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TORRIE WILSON in WWE Volume 8 Approx. 2.5 Hours VG-EX Quality
This volume covers Torrie’s career from May 2008 through her final appearance on WWE programming in November 2007. It covers every match, promo, and interview that she was involved in between the specified dates. Matches and angles include Torrie and the divas introducing the Timbaland volume, Torrie/Ric Flair vs Carlito/Victoria, Torrie does some guest ring announcing, Torrie and Ric Flair confront Vince McMahon, Torrie, who is sporting an injured leg, vs Carlito, Torrie is drafted to Smackdown, Torrie is a guest on The Cutting Edge, Torrie brawls with Victoria backstage, Torrie vs Victoria, Torrie vs Victoria in a rematch, Torrie/Wang vs Dykstra/Victoria, Torrie accompanies Wang to the ring, Torrie vs Victoria, Torrie is addressed by Vince McMahon, Torrie is in a sexy bikini contest on Smackdown, Torrie participates in an all diva battle royal at SummerSlam, Torrie is a bridesmaid at Teddy Long’s wedding, Torrie vs Victoria, Torrie is in a sexy all diva costume battle royal on Raw, Torrie/Mickie James vs Victoria/Beth Phoenix, Torrie/Michelle McCool/Kelly/Maria/Mickie vs Beth/Layla/Jillian/Victoria/Melina at the Survivor Series, Torrie vs Victoria and much more. There are a lot of backstage segments not written up in this description of what will hopefully not be Torrie’s final WWE appearance!

TORRIE WILSON in WWE Volume 7  Approx 4 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of Torrie Wilson from September 25, 2006 – May 7, 2007 and covers every match, promo, interview, and backstage segment that she was involved in between the specified dates.  This volume is loaded with tons of hot segments including Torrie vs Melina in a lumberjill match, Torrie vs Candice vs Maria vs Victoria in a bra and panties match, Torrie is a lumberjill for the Melina vs Mickie match, Torrie in an all diva battle royal, Torrie is saved from Chris Masters by Carlito, Torrie goes to Raw in Iraq and looks damn good, Torrie is romantically liked to Carlito and accompanies him to the ring for his matches and interview segments, Torrie vs Melina, Torrie/Ashely/Candice vs Melina/Victoria/Jillian, Torrie competes on Smackdown, Torrie in a fashion show contest from Raw in Italy, and finally Torrie smacks and leaves Carltio after he dumps and berates her in the ring on Raw.  This is another sexy volume in the career of Torrie Wilson!

TORRIE WILSON in the WWE  Volume 6    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where volume 5 left off and covers her career from November 28, 2005 – August 2006 2006.  This volume starts with Torrie in the midst of her partner ship with Victoria and Candice Michelle (known as the ladies in pink).  This volume starts off with Torrie teaming up with Victoria/Candice Michelle o go against Trish Stratus/Ashley/Mickie James.  This volume also includes tons of matches and segments including Vince McMahon hitting on Torrie and kissing her dog,   Torrie Wilson vs Maria in a Bra and Panties Match at New Years Revolution, Torrie with the ladies in pink in various six woman matches, Torrie helps the Royal Rumble participants pick their numbers, Torrie vs Ashley, Torrie in a Women’s Battle Royal, Torrie is betrayed by Candice Michelle and Victoria, Torrie Wilson vs Victoria, Torrie/Trish Stratus vs Victoria/Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle in an Evening Gown Playboy Pillow Match (or something like that) at WrestleMania 22, Torrie Wilson/Trish Stratus vs Mickie James/Candice Michlle, Torrie participates in a bikini contest, Torrie/Maria vs Mickie James/Victoria in a cheerleaders match, Torrie Wilson vs Mickie James, Torrie/Beth Phoenix vs Victoria/Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle in a water gun match (HOT!!!), Torrie begins doing her version of “the stinkface” around this time, footage of Torrie’s magazine photo shoot, Torrie/Maria vs Mickie James/Candice, Torrie’s magazine unveiling where she is confronted by Lita and Edge, Torrie vs Lita, Torrie/Trish vs Mickie James/Victoria, Torrie is the special referee for the Trish/Candice vs Mickie/Victoria, Torrie participates in a water fight against the new diva contestants, Torrie and the other WWE divas welcome Layla, Torrie goes to ECW for a HOT bikini contest with Kelly Kelly, Torrie/Tommy Dreamer/Sandman vs Kelly Kelly/Test/Mike Knox, and much more.  This volume concludes with a “loser gets spanked match” between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle.  Although Torrie loses, Candice gets spanked and the divas leave as friends.  Another great installment in the career of the gorgeous blonde diva.

