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DAWN MARIE in the WWE     Volume I     Approx. 3.5 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the WWE career of May 30, 2002 – July 2003.  Watch Dawn debut as Vince McMahon’s personal assistant and begin her long feud with Torrie Wilson, including the whole marriage and death angle of Torrie’s father, Al Wilson, is on this volume.  Every match, every bikini contest, every interview segment, every Confidential story, EVERYTHING Dawn Marie has done in the specified dates is on this volume.

DAWN MARIE in the WWE     Volume II     Approx. 3.25 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the WWE career of the sexy Dawn Marie from September 4, 2003 – January 27, 2005.  This tape is loaded with tons of interviews, promos, bikini contests, matches, and more.  Some highlights on this tape feature Dawn Marie vs Shaniqua, Dawn Marie/Nidia vs Shanqua, a Halloween costume contest between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson (Dawn is the world’s hottest wonderwoman!), Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie vs Jackie Gayda, Dawn Marie, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Jackie Gayda have a summertime bikini bash, both of Dawn Marie’s trips to Iraq (where she looks incredible) are on this volume, as well as the entire Dawn Marie-Charlie Haas-Jackie Gayde love triangle, and so much more.

DAWN MARIE in the WWE     Volume III     Approx. 1 Hour     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the WWE career of the sexy Dawn Marie from February 20, 2005 – June 2005.  Unfortunately, the Dawn was one of the many talents that the WWE cut in June 2005.  This volume is the final chapter on her career and has various appearances and angles including Dawn and Torrie Wilson judging the diva contestants at No Way Out, Dawn teams up with Rene Dupree to go against The Big Show and Michele McCool, Dawn and Michelle brawl, a one on one match between Dawn and Michele McCool, a bikini contest between Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson, and Jackie Gayda against the divas from the diva search, Dawn Marie against Torrie Wilson, and Dawn’s final WWE appearance at the ECW pay per view as the manage of Lance Storm at the ECW One Night stand pay per view.  It is a real shame that Dawn Marie got let go and I am hopeful she will return one day.

DAWN MARIE Pre-WWF   Volume 1     6 Hrs. Very Good Quality
This 2 Volume Set chronicles her career in ECW from Introduction as Tammy Lynn Bytch through the Impact Players Dawn marie has always been one of Wrestling's sexiest Valets and has had no trouble ever getting involved in HER MAN's Matches. Unfortunately for Her (BUT GOOD FOR US) she usually ended up on the losing side of a catfight and was left with just her Bra & panties on. Dawn Marie was sorely missed when ECW folded but now we get to see her again in WWE This Volume Provides you with Classic Dawn Marie Footage throughout her ECW Career. There is nothing like seeing Dawn Marie Involved in a Classic Catfight with Francine, Tammy Lynn Stych (Sunny), & Angelica (Lita).

DAWN MARIE Pre-WWF Volume 2     Approx. 5 Hrs.     Very Good Quality
This is the continuation of the above volume. She is one sexy woman!

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