Sky Box Office) JULY 18 2002 1min
*DDP on BBC1 “The Saturday Show” + CBBC “Saturday Show Extra”
(Promoting Vengeance PPV on Sky Box Office – Kids TV show which DDP does interviews & skits) JULY 20 2002 30mins
*WWE Vengeance PPV preview show – Sky Box Office JULY 21 2002 3mins
*WCW’s Randy Savage & Gorgeous George in episode of “Mad About You” 22mins
*XFL debut news report on Michigan local news 2001 2mins
* Sweet Saraya featured on ITV’s “A Night out with the girls”
(Filmed at a 2002 WAW show. Also shows UK Pitbulls & Klondike Kate)
MARCH 18 2003 5mins
*Scott Hall on BBC “Live & Kicking” (promoting tickets on sale or WCW March 2000 tour) 1999 22mins
*Kevin Nash on BBC1 “Live & Kicking” (Promoting WCW tour) MARCH 2000 24mins
*Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, & Barry Blaustein (Beyond the Mat) on CNN “Larry King Live” (Discussing Beyond the mat + views on wrestling) 2000 58mins
*C4 “Scrapheap Challenge” (NWA – Hammerlock UK wrestlers Majik/Vigilante/Psycho) OCT 6 2002 49mins
*WWE Rebellion Sky Box Office preview show OCT 26 2002 3mins
*Nidia on Sky Sports News (Promoting Rebellion) OCT 25 2002 7mins
*Nidia on C5 “Live with Chris Moyales” (Promoting Rebellion) OCT 25 2002 6mins
*Nidia on BBC1 “Saturday Show” & Saturday Show Extra” (Promoting Rebellion) OCT 26 2002 25mins
*Kendo Nagasaki on BBC1 “They Think it’s all Over” JAN 4 2003 3mins
*NWA Hammerlock UK wrestler on C4 “So Graham Norton” JAN 10 2003 mins
*The Big Show on NBC “Late Night with Conan O Brien” (Promoting Royal Rumble) JAN 16 2003 15mins
*German Magazine “Power Wrestling” commercial MARCH 2003 brief
*Smackdown Shut Your Mouth (Brock) commercial MARCH 2003 brief
*WWE on German channel Premiere commercial MARCH 2003 Brief
*The Rock on E! “Revealed with Jules Asner” 2003 23mins

WRESTLERS TV APPEARANCES  Volume VI   Approx 6 Hours   VG-EX Quality
*Shawn Michaels on Pictionary
*NWA-UK Hammerlock wrestlers on “Scrapheap Challenge”
*UK Wrestler Paul Vault on “The Weakest Link”
*WWF Sex Scandal on Larry King Live (Vince/Sammartino/Barry O/etc..)
*WWF Sex Scandal on Donahue (Vince/Sammartino/Graham/Barry O/Meltzer/etc…)
*E! Inside pro wrestling documentary
*Bret Hart interview on Australian TV
*Scot Steiner, Midaja, & Grand Master Sexay on game show (Australian TV) (WWA Tour)
*The Rock on Mad TV
*Vince McMahon interview on “The Footy Show” – Australian TV
*The Hurricane & Stacey Keibler  on C5 “Live with Chris Moyales” (promoting Armageddon on Sky Box Office) DEC 12 2002
*The Hurricane & Stacey Keibler on ITV “SM:TV Live” (promoting Armageddon) {DEC 14 2002 15mins}
*Armageddon preview – Sky Box Office DEC 15 3mins

