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RAW SATELLITE FEED: Dallas, TX   2/16/98        Approx. 2  Hrs.     Good to Very Good Quality
This tape is legendary and the most sought after satellite feed.  Sunny  moons the crowd and Sable’s chest pops out of her top!  This was not seen on the regular broadcast of Raw, but luckily somebody recorded this episode of Raw live from the intercepted satellite feed.  It was a Raw that was recorded to be broadcasted the following week on the USA network.  Listen to the announcers mess up and have to start over again.  Jim Ross gets a little pissed off at Michael Cole for messing up his lines.  Listen to Ross and Jerry Lawler joke around during the matches, even make fun of some people (especially Jim Cornette’s weight). During the commercials you get to see and hear whats going on in the arena.  After Sunny is the guest announcer for a match, she sticks around when it is over.  While the show was supposed to be at a commercial, Sunny walks by the curtain and unzips the top of her shorts to reveal the top portion of her ass.  Also on this tape, while Sable is trying to get at Luna, 90% of her breasts pop out of her outfit.  This is an amazing DVD.

RAW SATELLITE FEED: Dallas, TX   9/10/98        Approx. 3  Hrs.     Good to Very Good Quality
See dark matches that were never intended to be on tv involving stars of APW wrestling.  After Raw goes off the air, there are other matches including a 24 man battle royal that was recorded for Shotgun Saturday Night.  During the SSN recordings, the announcers (Cornette and someone else) are just bs’ing about all sorts of stuff.  The episode of Raw has  Edge v. Gangrel, Sable v. Jackie (evening gown match) Rock v. Kane, Austin v. Shamrock, much more.  It is 3 hours and twenty minutes long and there is very light static on the picture.

RAW SATELLITE FEED: Dallas, TX   12/14/98     Approx. 3  Hrs.     Good to Very Good Quality
It has the satellite feed before and after Raw is on the air, but when Raw is on, it was recorded from the USA network.  It shows cool wrestling music videos that are usually just shown in the arena (to Rage Against the Machine) This was the Raw when Degeneration X impersonated the Corporation-hilarious.  The Rock confronts Degeneration X and gives his best interview to date (where he impersonates Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage).  This Raw features the Rock v. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (debut of Test) and a bunch more matches. When Raw goes off the air, you can still watch dX in the ring celebrating and HHH moons the crowd.  A girl (that was shown in Raw magazine) in the audience moons HHH back (wearing a thong).  Then there are some Heat recordings in which Shane McMahon and Kevin Kelly are just sitting there talking about nonsense.  Again, their is very light static but not enough to take away from the tapes quality.  Cool tape.

RAW SATELLITE FEED   Boston, MA 10/30/00   Approx 3 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed features a dark match and Heat recordings. Here is the listing:
*Scotty Too Hotty vs ??? (Dark Match)
*Raven vs Essa Rios
*Steve Blackman vs Just Joe
*Gangrel vs Funaki
*Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko vs 2 Jobbers
*Lillian Garcia sings The Star Spangled Banner
*Eddie Guerrero vs Chyna
*Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian all talk and Stephanie McMahon confronts them
*The Right To Censor & Ivory vs The Hardy Boyz & Lita
*William Regal cuts a promo and is destroyed by The Undertaker
*The Rock & Rikishi talk
*Test (with Trish Stratus) vs Crash Holly
*Steve Austin is interviewed by Michael Cole
*Steve Austin vs Rikishi in a Steel Cage Match
"*Triple H threatens Kurt Angle backstage
*Billy Gunn vs Steven Richards
*Commissoner Mick Foley comes out to cut a promo
*Kurt Angle vs Triple H
*The Rock vs Chris Jericho (Rikishi attacks The Rock)