TORRIE WILSON in the WWE  Volume 5    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where volume II left off and covers her career from October 2004 – October 2005.  This volume starts with Torrie being harassed by Kenzo Suzuki, leading to her battles with Kenzo’s wife.  Torrie participates in a sexy Halloween costume on Smackdown with Dawn Marie, resulting in them stripping each other down!  Torrie then hosts the Tough Enough sex challenge!  From there, Torrie does some guest ring announcing, teams with RVD & Rey Mysterio against Kenzo, Rene Dupree, & Hiroko, does a photo shoot, promotes the Great American Bash, goes to Iraq with the Smackdown wrestlers, talks to Daniel Pruder, issues wrestlers their Royal Rumble numbers, wrestles Hiroko in a Geisha match (where Torrie reveals her skimpy bikini afterward), judges the Smackdown diva rookie contest with Dawn Marie at No Way Out,  competes in a HOT bikini contest against Dawn Marie and Jackie Gayda, when they are confronted by the new rookie divas, wrestles against Dawn Marie, saves Candice Michelle from Melina, wrestles Melina with Candice Michelle as the referee at the Great American Bash, teams with Candice against Melina and Jillian Hall, and then is traded to Raw (along with Candice Michelle).  Torrie and Candice turn heel by attacking Raw Diva Search Winner, Ashley.  They align with Victoria to form the Woman in Pink and rage war with Trish Stratus and Ashley.

TORRIE WILSON in the WWE  Volume 4    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where volume II left off and covers her career from 12/12/03-10/21/04.  This volume covers 19 months of Torrie’s career and features some hot segments!  See Torrie compete against Dawn Marie and Sable in a Santa’s Little Helper bikini contest from Smackdown in Baghdad on Christmas!  This is one hot contest!  This volume also features a few Confidential features on Torrie Wilson and Sable’s Playboy appearance.  Torrie and Sable then flirt with John Cena during Smackdown.  See the really hot inter-brand evening gown match at WrestleMania 20 and Torrie Wilson teams up with Sable to go against Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda.  All four ladies show some skin!  Torrie Wilso then finds herself harassed by The Big Show and he even destroys her car backstage.  There is a segment from Confidential showing the latest bikini photo shoot.  Torrie is then a guest on Rene Dupree’s interview segment which John Cena saves her from.  Kurt Angle then blames Torrie Wilson for The Big Show destroying him and is forced to wrestle Rene Dupree!  Torrie also is involved in several more matches including a few battles with Dawn Marie, Torrie & Spike vs Jamie Noble & Dawn Marie, another bikini contest between Torrie Wilson, Sable, Dawn Marie, and Jackie Gayda, a match against Sable at The Great American Bash and another on Smackdown, and all sorts of other promotional appearances such as ring introductions and hyping pay per views.  Kurt Angle then fires all the divas, including Torrie, only to have Eddie Guerrero show up with her a week later destroying Kurt’s property.  This volume also has Torrie Wilson’s appearance on Mtv Cribs, as she shows off her and Billy Kidamn’s Florida home (it’s nice!).  Teddy Long then makes Torrie and Dawn Marie team against Moolah and Mae Young!  This volume concludes with Torrie doing guest ring introductions and she had an apple spit all over her by Carlito Carribean Cool.  All in all, this is another HOT HOT HOT installment in the career of Torrie Wilson.

TORRIE WILSON in the WWE  Volume 3    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where volume II left off and covers her career from 3/30/03-12/11/03.  It picks up just as Torrie is doing her Playboy Magazine cover unveiling, marking the return of Sable!  This volume has the entire Torrie-Stacy lesbian stalker angle, including the Sable/Torrie bikini contest at Judgement Day, which was the best bikini contest I have ever seen in the WWE!  See Torrie in her feud against Nidia, Sable, link up with Mr. Ass Billy Gunn, tons of bikini contests, bra & panties matches, as well as every segment on Confidential and more.