The History of WarGames     Approx. 8 Hours   Good-Very Good Quality
-Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff & Paul Ellering vs. Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Andedrson, Lex Luger & J.J. Dillon (WAR GAMES #1 AN ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE MATCH!  By far the best War Games match that ever took  place!  J.J. Dillon takes a Doomsday Device and breaks his arm!)
-LOD, Rhodes, Koloff & Ellering v. The HorsemenHorsemen & War Machine [Big Bubba Rogers was wearing a mask and  replacing the injured J.J. Dillon. (WAR GAMES #2 ANOTHER INCREDIBLE MATCH From The Orange Bowl during the 1987 BASH.
-Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Steve Williams v. Samoan Swat Team, Freebirds & Terry Gordy (Great American Bash 1989)
-Sting, The Steiners. & Brian Pillman vs. Ric Flair, Sid Viscious, Larry Zbysko & Barry Windham (Wrestle War 1991)
-Sting, Nikita Koloff, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, & Barry Windham v. Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Steve Austin, Larry Zbysko, Rick Rude (Wrestle War 1992)
-Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes, The Shockmaster v. Harlem, Sid Vicious & Vader (Fall Brawl 1993)
-Dusty & Dustin Rhodes and The Nasty Boys v. Terry Funk, Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck, Robert Parker (Fall Brawl 1994)
-Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Sting defeated Kamala, Shark, Meng, Zodiak (Fall Brawl 1995)
-Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & NWO Sting v. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger & Sting
-Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Syxx & Konnan defeated The Four Horsemen (Flair, McMichael, Benoit & Hennig (During the match, Hennig turned on the Horsemen and joined the n.W.o (Fall Brawl 1997)
-Team nWo Hollywood (Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart & Stevie Ray) vs. Team nWo Wolfpack (Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Sting) vs Team WCW (Roddy Piper, DDP & The Warrior) (In this unique concept, there were 3 teams of 3 man teams fighting it out to see who would get a World Title shot against Goldberg.  Fall Brawl 1998)
The next several matches were all influenced by the Wargames concept , and are very similar to NWA/WCW Wargames.
-Heavenly Bodies, the Bruise Brothers & Jim Cornette v. RRs, Scott, Steve & Bob Armstrong (Smoky Mountain "Rage in the Cage '93" This match had the same rules as WCW Wargames.  An addition to this match was the ability for either team to handcuff  any of their opponents to the cage during the match.)
-Team WXW: The Head Shrinkers (Samu & L.A. Smooth), Afa Jr. & Billy Reil, Inferno Kid vs. Team ISPW:  Derek Domino, Judas Young , Julio Sanchez , Glenn Osbourne & J.R. Ryder (War Games Match between rival indy feds WXW and ISPW.  In this match, 2 men start the match, and a new man enters the cage every 60 seconds until all 10 men are in the ring. August 19th, 1999)
-Hayabusa / Shinzaki / Tanaka vs. Onita / Kanemura / Mr. Gannosuke (War Games Cage Ladder Match for a barbed wire bat  (shaky quality)
- Tanaka & Nakagawa & Kuroda vs. Matsunaga & Kanemura & Hido ( War Games Ladder Cage Match)

The History of the Ladder Match   Approx. 5 Hours    Good-Very Good Quality
1. Bret Hart v. Shawn Michaels (IC title defense by the "Hitman".  This was actually the VERY FIRST ladder match in the WWF.)
2. Shawn Michaels v. Razor Ramon (GREAT MATCH!  Wrestlemania 10)
3. Shawn Michaels v. Razor Ramon (ANOTHER GREAT ONE!  Summer Slam 95)
4. HHH v. The Rock (The match that signified the turning point for the Rock.  It was here that you could clearly For the first time hear the crowd chanting "ROCKY! ROCKY!" even though the Rock was still a heel.  This is where he finally started getting the respect he deserved.  Summer Slam 98)
5. Sabu v. Sandman
6. Tommy Dreamer v. Justin Credible (ECW Guilty as Charged PPV)
7. Sabu v. Al Snow (indy show)
8. Sabu v. Sandman (Tables and ladders match from November 2 Remember 97.  9. Dusty Rhodes v. Tully Blanchard (This match is probably 10 years older than anything else on this tape, but it still Easily makes the cut.  Dusty & Tully fight it out for $100,000 suspended above the ring.  The ropes are also wrapped in barbed wire, thus proving to the younger fans that ECW didn't invent the concept  :)
10. Scott Hall v. Bill Goldberg (Ladder/Tazer match from Souled Out 99)
11. Sabu/VanDam vs Eliminators (2/21 Queens,NY)
12. Sabu/VanDam vs Eliminators (3/1/97 Scranton,PA)
13. Edge & Christian v. The Hardy Boys

