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TRISH STRATUS in WWE Volume 12  Approx  2.5 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of Trish Stratus from May 1, 2006 – Trish’s retirement match against Lita at Unforgiven in Toronto on September 17th, 2006.  Unless Trish makes a comeback, this will sadly be the last career compilation of the greatest woman’s wrestler of all time.  This volume begins with Trish, whose arm is in a sling, interfering in the Mickey James vs Torrie Wilson match.  From there Trish accompanies Maria for her war with Mickey, Trish cuts a promo on Mickie where Beth Phoenix makes her debut coming to the aid of Trish, Trish accompanies Torrie and Beth for their battle against Mickie and Victoria, Trish accompanies Beth for her match with Victoria, footage of Trish at the Canadian Walk of Fame (where she kisses Pam Anderson), Trish’s return to the ring against Mickie James, Trish is confronted by Johnny Nitro and Melina but is saved by Carltio (where their romance begins!), Trish attacks Melina, Trish vs Melina, Trish/Carlito vs Nitro/Melina from Saturday Night’s Main Event, Trish/Torrie vs Melina/Mickie, Trish/Candice Michelle vs Victoria/Mickie James with Torrie Wilson as the referee, Trish vs Mickie James, Trish is confronted by Lita and Edge, Trish/Carlito vs Lita/Edge, Trish accompanies Carlito to the ring for his match with Edge, Trish and the other WWE Divas initiate Layla as the new diva, Trish vs Victoria, Trish and Carlito are attacked by Randy Orton backstage, Trish confronts Lita about Lita letting out that Trish is planning to retire, Trish/Carlito /John Cena vs Lita/Randy Orton/Edge, Trish Stratus vs Mickie James in Trish’s final match on Raw where Trish thanks the fans for all the years of support and much more.  This volume ends off with Trish’s EXCELLENT match against Lita at Unforgiven in Toronto on 9/17/06.  The crowd was very hot for this match and a tearful Trish put on a great match in her final match.  She then bowed before the screaming fans and finished off her WWE career in a very classy manner.  This concludes the amazing 12 volume set of Trish’s career.
TRISH STRATUS in WWE Volume 11  Approx  3.25 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of Trish Stratus from November 21, 2005 – May 1, 2006.  This volume covers about six months of Trish’s career and includes every match, interview, promo, and backstage segment that she was involved in during the specified dates.  At the start of this volume, Trish, who is aligned with her friend and number 1 fan, Mickey James is in a variety of matches with Candice Michelle, Victoria, and Torrie Wilson, including tag matches and six lady tag matches (with Mickey and Ashley).  Trish then begins her mini feud with Melina, and is kidnapped by MNM, leading up to their battle at the Survivor Series.  From there, Trish and Mickey team in various matches and the tension begins to build between them.  Mickey kissed Trish as she’s under the missle toe and walks in on her when she’s in the shower.  Trish tells Mickie to back off and Mickie apologizes, but goes crazy and attacks Trish’s friend, Ashley.  Trish referees two matches between Mickey and Ashley, including their Royal Rumble match.  Trish then teams up with Mickey, who is replacing the “injured” Torrie Wilson to battle Candice and Victoria on Saturday Night’s Main Event.  After the match, Mickie finally snaps and attacks Trish.  This sets up their match at WrestleMania 22, where Trish loses the title.  This volume concludes the day after Backlash, where Trish dislocated her shoulder in a gruesome injury.  This volume is loaded with so much more interviews, matches and more.  All in all, another great volume of the career of the greatest woman’s wrestler of all time. 
TRISH STRATUS in WWE Volume 10  Approx  3.5 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of Trish Stratus from Janaury 31, 2005 – November 21, 2005.  At the start of this volume, Trish, who is a heel at the time, is in a neckbrace and in a feud with Kane (of all people).  At this time, Trish also begins her war with Raw Diva Search Winner, Christy Hemme.  Trish calls her out for being in Playboy and the line is drawn for battle.  This includes all of the promos and backstage segments these two had.  Christy then begins training with Lita and challenges Trish for the Women’s title at WrestleMania.  This volume contains Trish in TONS of matches.promos including Trish vs Victoria vs Molly, Trish on commentaryt during Christy’s match, Trish vs Christy in an arm wrestling match, Trish’s title defense against Christy Hemme at Wrestlemania and their rematch the next night on Raw (where Trish assaults Lita!), Trish & Molly vs Victoria & Christy, Trish interviews Lita mid-ring in Madison Square Garden, Viscera comes on to Trish after he helps her from Kane’s attack, Trish goes on a date with Viscera (hysterical!) showing what a good actress she is, Viscera splashes Trish after she berates him and is stretchered out of Backlash.  This was done do to a legitimate injury and Trish would be out of action for about six months.  Trish, looking better than ever, makes her return to help Ashley from the constant beatings she was receiving from Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Candice Michelle.  Other matches/promos include Trish & Ashley vs Victoria & Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle, Trish vs Torrie Wilson, Trish vs Victoria, Trish & Ashley vs Victoria & Torrie & Candice in a Bra & Panties Match, Trish vs Victoria, and much more.  From there, Trish’s “#1 Fan” Mickey James shows up to help Trish.  She acts obsessed with the champ and emulates her in everyway.  During the Halloween costume contest, Trish dresses as Wonder Woman and Mickey dresses as Trish!  Trish teams up with Mickey and Ashley to battle Victoria, Torrie, and Candice a few times.  Trish than participates in the “fulfill your fantasy” lingerie battle royal at Taboo Tuesday (with 6 other divas!) and teams with Mickey to battle Victoria and Candice.  This volume also has Trish’s involvement in an interbrand Battle Royal at the Eddie Guerrero Tribute Raw where she is eliminated by Melina (possibly a sign of what we will see at the next WrestleMania?).  This volume concludes with the 11/21 episode of Raw.  This is an eventful installment in the career of the greatest woman’s wrestler in history.
