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BIG SHOW in WWE Volume 1 Approx. 6 Hours VG-EX Quality
This DVD covers the career of The Big Show from his return to the WWE on February 17, 2008 through August 15, 2009. He returned at the No Way Out PayPerView, noticeably slimmer than his previous runs in the company, and attempted to attack Rey Mysterio after his World Heavyweight Championship match with Edge. He got into a physical confrontation with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. after Mayweather came from the crowd to defend his friend Rey. The confrontation ended with Mayweather breaking Wight's nose with a punching combination. Big Show was then moved to the SmackDown brand. In the following weeks, Big Show was portrayed as a heel, yet fan majority continued to support him over his rich, boastful adversary, Mayweather. Their characterizations began shifting to suit this, and at WrestleMania XXIV, Big Show became a fan favorite during their match as Mayweather used various villainous tactics and received a negative reaction from the crowd. Big Show lost via knockout after a shot to the jaw with brass knuckles. Shortly after, Big Show entered a feud with The Great Khali, concluding at Backlash, where Big Show defeated Khali pinning him after executing a chokeslam. From there, at One Night Stand, Show defeated CM Punk, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero, and Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane match. During the bout, he received a black eye and deep gash along the eyebrow which required stitches after John Morrison dropkicked the steel steps onto him. The win gave him contention face Kane and Mark Henry at Night of Champions for the ECW Championship, which Henry won by pinfall.

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