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GOLDBERG in WWE   Volume I   Approx 5 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This volume, the first installment in the WWE career of Goldberg, starts with the debut of his vignette at Wrestlmania 19 on March 30, 2003 and goes through his World Title victory over Triple H at the Unforgiven pay per view on September 21, 2003. See Goldberg's Raw debut, confronting The Rock and challenging him to a match. Watch his feud with Rocky ensue, leading to some excellent promo's, including Goldberg meeting Gillberg! After disposing of The Rock, Chris Jericho is next in Goldberg's cross hairs. See Goldberg on the Highlight Reel and have a very good match with Jericho. This volume has every match, interview, promo, and Confidential segment that Goldberg was on within the specified dates, including Goldberg's Madison Square Garden debut on June 23rd, 2003. See Goldberg's war with Evolution begin as he takes out Ric Flair and Randy Orton to try and take the World Title from Triple H. See Goldberg's dominance in the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam as he ripped through Orton, Jericho, and Shawn MIchaels, only to have Triple H narrowly escape with his title. Watch Goldberg chase "The Game" and finally get him in the ring at Unforgiven, where Goldberg becomes the World Champion. This is one excellent volume that has EVERYTHING he has done in his WWE career from 3/30/03-9/21/03, including tons of squash matches not listed above. The Goldberg as World Champion Era has begun!

GOLDBERG in WWE   Volume II   Approx 5 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This volume is the second and presumably final installment in the WWE career of Goldberg from the day after he won the WWE World Title on 9/22/03 – his very last match with the company at WrestleMania 20 on 3/14/04.  This volume has all of his matches, promos, interviews, everything he has done within the specified dates.  See tons of matches including Goldberg against Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, various tag matches, face to face confrontations with Steve Austin, a match with Batista, wars with Triple H and Kane, his Royal Rumble performance, a match against Matt Hardy, and more. This volume also has the entire Goldberg – Brock Lesnar storyline starting at the Survivor Series and culminating at their monumental WrestleMania 20 match.  See Goldberg become obsessed with Lesnar as he shows up on a Smackdown PPV to interfere in Lesnar’s title match.  See the shocking WrestleMania 20 match as the smart MSG fans heckle the departing Goldberg and Lesnar.  Goldberg pins Lesnar in this battle, but the real story is the crowd reaction.  All in all, a great volume!

GOLDBERG: WCW Career Vol. I    Approx 5 Hours    Very Good Quality
Watch the career of Goldberg begin on this first volume, of what will be a 4 volume set of his WCW career. Here is the match listing:
Goldberg interview/volume montage
Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (nitro 9/22/97)
Goldberg vs The Barbarian (nitro 9/29/97)
Goldberg vs Road Block (saturday night 10/11/97)
Goldberg vs Scotty Riggs (Goldberg uses spear for the first time. nitro 10/13/97)
Goldberg vs Mike Anthony (saturday night 10/25/97)
Goldberg vs Wrath (nitro 10/20/97)
Goldberg vs Disco Inferno (nitro 10/27/97)
Goldberg vs The Renegade (saturday night 11/1/97)
Goldberg vs The Renegade (saturday night 12/27/97)
Goldberg vs Steve McMichael (Starrcade 97)
Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 12/28/97)
Goldberg vs Stevie Ray (nitro 1/5/98)
Goldberg vs Barry Horowitz (saturday night 1/10/98)
Goldberg vs Steve McMichael (thunder 1/8/98)
Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (nitro 1/12/98)
Goldberg vs Mike Tolbert (saturday night 1/24/98)
Goldberg vs Kendall Windham (thunder 1/22/98)
Goldberg vs Brad Armstrong (nitro 1/26/98)
Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata (thunder 1/29/98)
Goldberg vs Mark Starr (nitro 2/2/98)
Goldberg vs Disco Inferno (saturday night 2/7/98)
Goldberg vs Jim Powers (thunder 2/5/98)
Goldberg vs Steven Regal (nitro 2/9/98)
Goldberg vs Glacier (thunder 2/12/98)
Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (nitro 2/16/98)
Goldberg vs Fit Finlay (thunder 2/19/98)
Goldberg vs Brad Armstrong (Superbrawl 98)
Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (thunder 2/26/98)
Goldberg vs Sick Boy (nitro 3/2/98)
Goldberg vs Vincent (thunder 3/5/98)
Goldberg vs Barry Darsow (nitro 3/9/98)
Goldberg vs Chase Tatum (saturday night 3/14/98)
Goldberg vs Lodi (nitro 3/16/98)
Goldberg vs Wayne Bloom (thunder 3/19/98)
Goldberg runs in and saves Rick Steiner from a beating (nitro 3/23/98)
Goldberg vs Renegade (nitro 3/23/98)
Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (thunder 3/26/98)
Goldberg vs Ray Traylor (nitro 3/30/98)
Goldberg vs Hammer (nitro 4/6/98)
Goldberg vs Rocoo Rock (nitro 4/13/98)
Goldberg vs Saturn (Spring Stampede 98)
Goldberg vs U.S Champ Raven for the title (nitro 4/20/98) Goldberg becomes US Champ
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Mike Enos (thunder 4/22/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Scott Norton (nitro 4/27/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (nitro 5/4/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata (saturday night 5/16/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Len Denton (nitro 5/11/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Sick Boy (thunder 5/14/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Saturn (Slamboree 98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 5/18/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Johnny Attitude (nitro 5/25/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Barry Horowitz (thunder 5/27/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs La Parka (nitro 6/1/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (thunder 6/4/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Lee Roy Howard (world wide 6/6/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Bobby Blaze (world wide 5/23/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. (nitro 6/8/98)