TRISH STRATUS in WWE Volume 9  Approx  3.5 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of Trish Stratus from July 19, 2004 – January 24, 2005.  and continues right where volume 8 left off with Trish as the women’s champion.  At this point of her career, Trish is still affiliated with Tomko and Christian and is proving to be a great heel!  She looks the best she ever has and has truly hit her stride as a main event player on Raw.  This volume is loaded with matches, promos, interviews, etc…  Basically, if Trish did it between the specified dates, it’s on this volume!  Some of the highlights on this volume include Trish leading the WWE divas in a battle against the one million dollar diva search contest (resulting in an intense game of dodge ball!), Trish antagonizes Lita at her wedding shower, Trish interrupting the Lita-Kane wedding (and it might be the BEST she has EVER looked), Trish/Gail Kim vs Victoria/Nidia, Trish defends her title against Nidia, Trish vs Victoria in an excellent title match at Unforgiven, Trish/Gail Kim/Molly vs Stacy Keibler/Nidia/Victoria, Trish/Molly vs Stacy/Victoria, Trish and her friends have a little party for Christy Hemme and then they strip her down to bra and panties, Trish sits in on commentary with JR and The King, Trish vs Stacy on Raw from the UK, Trish/Molly/Gail vs Stacy/Victoria/Nidia, Trish vs Jazz vs Nidia vs Gail Kim vs Victoria vs Stacy in a School Girls outfit match from Taboo Tuesday, Trish has a vicious backstage brawl with Lita, Trish and Lita are guests on the Highlight Reel, Trish vs Lita in a Championship match at Survivor Series, Trish and Shelton Benjamin spoof the scene from Monday Night Football, Trish (who is now sporting a nose protector for her broken nose) vs Lita vs Molly, Trish/Molly vs Lita/Victoria, Lita kisses Trish backstage and tells her the kiss of death is for her, Trish loses the Women’s Championship to Lita in an excellent match on Raw, Trish vs Victoria, Trish appears on the talk show Fox and Friends to discuss her time overseas and her career, Trish appears on the talk show Cold Pizza and reveals that she is missing a knuckle, Trish vs Victoria, Trish wins back the women’s title after Lita legitimately hurts herself at the New Years Revolution pay per view in Puerto Rico, Trish defends her newly won title against Molly on Heat, Trish cuts a promo and is chokeslammed by Kane, and so much more.  The ninth installment of the greatest woman wrestler of all-time is phenomenal!
TRISH STRATUS in WWE Volume 8  Approx  3.5 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume chronicles the career of Trish Stratus from the day after WrestleMania 20 on March 15, 2004 – July 12, 2004.  This volume contains every match, interview, promo that she was involved in within the specified dates.  Trish aligns herself with Christian and Tyson Tomko in the volume, proving to be an effective heel.  She continues her feud with Chris Jericho and has some excellent exchanges with him.  Trish also wrestles in a bunch of great matches, including her winning the Women’s Championship again.  See Trish acting bad and doing it good on this awesome compilation! 
TRISH STRATUS in the WWE   Volume 7   Approx. 4 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This follows Trish’s career from September 22, 2003 through Trish’s shocking heel turn on March 14, 2004 at WrestleMania 20.  See tons of excellent matches, promos, interviews, segments on Confidential, and more on this 7th installment of the career of Trish Stratus.  Some matches include Trish teaming with Lita against Gail Kim and Molly, teaming with Maven against Victoria and Stevie Richards, a six woman tag match, a women’s Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the women’s championship, battles with Gail Kim, a bra & panties match with Jackie Gayda, her war with Molly, a Santa’s little helper 6 woman tag match, and the ENTIRE Chris Jericho – Trish Stratus – Christian love triangle storyline, which is absolutely awesome.  Watch Jericho show an interest in Trish, only to break her heart and reveal it was only a bet with his buddy Christian (only 1 Candian dollar) to see if he can sleep with Trish.  Trish is outraged and attacks Jericho and teams with Lita to wrestle Jericho & Christian Armageddon in December.  From there Jericho realizes what a mistake he made and how he really is in love with Trish.  Watch Jericho win back Trish’s trust and affection through the weeks and months.  As Jericho and Trish grow closer, a rift is formed between Jericho and Christian.  Trish wrestles Christian, who she thinks is a friend, but is brutualized!  This leads to the Chris Jericho vs Christian match at WrestleMania 20 where Trish turns on Jericho and sides with Christian in a truly shocking turn of events!  Watch Trish’s new bad girl attitude as she kisses Christian as he pulls her hair!  The era of Trish Stratus as a heel has begun (again) and something tells me that it’s going to be unforgettable.  This volume rocks and is an absolute must for fans of the sexy Canadian diva!
TRISH STRATUS in the WWE   Volume 6   Approx. 4.5 Hours   VG-EX Quality
This follows Trish’s career from the day after she won the Womens Championship at Wrestlemania on March 31, 2003 – her teaming with Lita vs Gail Kim & Molly at Unforgiven on September 21, 2003. See Trish only get better in the ring, incorporating new moves, like her Matrix-like stretch, and becoming one of the, if not the, most popular woman wrestler of all time! See Trish in battles with Jazz, Molly, Gail Kim, all of her interviews/promo’s, all of her appearances on Confidential, and her and Lita teaming up. This is yet another incredible Trish Stratus volume and a must for any fan of her.
TRISH STRATUS in the WWE Volume 5    Approx. 5 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This volume is the fifth chronicling the career of Trish Stratus and covers all of her TV appearances from 8/5/02 – her Womens Title Victory at Wrestlemania 19 on 3/30/03. See all of Trish’s matches, interviews, and promo’s including her awesome feud with Victoria. Trish has become one of the best women workers in the ring over the last 18 months and this volumes illustrates this in her matches against Jazz, Molly, Victoria and more. An excellent volume with A LOT of sexy footage of this gorgeous diva.
TRISH STRATUS in the WWF Vol. 4   6 Hours   Good-Very Good Quality
This volume picks up right where Vol. III ended off and follows the career of Trish from November 12, 2001 – August 5, 2002. Trish really improved in the ring and it shows on this excellent volume. A must for Trish fans!!!
TRISH STRATUS  in the WWF   Volume 3        Approx.  6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volume picks up right after volume II ends off following Trish’s WWF career from 1/11/01-August 2001.    Also includes Trish and Lita on the Howard Stern Show!!!
TRISH STRATUS  in the WWF   Volume 2         6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volume picks up right after volume I ends off following Trish’s WWF career from 7/23/00-1/11/01 when the whole Trish-Vince McMahon angle started to take off.
TRISH STRATUS  in the WWF   Volume 1          6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volumes starts with a rare Trish Shoot interview and continues on from her debut through 7/23/00.  Lots of HOT footage involving Trish and Lita including the Bra & Panties match.  Also has the whole angle involving The Dudley Boys and when Trish cut the sexy promo laying on tables.  Trish also gets put through a table.  This is a HOT volume!