RAW SATELLITE FEED  Long Island, NY 5/7/01 Approx. 3.5 Hours G-VG Quality
This is a very unique Raw Satellite Feed from 2001 that not only contains a tryout match for Kaval (9 years before he debuted on NXT), but it also contains Perry Saturn going insane and legitimately beating up a jobber (which ultimately led to his firing). Dark matches include:
*Dave Taylor vs Jobber - joined in progress
*Tajiri vs Funaki (no commentary)
*The announce team for Jakked/Metal are introduces
*The Inferno Kid vs Billy Gunn
*Steve Blackman vs Prince Nana
*Low Ki (now known as "Kaval") vs Essa Rios (9 years before Kaval made it to the WWE!)
*Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) vs Mike Bell (this is the infamous match where Mike Bell messes up a spot during the match and Saturn loses it and legitimately beats Bell up, throwing him right on his head, punching him, and just being overly stiff. It is a slppy match and you can hear Saturn calling spots "duck the clothesline, superkick to the face").
*Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem
*Raw airs…

RAW SATELLITE FEED Feed Cincinnati, OH 5/14/01 Approx. 3.5 Hours G-VG Quality
This is a very unique satellite feed since it contains some dark matches of two future main eventers - Randy Orton and Batista. Both of them were unknowns in the WWF at the time and the crowd can care less! Other unique occurrences on this shoot are JR and Paul Heyman planning how they will announce the coming attractions to Raw, It is interesting to hear Paul Heyman speak with Vince McMahon about what lines he is able to say during the show. Dark matches include:
*Howard Finkel comes out to welcome the crowd and go over the policies
*Leviathan (who would become Batista) vs Nick Dinsmore (who would go on to be Eugene years later) in a dark match
*Randy Orton (tryout match) vs Rico Contantino (no commentary)
*Scott Vick vs Steve Bradley
*The Jakked announcing crew comes out and Jakked is recorded
*"The One" Billy Gunn vs jobber (no commentary)
*Jerry Lynn vs Essa Rios
*Haku vs Chris Michaels
*X-Pac/Justin Credible/Albert vs Doug Basham & 2 Jobbers
*Lillian Garcia comes out to sing the National Anthem
*The Raw announce team - Paul Heyman & JR are introduced (they test their mics - "Hi Vince.." Paul says in the head set. He then asks Vince if he can use a "Pete Rose line if it's in the boundries" and Vince tells him 'no'). This is fascinating stuff.

RAW SATELLITE FEED   Richmond, VA 6/11/01   Approx 3.5 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This is a great satellite feed featuring dark matches with the Haas Brothers, Chilly Willy, the Inferno Kid, and more! Also have the AMAZING Benoit vs Angle cage match! Here is the listing:
*Video package of Tazz
*Video package of Shane McMahon/Kurt Angle
*Charlie & Russ Haas vs Craven & Oz (Dark Match….Russ Haas passed away a few months later sadly)
*Chilly Willy vs ??? (Dark Match)
*The Inferno Kid vs Phil Brown (Dark Match)
*Michael Hayes & Michael Cole come to the announce booth and chat about the program.
*Jerry Lynn vs Taka Michinoku
*Raven vs Jobber
*Meng & Ivory vs K-Kwick & Jaquline
*Essa Rios vs Jobber
*William Regal/Mick Foley/Linda McMahon promo
*Kane vs Christian (w/Edge)
*Steve Austin & Debra arrive to the arena
*Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs X-Pac and Justin Credible
*Chris Jericho vs Rhyno and Big Show
*Shane McMahon arrives to the arena
*Kurt Angle cuts a promo. Undertaker comes out and The Stalker shows a video of Sara.
*Perry Saturn w/ Dean Malenko and Terri vs Steve Blackman w/ Trish Stratus
*Hardcore, Crash, and Molly Holly vs Dudley Boyz
*Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle in a steel cage match. This is an incredible match where Kurt Angle actually attempts and misses an amazing moonsault from the top of the cage!!! Austin beats down Benoit afterward.