THE HISTORY OF RIC FLAIR vs RICKY STEAMBOAT    Approx. 5.5 Hours   Crappy-Good Quality
1. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 1977 (Steamboat wins Mid-Atlantic TV title)
2. Clip of Flair destroying Steamboat (FAIR/POOR Q)
4. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, Meadowlands, 5/29/84 (Raw footage)
5. Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Steamboat, 1/21/89 (clipped - Steamboat's NWA return)
6. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 2/20/89 (Steamboat wins NWA title in a FANTASTIC MATCH!)
7. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 3/18/89 (Raw footage)
8. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 4/2/89 (2/3 Falls - *****!!! - One of the greatest matches of all-time!)
9. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 5/7/89 (Flair regains the NWA title in ANOTHER ****1/2 MATCH!)
11. RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 5/94 (****1/2 - Probably the best match ever shown on WCW Saturday Night)

WWE on BLIND DATE 2002     Approx 1.5    Hours VG Quality
The first WWE Star on the show is the sexy Nidia. From there, Linda Miles is a contestant. Next is the sexy sexy sexy Jackie Gayda. She does not like her date at all! Lastly, Maven is on the show. Funny tape.
TAZZ Work Out Series Vol. I: Conditioning   1 Hour   VG-EX Quality
The First in a series of 3 workout videos featuring Taz. Before take downs & submissions we have conditioning. Taz goes over dozens of stretching techniques and exercises  that you should do before stepping into the ring along with cousin Chris Chetti straight from the ECW House of Hardcore.

TAZZ Work Out Series Vol. II: Take Downs   1 Hour   VG-EX Quality
The Human Suplex Machine Taz takes you along another grueling session of workouts. Taz very often incorporates his submission backround in his matches, most notable his finishing hold.  This is a very informative video. Taz will show you submissions & reversals from the takedowns in Tape 1 & more. Taz will show you some of the more commonly used submissions in Pro Wrestling, but how to correctly apply them. This is a tremendous video for not only wrestling or Taz fans, but submission & UFC fans as well. Taz even instructs technique on his famous finisher the katahajime. Viewers will learn a lot from this one. Some of the holds covered are arm locks, leg/ankle locks, chokes & some defenses.

TAZZ Work Out Series Vol. III: Submissions   1 Hour   VG-EX Quality
The Final in a series of 3 workout videos in which Taz produced.. After conditioning and take downs we now have submissions. Taz goes over dozens of submissions holds by demonstrating them on his cousin Chris Chetti straight from the ECW House of Hardcore. Videos are also shown of Taz using these moves during his match. Pretty good for the marks wanting to learn to work before stepping into the ring. 

WWF RARE LOCKER ROOM Footage 1987 Approx. 35 Mins. Fair-Good Quality
This is an extremely rare video that was filmed from one of those old style video camera's in 1987. It was a the family of a disabled child in the locker room along with a bunch of kids. Various wrestlers came to the room they were in to talk to the handicapped child and sign autographs. Billy Jack Haynes, Tom Zenk, Rick Martel, Steve Lombardi, Jake The Snake Roberts, Tito Santana, and Hulk Hogan are among the wrestlers that come visit the family. Hogan actually pulls up a chair and answers a bunch of questions from the kids and the family! Hogan's wife Linda actually shows up and hangs with the Hulkster too! This is a very rare video showing the WWF locker room in the 80's, which was a place that camera's were rarely permitted.