TORRIE WILSON in the WWE  Volume 2    Approx. 4 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where volume II left off and covers her career from 6/20/02 – 3/30/03. See all of her appearances, matches, promo’s, and anything she has done on TV within this time span. The volume ends off with the fatal 4 way at Wrestlemania and her promoting her Playboy shoot! Very hot volume!

TORRIE WILSON   WWF Career Volume 1           Approx. 5.5  Hours    Very Good-Excellent Quality
This is one HOT volume.  Watch the WWF career of the best looking woman in wrestling, Torrie Wilson.  See her from her debut on Smackdown trying to get a job with Vince McMahon, only to trick him and make him look like a fool.  See her and Stacy feud with Trish Stratus & Lita, as well as Torrie’s feud against Stacy Keibler.  Bikini contests, gravy bowl matches, lingerie matches, etc… They are all here!  Watch Ms. Wilson accompany her boyfriend Tajiri to the ring, as well as their major falling out when he lost the Cruiserweight title to Kidman, as well as her budding relationship with Maven.  This volume ends off on 6/20/02.  There has been a lot of demand for this volume, and now it is here!

TORRIE WILSON in the WCW  Volume I    Approx.  6 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume, the first of three in this series will follow the career of Torrie Wilson from her debut on tv in February 1999 through late April 2000.  It starts out with the seductive promo's of Ms. Wilson speaking to the camera, when in reality, it was David Flair.  See her double cross Flair to become an ally of the nWo.  From there, Ms. Wilson becomes acquainted with her real life husband-to-be  Billy Kidman.  This volume is full of awesome promo's, complete matches, backstage segments, and anything that has to do with Torrie Wilson!!

TORRIE WILSON in the WCW  Volume II   Approx.  6 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where Torrie Wilson in WCW Vol. I left off.  See Torrie as a prominent member of the New Blood as she is the valet of Kidman in his war against Hulk Hogan.  From there, Torrie becomes the manager of "The Franchise" Shane Douglas.   This volume follows the WCW career of Ms. Wilson from May 2000 - October 2000.  There are tons of complete matches, interviews, promos, mixed tags, and so much more on this amazing volume!!

TORRIE WILSON in the WCW  Volume III   Approx.  2 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume picks up right where Volume II ends off and goes through the demise of WCW.


The Women of WCW: Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Sharmel Sullivan    1 Hour    Very Good-Excellent Quality
This volume was a special that was run on the Entertainment Channel sometime in 2000. The E! Camera crew followed around 3 divas of WCW fame (at the time), that are all now under WWE contract. Watch the three sexy women travel from town to town, taking time to go shopping, go out to eat, and of course, polish their in-ring skills at the WCW Power Plant. This is one phenomenal volume and a must for any fans of Stacy or Torrie! 

WWF Excess with Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson 2 Hours Good-Very Good Quality
This is the edition of WWF Excess from September 22, 2001 in which Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler came in the studio live for an interview.

LIPSTICK, LEATHER, & LACE (Stacy/Torrie/Daphne)   Approx. 1 Hr.   Excellent Quality
This is a very rare volume WCW put out that was supposed to be the diary of 3 women of WCW. The three women are Stacy Keibler (then known as Miss Hancock), Torrie Wilson, and Daphne. This volume starts out with Torrie talking about how she got involved with WCW and her training regimen. There are a lot of great shots of her on the beach modeling bikini's, as well as footage of her WCW debut and other in-ring footage. From there, it goes on to show interviews/clips of Daphne (who I'm not really a fan of). Lastly, this volume shows the sexy Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler). She talks about her start in WCW, her legs, her character and more. Also has a lot of sexy footage of her on the beach in a bikini, as well as some of her in-ring footage. The only negative about this volume is the sound is a bit low, but is fine if you turn up the volume of your television. This is an Absolute Must if you are a fan of either Stacy or Torrie!!

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