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Cincinnati, OH 5/15/01 Approx. 3.25 Hours G-VG Quality
This Smackdown satellite feed features tryout matches of Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, an OVW tag title match, and some cool rarities. It is always bizarre to see different camera angles (lots of shots of the crowd) while they are testing everything out. You get to hear the ring announcer plugging all of the merchandise available at the souveneir stand.
*Randy Orton vs Rico Constantino - joined in progress (no commentary)
*Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin vs The Disciples of Sin -OVW Southern Tag Team Championship Match
*Test vs Billy Gunn
*The Dudleys vs The RTC
*Steve Blackman vs Val Venis
*Raven/Kaientai vs X-Factor
*Rhyno vs Grandmaster Sexay
*Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem and the ring crew changes the ropes
*The commentary team - Tazz & Michael Cole come out

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED  Albany, NY  11/13/01  Approx 3 Hours  VG Quality
This Satellite feed is for the historic Smackdown Show where Paul Heyman told off Vince McMahon!!  This was truly one of the best interviews of all-time and you can see it on this satellite feed completely unedited (the final TV show edited out some parts).  The Smackdown itself is also a great show (main evented by Rock/Jericho vs Angle/Austin) and has a few dark matches (Randy Orton/Ron Waterman vs Rico and someone, and Lita vs Jazz in a tryout match).  Also has Heat recordings and more.  A great DVD!

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED   Sacramento, CA   11/20/01   Approx 3 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This video has a great dark match between Randy Orton and Rob Conway as well as Hogan and Triple H posing for the crowd that never made it on TV:
*Tajiri vs Hugh Morris
*Randy Orton vs Rob Conway
*D-Von (w/Deacon Batista) vs Ron Simmons
*Tazz and Michael Cole are introduced
*Divas Music Video
*Kurt Angle (w/wig) cuts a promo. Hulk Hogan comes out and confronts Angle.
*Christian vs Rikishi
*Triple H is interviewed backstage
*Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman
*Triple H vs Billy Gunn
*Stacy Keibler and Dawn Marie talk backstage. Torrie Wilson comes by in a HOT bikini.
*Chris Jericho vs Val Venis
*Hardcore Holly vs Test
*Kurt Angle speaks with Vince McMahon and Stacy Keibler
*Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage
*Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker Triple H and Hulk Hogan come out and a huge battle ensues. As Smackdown goes off the air, we see Triple H is standing tall. What wasn’t seen on TV is HHH and Hogan beating down Kurt Angle. Hogan and Triple H then posedown for the crowd. Hogan wears Angle’s hairpiece and HHH wears Hogan’s bandanna.

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Chicago, IL 12/14/01 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed is for a Smackdown show that also features the recording for Sunday Night Heat and has a few dark matches. What makes this Satellite Feed unique is the interplay between Austin and Rock at the end of the match. This video also features a Brock Lesnar dark match 5 months before his TV debut, as well as a dark match of Rico. Here is the listing:
This recording features the recordings for Sunday Night Heat, as well as some Dark Matches.
*Brock Lesnar vs Rico Constantino (this is a try out match for both men, as they were in OVW at the time).
*Funaki vs Tazz
*Tajiri/Spike Dudley vs Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn
*Jeff Hardy vs Perry Saturn
*Lillian Garcia sings the Star Spangled Banner
*Jerry Lawler gets in the ring and talks about the USA while the ring crew is setting the Smackdown ring up
*Edge, The Big Show, & Kane vs William Regal & The Dudley Boys
*Rob Van Dam vs Matt Hardy
*Christian & Test vs Scotty & Albert
*The Rock cuts a promo in the ring and Vince McMahon comes out to confront him. Rock tells him that Vince is going to join the Kiss My Ass club tonight. First Rock wants Vince to kiss his ass, then says instead Jim Ross, then Trish Stratus comes out and Vince tries to kiss her ass, but The Rock stops her and brings out Rikishi. Vince kisses his ass.
*Crash Holly vs Jacquline
*The Undertaker vs Bradshaw
*Steve Austin video to “My Scarifice”
*Chris Jericho/Kurt Angle vs The Rock & Steve Austin This is a very good match and after it ends, The Rock and Steve Austin stick around in the ring to entertain the audience. It seems like their going to fight, but Austin than offers him a beer. They then have a drinking contest to see who can drink more and do so more creative. The crowd is really into this and both Austin & The Rock are seeming to have a great time.