This highly sought after show is Trish Stratus’ travel show where she goes to different parts of the world to shed some light on the culture, way of life, and the scenery.  This set is great because not only is Trish looking better than ever, but you get to learn her real personality, opposed to her wrestling persona.  She travels the world and takes part in a variety of different cultural activities including  glima wrestling in Iceland, muay thai boxing in Thailand, reindeer racing in Norway, ancient sword fighting art of kalarippayat in India, and Maori Fighting in Vietnam.  She is an amazing host and she narrates all ten shows, as well as appearing in them all.  Many wondered what Trish has been up to since she left the wrestling industry, and “travel the world” would be an understatement.  Watching these only made me miss, in my opinion, the second greatest diva of all-time.

TRISH STRATUS   Handheld/Interview Compilation   Approx 2 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This is truly a rare volume of rare handheld footage of Trish Stratus, as well as some rare interviews!  It starts out with footage that my good friend Andy filmed.  He attended a Trish Stratus autograph signing on July 6, 2003 in Taylor, Michigan.  He somehow managed to get his camera in and film Trish for 30 minutes sign autographs and talk with her fans.  What you will see here is some of the best Trish Stratus close ups ever, showing off her stunning beauty.  She seems so genuine, so happy, and so energetic as she meets her fans, signs autographs, and takes pictures.  She holds peoples baby’s in her arms to take pictures!  She jokes around with her fans and doesn’t rush through anyone.  She is truly one of the nicest WWE Superstars you will ever want to meet anywhere and a true class act.  This handheld footage is an absolute must if you want to see what Trish Stratus is like outside the scripted storyline world of the WWE…….From there, see a very rare Trish Stratus TV appearance from the United Kingdom as her and Booker T are guests on the wacky TV Show SMTV.  See Trish sing and dance in the intro of the show (funny).  Trish and Booker participate in some goofy game show like games and skits on this show.  See Trish dress up in nurses uniform (nice!)…….From there, we go to an interview of Trish on Off the Record from late 1999 (with Val Venis and a few other guests).  They discuss the issues of the world at the time.  At this point of Trish’s career, she was signed to a WWF contract, but hasn’t debuted on TV yet.  They talk about her upcoming debut and more……..Next are a few more ULTRA RARE Trish Stratus handheld clips.  The first is a few seconds long of Trish Stratus at an autograph signing in New York City in June of 2000.  From there, we see more handheld footage of the lovely Trish at WWF New York doing some promotional work for the WWF Unforgiven PPV.  From there we go to some rare handheld footage of Trish managing Test & Albert as they wrestle The Dudley Boys in an outdoor ring in the middle of New York City……Lastly, this volume ends off with the interview that got Trish noticed by the WWF, which is her appearance on Off the Record in 1998.  At the time she was simply a fitness model.  Little did she know that she would go on to become one of the most beloved female personalities in wrestling.  All in all, this is an excellent volume with tons of rare Trish footage!