WWF Sex Scandals 1992 Approx. 70 Mins Good-Very Good Quality
This video is a true rarity. In the early 90's, the WWF was rocked with a vicious sex scandal. It was reported that Pat Patteron, Terry Garvin, and Mel Phillips were asking for homosexual favors from various wrestlers. First on this tapes is the infamous episode of the talk show Donahue in which Vince McMahon was confronted by former disgruntled employees. Barry Orton (formerly WWF jobber "Barry O"), Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, and a few others all confront McMahon about his turning a blind eye to the obvious scandal. They really make Vince look like a complete fool on this show. If you do not like Vince McMahon, this is the tape for you. Following the Donahue Show is Geraldo Rivera's expose on the scandal called "Now It Can Be Told". It basically has all the same wrestlers that are on the Donahue Show. This is one amazing tape and a rarity to find in this good of quality.

BEST OF AWA 1980's        Approx. 6 Hrs.   Good-Very Good Quality
In the 1980's, the AWA was one of the prominent wrestling promotions.  They had an amazing pool of talent such as Hulk Hogan, The Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty), Abdullah the Butcher, the Road Warriors, Jerry Blackwell, Bruiser Brody, Curt Hennig, Nick Bockwinkel, Rick Martel, The Fabulous Ones, Larry Zybsko, and much more.  This tape features a ton of matches including a rare steel cage match between the Rockers and Buddy Rose and Doug Sommers.  Everyone bleeds and they have a great match.  Really wish the AWA were still around today.

WWF OVER THE EDGE ‘99, HEAT, & RAW IS OWEN      5/23/99 & 5/24/99     Approx. 5 Hrs.   VG-EX Quality
This tape has Sunday Night Heat Live From Kemper Arena in Kansas City on May 23, 1999, as well as the complete PPV version of Over The Edge, and the WWF Raw from the night after Owen's untimely death that featured all the wrestlers talking out of character about Owen. A monumental and emotional show. Here is what matches are on Over The Edge:  X-Pac/Kane vs D.Lo Brown/Mark Henry , Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly , Val Venis/Nicole Bass vs Jeff Jarrett/Debra, Billy Gunn vs Road Dogg, Mankind/Big Show/Ken Shamrock/Test vs Bossman/Farooq/Bradshaw/Viscera, Rock vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley , Undertaker vs Steve Austin--Taker wins Title! This PPV contains the tragic and untimely death of Owen Hart right before he was scheduled to wrestle The Godfather (and win the Intercontinental Title again). It is a real shame that Owen is gone because he was not only an excellent wrestler and entertainer, but he was a class act, a rarity in this business. You will also get the Raw from the day after OTE in which all the wrestlers break character and talk about Owen. HHH cries, Mark Henry recites a poem, The Rock tributes him, Austin toasts him, Jarrett is broken up, Shane talksabout him, etc... A classy move by the WWF. The tape is around 5 hours and the quality is very good. The world doesn't know what it's missing by Owen not being around anymore.

Breaking Kayfabe        Approx. 2  Hours     Good-Very Good Quality
This video is of rare stuff that was never meant to be on television, and never was for the most part.  Here is whats on this video:  WCW Wrestlers in Ring [Practicing spots and going over matches [Helms, Kidman and a few others in there], Vampiro Kayfabe footage [Vampiro and Gene Okerlund thinking of stuff to say for Vampiro's interview, a few screwups by Vampiro], Dupps vs. Mean Street Posse [Dark Match from Long Island, NY 5/8/00] , Sunny Moons the Crowd [Taken from WWF Dallas, TX 2/16/98], Sable Becomes Exposed [Taken from same tape as above], Triple H and The Rock Going over Spots before their Iron Man Match—This is surreal!, Raven going over an interview with Ricky Rachman before a Nitro Party (Raven messes up a few times), WCW Australian Press Conference Goldberg, Nash, Jarrett out of character, Goldberg, Jarrett, Nash all screwing around and drinking while joking around about whos jobbing to Kwee Wee next among other things (Never intented to air)., DARK MATCH   Tom Howard vs Superman Steve Bradley, DARK MATCH   Chris Daniels & Steve Boss vs Togo & Funaki (Mid 98), DARK MATCH   Saturn vs Kidman (pre flock), DARK MATCH   Papi Chulo vs. Scott Taylor (shoot commentary), There are also some unaired WWF Titan Tron Videos incl. Essa Rios/Lita, Radicals, Jericho, and more!