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Boston, MA 2/26/02 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed is for a Smackdown show that also features the recording for Velocity and has a few dark matches. What makes this Satellite Feed unique is the mess up in the Steve Austin/n.W.o skit. Here is the listing:
*Funaki vs Spike Dudley
*The Fink tries to sell a couple of t-shirts
*Tazz and The Coach come out to announce Velocity
*Lance Storm vs Rob Van Dam
*Edge vs Mr. Perfect
*The Hurricane vs Test
*The opening of Smackdown is recorded
*Rikishi vs Perry Saturn
*Lillian Garcia sings the Star Spangled Banner
* The Dudley Boyz/Jazz vs. The Hardy Boyz/Lita
*Steve Austin is confronted by Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. Austin is supposed to shoot Nash with a gun that shoots a net to capture Nash, but, when Austin pulls the trigger, nothing happens and Hall and Nash just look at each other not knowing what to do. This is pretty funny! Austin than does it again and this time it goes as planned.
*The Big Show vs. William Regal
*Booker T auditions for the Japanese shampoo commercial in front of Torrie and Tajiri.
*Maven vs. Goldust (WWF Hardcore Title)
*Al Snow vs. The Undertaker
*Triple H music video to the song “Beautiful Day” by U2.
*Billy Gunn/Chuck Palumbo vs. The Acolytes (WWF Tag Team Titles)
*Booker T vs. Scotty Too Hotty
*DDP talks with Christian backstage
*Triple H/Kane vs. Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho.
*As Smackdown ends, we see skits being recorded backstage with HHH/Stephanie, Undertaker/Flair, Hulk Hogan recording voiceovers, and a few others.

RAW SATELLITE FEED  3/11/02 Approx. 3.5 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Raw recording, a few weeks short of WrestleMania 18, contains one of Brock Lesnar's first singles matches in a WWF ring. This is only 12 month before Brock would go on to main event WrestleMania 19! Dark matches include:
*Brock Lesnar, weeks before his TV debut, vs Spike Dudley (no commentary)
*Lance Storm vs The Godfather (no commentary)
*Tajiri vs Crash Holly (no commentary)
*Perry Saturn vs Val Venis (no commentary; mostly filmed wide with the titan tron in the background)
*Trish Stratus music video airs on the titan tron
*The Rock music video
*JR and The King rehearse their lines and check the sound.
*The Hurricane vs Funaki (no commentary)
*Lillian Garcia comes out to sing the Star Spangled Banner (audio issues)
*Lillian Garcia gets the crowd excited to go on the air (The King and JR test their audio) Raw goes on the air….

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Cleveland, OH 3/12/02 Approx. 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Smackdown recording is historic because it contains the footage of Stephanie McMahon's boob popping out. Enough said. Here are the dark matches:
*Val Venis vs Big Bossman - joined in progress (no commentary)
*Lance Storm vs Rikishi (no commentary)
*Mr. Perfect vs The Godfather (no commentary)
*Ring is changed and set up for Smackdown
*Hurricane/Spike Dudley vs Perry Saturn/Crash Holly
*Smackdown commentary team is introduced (Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler test the mics out)
*Smackdown airs, but on this feed during the final segment of Smackdown (involving Jericho - Triple H - Stephanie McMahon, Sephanie's boob pops out of her dress when Triple H sets her up for the pedigree on the announce table! Some of these photos were posted on the internet, but to see this on video is awesome (and they look great too!).
*After Smackdown is over, they show various backstage recordings used for the show including Hulk Hogan walking down the hall, Brock Lesnar (who has yet to debut on TV yet) flexing in front of a blue screen (for his video package?), DDP posing in front of a blue screen, Ric Flair posing in front of a blue screen, Chuck Palumbo posing.