GOLDBERG: WCW Career Vol. II        Approx 5.5 Hours    Very Good Quality
This is volume II, of what will be a 4 volume set of the WCW career of Goldberg. See him defeat Hulk Hogan to become World Champion and beat the entire company, until Kevin Nash ends the streak. Excellent volume!!:
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Konnan (Great American Bash 1998)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Reese (thunder 6/18/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (nitro 6/22/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 6/29/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs John Nord (world wide 7/4/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs Scott Hall (nitro 7/6/98)
U.S Champ Goldberg vs World Champ Hollwood Hogan for the title (nitro 7/6/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Curt Hennig (Bash At the Beach 98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Curt Hennig (nitro 7/13/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (world wide 7/25/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Bryan Adams (nitro 7/27/98)
World Champ Goldberg in a NWO battle royal (Road Wild 98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Meng (nitro 8/10/98)
World Champ Goldberg won by dq over The Giant (nitro 8/17/98)
World Champ Goldberg & Kevin Nash vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan & The Giant (nitro 8/24/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Al Green (nitro 8/31/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Scott Putski (nitro 9/7/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (thunder 9/10/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Sting (nitro 9/14/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Kanyon (thunder 9/24/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Chris Jericho as the match never took place as Jericho ran off before the match could start (nitro 9/28/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Raven (thunder 10/1/98)
World Champ Goldberg wreslted to a no contest againt The Giant (nitro 10/12/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Dallas Page (Halloween Havoc 98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Meng (nitro 11/10/98)
Bam Bam Bigelow challenges World Champ Goldberg (nitro 11/16/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs The Giant (nitro 11/23/98)
World Champ Goldberg and Bigelow brawl outside (nitro 11/30/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Scott Hall (12/21/98)
World Champ Goldberg vs Kevin Nash ---Goldberg is defeated!!--- (Starrcade 1998).

GOLDBERG: WCW Career Vol. III    Approx 6 Hours    Very Good Quality
World Champ Kevin Nash lays down for Hollywood Hogan and reforms the NWO. Goldberg runs in and attacks the NWO,
Goldberg talks about his World title loss at Starrcade
Goldberg v. Scott Hall (Ladder/Taser Match SOULED OUT 1999)
Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow (SUPERBRAWL 1999)
Goldberg and Kevin Nash talk to each other
Goldberg v. Kevin Nash (SPRING STAMPEDE 1999)
Goldberg v. Sting (Bret Hart runs in and attacks Goldberg (Goldberg would be out for several months after his match against Sting) (SLAMBOREE 1999)
Goldberg returns to WCW
Goldberg talks about Curt Hennig
Goldberg v. Curt Hennig
Goldberg, Sting, and World Champ Hulk Hogan v. Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, and T.V Champ Rick Steiner
Goldberg v. T.V Champ Rick Steiner (Non title - ROAD WILD)
Goldberg v. Barry Windham
Goldberg v. Dallas Page (FALL BRAWL 1999)
Goldberg v.U.S Champ Sid Vicious bleeding to much, (Goldberg wins the US title from Sid when the match is stopped due to excess bleeding on Sid’s part. HALLOWEEN HAVOC 1999)
Goldberg v. World Champ Sting
Goldberg v. Bret Hart (Bret Hart wins the US Title)
Goldberg “Crush Em” volume
Goldberg talks about his U.S title loss to Bret Hart
Goldberg v. Sid Vicious (I quit match - MAYHEM 1999)
Goldberg talks about the Outsiders
Goldberg v. Kevin Nash
Goldberg and World Champ Bret Hart v. Tag Champs Creative Control (Goldberg & Hart win the Tag titles)
Goldberg & Bret Hart v. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (The Outsiders win the WCW Tag Titles)
Goldberg v. Sting
Goldberg v. Jeff Jarrett (lumber jack match)
Goldberg v.Bret Hart (STARRCADE 1999)
Goldberg is injured when he punches through a window and has to take several months off
Goldberg returns and saves Kevin Nash
Goldberg v. Tank Abbott
Goldberg & Kevin Nash take out the New Blood volume highlights of Goldberg turning on Kevin Nash and joining the New Blood
Goldberg talks about why he joined the New Blood
Goldberg and Kevin Nash brawl
Goldberg v. Horace Hogan
Goldberg v. Jim Duggan
Goldberg talks about his upcoming match against Kevin Nash
Goldberg v. Kevin Nash (BASH AT THE BEACH 2000)
Vince Russo talks about wanting to fire Goldberg after leaving during amatch at NEW BLOOD RISING 2000
Vince Russo and Goldberg talk to each other
Goldberg and Scott Steiner fight
Goldberg v. Shane Douglas.

GOLDBERG: WCW Career Vol. IV   Approx 2.5 Hours    Very Good Quality
Scott Steiner v. Goldberg in a no dq match (FALL BRAWL 2000)
Vince Russo tells Goldberg that he has to v. his first win streak and if he losses once his career is over (jumpy picture)
Goldberg v. Big Vito
Goldberg v. David Flair
Goldberg v. Shawn Stasiak
Goldberg v. Kronik (HALLOWEEN HAVOC)
Interview with Goldberg about his streak and Lex Luger
Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow
Goldberg v. Alex Wright
Goldberg v. Disco Inferno
Goldberg v. Kwee Wee
Goldberg v. Cruiserweight Champ Mike Sanders
Goldberg v. Lex Luger (MAYHEM 2000)
Luger talks about Goldberg
Goldberg v. Reno
Lex Luger talks about Goldberg
Goldberg v. M.I. Smooth
Goldberg v. The Sarge
Goldberg v. Lex Luger (STARRCADE 2000)
Goldberg and The Sarge v. Kronik
Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger v. Goldberg and The Sarge (SIN 2001)
Goldberg v. Luger (Luger defeats Goldberg, and wih this loss, never appeared in WCW again.)

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