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TAMMY SYTCH: The WCW Stint        Approx. 1 Hr.   Very Good to Excellent Quality
See Tammy return to the big leagues as she manages Chris Candido.  Tammy didn’t look as nearly as good as she was in her WWF days, but she still was good in her role.

SUNNY: WWF Era “The Golden Haired Fox”  5 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This is the best Sunny video I have that covers her WWF career.  See all different aspects of her WWF career on this video from the Bodydonna, to ruling the tag team division, to hosting tv shows, announcing, and refereeing matches.  Here is the listing:
-Sunny getting ready for a day of work
-Sunny’s WWF Debut as manager of Skip (Collectively known as The Body Donnas)
-Sunny manages Skip as he is defeated by Barry Horowitz
-Bodydonnas promo talking about Barry Horowitz
-Sunny manages Skip as he wrestles Barry Horowitz in a 10 Minute Challenge
-Sunny manages Skip as he wrestles Barry Horowitz at SummerSlam 1995
-Sunny manages Skip as he wrestles Marty Jannetty
-Sunny leads Team Bodydonnas into the 1995 Surivior Series
-Clips of Sunny hosting WWF Action Zone with Todd Pettengil
-Sunny manages The Bodydonnas (Zip and Skip) against The Smoking Gunns at 1996 Royal Rumble
-Clips of Sunny hosting WWF Action Zone with Doc Hendrix
-Sunny at the 1996 Slammy Awards
-Sunny leads The Bodadonnas to the tag team titles vs The Godwinns at Wretlemania 12
-Sunny manages The Body Donnas for their match against The Godwinns at IYH 4/96
-Clips of The Bodydonnas losing the tag team titles to The Godwinns at MSG!
-Sunny manages The Godwinns to the ring as they defend the tag titles against The Smoking Gunns
-Sunny manages The Smoking Gunns to the ring for their match against The Godwinns (with Cloudy)
-Sunny gets slopped by Phinneas Godwinn (and she looks damn good!!)
-Sunny leads The Smoking Gunns to the ring for their match vs Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson
-Sunny at the Pre-SummerSlam ’96 Bikini Beach Party (Hot in her white thong!!)
-Sunny leads Farooq to the ring for a promo at SummerSlam ‘96
-Sunny confronts Jim Cornetter backstage
-Sunny leads The Smoking Gunns to the ring for their match against Owen Hart and The British Bulldog
-Sunny dumps The Smoking Gunns when the Gunns lose the tag titles!
-Sunny manages Farooq for his match against Savio Vega
-Sunny manages Farooq for his match against Marc Mero.  SUNNY AND SABLE CATFIGHT!!!!
-News Report on Sunny about her being the #1 Woman on the Internet!!!
-Sunny & Todd Pettengill host Live Wire with Jim Ross as a guest
-Clips of Sunny in England using the “Sunny Cam”
-Sunny & Todd Pettengill host Live Wire with Shawn Michaels as a guest
-Sunny & Vince McMahon host Live Wire
-Sunny on Mtv’s Singled Out (Sunny & Jenny McCarthy in the same room!!!)
-Sunny & Doc Hendrix host Live Wire with Triple H
-Sunny comes to the ring and strips down to a skimpy outfit for her arm wrestling match with Marlena (you can see my holding my sign in the crowd!)
-Sunny hosts Shotgun Saturday Night with Vince McMahon
-Sunny shows a home video of her with a Tickle Me Elmo and simulates sex!!! RARE AND HOT!!
-Sunny manages Skip for his match against Shawn Michaels.  Sunny and Michaels flirt and then Shawn pulls away as he pretends to kiss Sunny!
-Sunny moons the crowd partially!! RARE  from a Raw Satellite feed  2/16/98
-Sunny is the guest referee (looking gorgeous) for the midget tag match at the 1997 Royal Rumble
-Sunny announces the Taka Michinoku vs Pantera match on Raw (she looks incredible)
-Sunny makes her return to managing as manager of LOD 2000 at Wrestlemania 14!

SUNNY: The WWF Years 1996-1998        Approx. 6 Hrs.   Good to Very Good Quality
See Tammy in her prime as Sunny in the WWF.

TAMMY SYTCH: Tammy, Tammy, Tammy SMW Compilation       Approx. 2 Hrs.   Good to Very Good Quality
See Tammy and Chris Candido before their WWF days in smaller indy leagues.  There are actual interview out takes here.  Amazing tape.

TAMMY SYTCH: The ECW Era   Approx. 6 Hours   VG Quality
This video covers all of Tammy’s ECW career.  See her brawl with all the women of ECW, referee matches, cut promo’s and more!  A great video for fans of the former Sunny!

TAMMY SYTCH: Sytch, Bytch, & Francine Extreme 3 Way    Approx. 90 Mins.   Good to Very Good Quality
See Tammy Sytch, Dawn Marie, and Francine in a variety of cat fights and managing their men.

Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed             Very Good-Excellent Quality
The big buzz of this video is seeing Tammy “Sunny” Sytch and Missy Hyatt naked.  Along with independent female superstars Rayn and Traci Taylor, Missy Hyatt and Tammy Sytch take you to the front lines of their photo shoots for their adult website with a video camera filming their every move showing you what the still pictures cannot. See every bit of these beautiful ladies in the buff plus see raw backstage footage of the girls listening to Glam metal's number one band Poison as they dress and undress before the photo shoots complete with great close ups of body parts.  This video is not for children under the age of 18.

Wrestling Vixxxens Revealed (Backstage Footage)       Approx. 1 Hour     Very Good-Excellent Quality
This is the footage of the above video filmed with a handheld camera before the above video was made.  Watch the ladies getting dressed, doing their hair and make up, posing for their photos, and much more.  This is definitely raunchier and more graphic than the above video.

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