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Cleveland, OH 3/14/02 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed is for a Smackdown show that also features the recording for Velocity and has a few dark matches. What makes this Satellite Feed unique is this is the video where Stephanie McMahon’s boob pops out of her shirt as Triple H is about to pedigree her. This video also features a Brock Lesnar dark match weeks before his TV debut, as well as footage of some wrestlers recorded for use with their video packages. Here is the listing:
*Scotty Too Hotty & Albert vs Brian & Chuck Cole (Dark Match)
*Brock Lesnar vs Funaki (Dark Match, weeks before Brock’s TV Debut…Brock gets over big)
*Val Venis vs The Big Boss Man
*Lance Storm vs Rikishi
*”Mr.Perfect” Curt Hennig vs The Godfather
*They record the opening for Velocity
*Perry Saturn & Crash Holly vs Spike Dudley & The Hurricane
*Lillian Garcia sings the Star Spangled Banner
*Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam
*Ric Flair confronts Vince McMahon and curses him (uncensored)
*Jeff Hardy vs Billy Gunn vs Bradshaw vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley
*Al Snow vs The Big Show
*Hulk Hogan cuts a promo and is confronted by The Rock
*Edge & Tajiri vs Booker T & Test
*Steve Austin – Scott Hall confrontation
*Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon talk backstage
*The Undertaker vs David Flair
*Triple H comes to the ring for an interview to discuss his WrestleMania match with Chris Jericho. Jericho and Stephanie McMahon come out. Triple H puts Stephanie on the announcers table to set her up for the Pedigree. As this happens, STEPHANIE’s RIGHT BOOB pops out of her skin tight outfit. This never made it to TV, but it’s on this satellite feed!
*Footage of various wrestlers beinfg recorded in front of a blue screen to use for their video graphics (used to promo an upcoming match). Includes Brock, Flair, DDP, and some others. This is actually really cool.

RAW SATELLITE FEED Dallas, TX 6/3/02 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This live feed features a tryout match for Prototype (John Cena).  Here is the listing:
*The Prototype (John Cena) vs Shelton Benjamin (Dark Match Tryout)
*Opening for Sunday Night Heart is recorded
*Raven vs Spike Dudley
*Molly Holly vs Jaquline
*Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show
*Crash Holly vs Sean Stasiak
*Music Video to the Creed song “Weathered”.  I don’t believe this ever aired on TV, but it has some excellent backstage shots of wrestlers messing around, on phone, etc…  Really cool!
*Lillian Garcia comes out and sings the Star Spangled Banner
*Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler come ringside.  Hear them mess around and laugh while testing their head sets.  At one point, JR says “It tasted just like chicken”.  Only God knows what he is talking about!
*Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit come to the ring and cut a promo.  Steve Austin appears on the Titan Tron, pummels Arn Anderson and then pees on him!
*Bradshaw vs Stevie Richards
*Kevin Nash and the n.W.o talk backstage
*X-Pac vs Goldust
*Trish Stratus vs Terri (Lingerie Match)
* Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam and Bubba Ray Dudley
*Booker T vs William Regal
*The Undertaker vs Tommy Dreamer
*Kevin Nash announces Shawn Michaels as the newest member of the New World Order
*Debra and Steve Austin talk in the locker room
*Steve Austin vs Ric Flair