TRISH STRATUS: Post WWE Appearances & Awards Show Approx. 2 Hours EX Quality
This volume is a compilation of various TV appearances that Trish Stratus has made. It runs a tad under two hours and has some pretty cool footage including the entire Canadian Walk of Fame Awards (hosted by Trish) where she is in a lot of different segments. Here are the listings:
*Trish Stratus post match interview following her match with Mickie James on 9/11
*Trish Stratus on Entertainment Tonight
*Trish Stratus on MTV Canada
*Trish Stratus on Off the Record
*Canada Walk of Fame Pre-Show (Trish is on briefly)
*Trish Stratus hosts the Canadian Walk of Fame (she sings, hosts, and kisses Pam Anderson!)

TRISH STRATUS Handheld Autograph Signing  Pittsburgh, PA   10/14/03
This volume runs around 30 minutes and is in very good – excellent quality, filmed at FYE in Pittsburgh, PA.  Unlike the other Trish handheld autograph signing volume I have, this one is extremely close and extremely clear.  I don’t think it is physically possible to get a closer view of Trish unless you are……well, you know.  This volume is awesome and really shows what a nice, gorgeous, woman she is.  If you are interested in getting this volume, please e-mail me back.

TRISH STRATUS Handheld Autograph Signing  Gibralter, MI   1/17/04  60 Mins VG-EX Quality
This is yet another excellent Trish Stratus autograph signing.  She looks as beautiful as ever, and is as friendly as ever, as she signs and smiles and interacts with everyone that came to see her.  This volume is actually a combination of two different signing attendees footage, combined onto one volume.  The first version has awesome close ups and follows her out of the building when she leaves!  You get to see Trish interact with all sorts of people.  She is always so sweet.  Then there is the other version, which is similar to the first part, but filmed a little more distant.  The camera person asks Trish a few questions, including if she watches Smackdown and if she is a fan of Paul London.  From there, there is a 2 minute news segment about Trish signing autographs at a 7-11 store promoting the new WWE Slurpee.  All in all, a great volume.

TRISH STATUS & LITA   Interview Appearances 2003   Approx  75 Mins.  VG-EX Quality
This volume featurs 2 interviews with Lita promoting her book on various Candian TV Shows and 2 interviews of Trish Stratus, including a one on one on Off the Record, promoting the release of her DVD.  These are some excellent interviews of the two beauties!

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