WWF Insurrextion UK Only PPV      May 3, 2002    Approx 3 Hours   Very Good-Excellent Quality
Here are the matches:RVD vs. Guerrero (IC TITLE), X Pac vs Bradshaw (Hall interfere), Trish/Jaqueline vs Jazz/Molly, Steven Richards vs Booker T (Credible/Dreamer), Hardys vs Brock Lesner/Stasiack (w/Heyman), Spike vs Regal, Austin vs Big Show (Ric Flair special 2nd Ref)(Hall/Pac/Nash interference), Triple H vs Taker (Top rope breaks), and I am also including pre show and JR & Terri Runnels on "The Saturday Show" promoting the event.

1988 Royal Rumble Approx 120 Mins. Good-Very Good Quality
This is the original Royal Rumble which aired on free TV on the USA network. The matches on this card are Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude in an excellent match, The Jumping Bomb Angels vs The Glamour Girls, The Young Stallions vs The Islanders in a 2 out of 3 falls match, the contract signing between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, and the very first ever Royal Rumble with participants such as Don Muraco, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tito Santana, One Man Gang, Jim Neidhart, Butch Reed, and much more. This is an excellent video!

WWF: BEST OF THE 80's   Approx. 6 Hrs.        Very Good-Excellent Quality
This tape kicks ass!  90% of these matches were taken from shows at Madison Square Garden.  Here is some of the matches on this amazing video: Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (this has their first meeting, the No DQ Rematch, and then the Lumberjack Match Rematch!!!), The British Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation (a few times!), Paul Orndorff vs Roddy Piper, Bruno Sammartino vs Randy Savage in a Lumberjack match, a Tag Team Battle Royal, Barry Whindam & Mike Rotundo win the Tag Team titles from Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis, then Whindam & Rotundo lose to The Dream Team (Valentine & Beefcake), Tito Santana vs Randy Savage (a few times), Savage & Adrian Adonis vs Sammartino & Santana in a steel cage, Piper & Orton vs Junk Yard Dog & Tito Santana, Windham & Rotundo & Steele vs Big John Studd & Adrian Adonis & Bobby Heenan, Adonis & Murdoch & Studd vs Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant, Jesse Ventura in a one on one match, Uncle Elmer & Hillbilly Jim vs Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine, Tito Santana vs Greg Valentine ( a few times!), Whindam & Rotundo vs some jobbers in MSG in their first tag team title defense, Jimmy Snuka vs The Magnificent Muraco in the legendary steel cage match where Snuka jumps from the top of the cage on top of Muraco!!!, as well as a few other matches that I can’t remember right now.  This tape is a true gem, a must for your wrestling video collection.  Everything is here on this loaded tape!!!!!

BEFORE THEY WERE STARS   Approx. 2 Hrs.   Good-Very Good Quality
This is an awesome tape showing some of the biggest stars in wrestling before they were anything special.  See a young Raven, known as Scotty Flamingo vs Robbie V. (now known as Rob Van Dam).  In an absolute monumental match, see HULK HOGAN MAKE HIS MSG DEBUT IN 1979 to battle TED DiBIASE.  See a young Bret Hart (announced as Buddy Hart!!), Chris Jericho, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and others before they were stars.

Mtv UNCUT INTERVIEWS     1985    Approx. 1 Hr.   Very Good-Excellent Quality
This is an EXTREMELY rare tape of WWF wrestlers cutting promos for Mtv in 1984/1985 during the Rock N’Wrestling connection era.  These are uncut segments.  See some guys mess up and start again.  It has Dr. D David Shultz, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper, Brutus Beefcake, Capt. Lou Albano, Bruno Sammartino, Jimmy Snuka, Bobby Heenan, and Cyndi Lauper.

BEST OF ECW 1994        Approx. 6 Hrs.   Good-Very Good Quality
This tape feature tons of interesting angles, matches, and interviews from 1994.  Sandman, Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and many others on this awesome video.

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