RAW SATELLITE FEED Houston, TX 6/10/02 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed has John Cena with another tryout match (wrestling as Prototype).  It also has a recording for Heat, where you can hear D-Lo and The Coach chatting (kinda cool!).  Here is the listing:
*Protoype (John Cena) vs ??? (Jaquline is the referee)
*The Coach and D-Lo Brown are announced as the announcers for Heat  (since Heat isn’t live, you get to hear D-Lo and Coachman chit chat thru the matches)
*Shawn Stasiak vs Tommy Dreamer
*Raven vs Jeff Hardy  (Jeff hangs Raven with microphone ropes!)
*Goldust vs Stevie Richards
*D-Lo Brown vs Crash Holly
*Ric Flair/Vince McMahon Promo in ring
*Kevin Nash & X-Pac speak backstage
*Booker T, Big Show & X-Pac vs. Tommy Dreamer, Shawn Stasiak & Spike Dudley
*Goldust & Booker T speak backstage
*William Regal vs Bradshaw (Chris Nowinski makes his debut)
*Arn Anderson talks to Vince McMahon backstage
*Trish Stratus vs Molly
*Rob Van Dam vs Eddie Guerrero
*Undertaker/Hardy Boyz Interview Segment
*Brock Lesnar vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley
*Shawn Michaels Interview Segment
*Vince McMahon vs Ric Flair (for ownership of WWE)

RAW SATELLITE FEED Oakland, CA 6/17/02 Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This Satellite Feed has some cool aspects!  First of all, see fellow OVW alumni John Cena wrestle against Shelton Benjamin in a tryout Dark Match.  Here is the listing:
*Prototype (John Cena) vs Shelton Benjamin
*Justin Credible vs Bradshaw
*Diva’s Video (to the tune of a Sheryl Crow song)
*William Regal vs Tommy Dreamer
*Goldust vs Shawn Stasiak
*Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are introduced (Hear JR and Lawler talk openly and discuss their schedule and what they will talk about)
*Rob Van Dam vs X-Pac (KOTR Qualifying Match)
*X-Pac and the n.W.o talk backstage
*Vince McMahon comes to the ring to discuss Steve Austin leaving the WWE
*Jeff Hardy vs Raven
*Chris Nowinski vs Spike Dudley
*Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit segment
*D-Lo Brown & Trish Stratus vs. Crash Holly & Molly Holly
*Lita is in WWE NY (with her neckbrace)
*The Undertaker vs Matt Hardy
*Brock Lesnar vs Booker T
*The Rock comes out and cuts a great promo about being loyal to the WWE

SMACKDOWN SATELLITE FEED Baltimore, MD   8/8/02  Approx 3 Hours VG-EX Quality
This feed does not contain the commentary that the Raw ones do.  Features a taping for Velocity and the excellent Smackdown of Brock Lesnar pinning and destroying Hulk Hogan.  This includes never seen before footage of the post match!  Here is the listing:
*Rico vs Funaki
*Hardcore Holly vs A-Train
*Mike Awesome vs Bull Buchanan
*The ring crew turns the ring into a Smackdown set
*Some woman comes out to sing the National Anthem
*Michael Cole & Tazz come to the announce position
*Kurt Angle vs John Cena
*D-Von Dudley (w/Batista) vs Mark Henry
*Batista vs Rikishi
*Brock Lesnar confronts Hulk Hogan backstage
*Billy & Chuck vs The Hurricane & Shannon Moore
*Edge, John Cena, & Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle, Eddy Guerrero, & Chris Benoit
*Nidia & Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson
*Dawn Marie & Stacy Keibler talk backstage
*Hulk Hogan vs Brock Lesnar (Lesnar DESTROYS Hogan)  This has the NEVER SEEN BEFORE footage of the aftermath of the match.  Hogan is a bloody mess and the paramedics come in to stretcher him out.  Lesnar and Heyman then come back out and Heyman blames the crowd for Hogan’s beating.  After the promo, they go to the back and then come out again, so Brock can repeat a few lines that he messed up.  Hogan does a classic selling job here, slowly rising to his feet, only to fall again, a bloody mess.
*From there we see Rey Mysterio walking to the ring (presumably recorded for a video)
*Kurt Angle records an interview backstage

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