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MELINA in WWE Volume 3   Approx. 3 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This is installment in the career of Melina covers her from November 5, 2009 through August 1, 2011.  Matches and angles include Melina vs Alicia in a Lumberjill match, Melina/Gail Kim/Kelly Kelly/Mickie James/Eve vs LayCool/Beth Phoenix/Alicia Fox/Jillian at Survivor Series, Melina/Kelly Kelly/Mickie James vs McCool/Jillian/Layla (the Gobbledey Gooker, who turns out to be Maryse, attacks Melina), Melina/Gail Kim vs Maryse/Jillian, Melina competes in a 12 diva evening gown tag match, Melina/Kelly Kelly/Gail Kim vs Maryse/Alicia/Jillian in a sexy Santa’s Little Helper match, Melina attacks Alicia, Melina vs Alicia, Melina vs Alicia (Melina wins the title and McCool confronts), Melina/Gail Kim/Eve vs Jillian/Maryse/Alicia, Melina vs Jillian, Melina/Eve vs LayCool, Melina vs Alicia, Melina vs McCool in a lumberjill match at Night of Champions (Melina loses the title), Melina vs Layla, Melina competes in a divas battle royal, Melina/Gail Kim talk to Johnny Knoxville, Melina/Gail Kim vs LayCool, Melina is dressed as a sexy superhero in a costume contest, Melina/Natayla/Gail Kim vs Tamina/Alicia/Maryse, Melina vs Natayla, Melina competes in a divas battle royal, Melina vs Eve vs Alicia (Melina shows a heel side and slaps Natalya in the face after the match), Melina/Alciia vs Eve/Gail Kim, Melina/Marse/Alicia vs Eve/Brie Bella/Natayla, Melina guest commentates, Melina vs Natayla, Melina/Bellas vs Gail Kim/Eve/Tamina, Melina is a lumberjill for the Eve vs Natayla match, Melina/Bellas/Maryse vs Gail Kim/Kelly Kelly/Eve/Beth Phoenix, Melina competes in a 14 diva tag match, Melina vs Kelly Kelly (at this point, Melina has almost become an innocuous jobber!), Melina/Maryse vs Kelly Kelly/Eve, and finally, Melina competes in a divas battle royal (which turns out to be her and Gail Kim’s last match).


MELINA in WWE Volume 2   Approx. 3.5 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This is installment in the career of Melina covers her from February 16, 2009 through October 29, 2009.  At the start of this volume, Melina is the defending champion.  Matches and angles include Melina vs Beth Phoenix, Melina/Cryme Tyme vs Beth/Santino/Dolph, Melina attacks Maryse, Melina vs Maryse in a Lumberjill match, Melina/Maria vs Maryse/McCool, Melina/Mickie James/Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix/Layla/Jillian, 12 diva tag match, Melina competes in the huge WrestleMania 25 divas battle royal, Melina competes in a 10 diva tag, Melina/Mickie James/Kelly vs McCool/Maryse/Natayla, Melina is drafted to Smackdown, Melina vs Beth Phoenix, Melina/Gail Kim vs Alicia/McCool, Melina is interviewed backstage, Melina vs Alicia Fox, Melina/Gail Kim/Eve vs Michelle McCool/Layla/Alicia Fox with Maria as the guest referee, Melina/Eve vs McCool/Alicia, Melina vs Alicia, Melina vs Michelle McCool at Great American Bash (Melina loses the title), Melina/Maria vs LayCool, Melina/Eve vs LayCool, Melina talks to Michelle McCool backstage, Melina vs McCool at Night of Champions, Melina/Eve vs LayCool, Melina talks with Maria backstage, Melina vs Layla, Melina/Maria vs Layla/Natalya, Melina talks to Maria in locker room, Melina vs Layla, Melina confronts Michelle McCool in locker room, Melina vs Layla, Melina vs Michelle McCool, Melina talks to Maria in locker room, Melina vs Michelle McCool in a Lumberjill match, Melina in a 10 diva tag match with all the divas dressed as football players, Melina vs Jillian (Melina is champion again!), Melina and other divas dance with Snoop Dogg, Melina/Kelly Kelly/Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix/McCool/Natayla at Bragging Rights, Melina and Santino vs Chavo/Jillian.

MELINA in WWE Volume 1   Approx. 6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This is the first installment in the solo career of Melina (she was previously chronicled in the MNM collection) and covers from August 26, 2007 through February 9, 2009 and includes all matches, interviews, and promos Melina was involved in between the specified dates. Matches and angles include Melina participating in a diva battle royal at SummerSlam, Melina talks to William Regal backstage and is confronted by Stephanie and Linda McMahon, Melina volunteers to entertain Vince McMahon's son (Honrnwoggle), Melina talks to Jillian backstage, Melina is in the shower and Hornswoggle spies on her Melina vs Mickie James, Melina and Maria are judges for the Matt Hardy vs MVP eating contest at No Mercy, Melina/Beth Phoenix/Jillian vs Maria/Mickie/Candice Michelle, Melina/Murdoch/Cade vs Mickie James/Paul London/Brian Kendrick, Melina is dressed in a sexy costume at Cyber Sunday, Melina competes in a diva costume battle royal, Melina/Layla/Jillian vs Michelle McCool/Kelly Kelly/Mickie James, Melina/Layla vs Kelly Kelly/McCool, Melina/Jillian vs Mickie/Maria, Melina vs Mickie James, Melina, Sunny, and Mae Young are all brought out by Triple H to confront Vince McMahon, Melina vs Layla vs Jillian vs Kelly vs Victoria vs Maria vs McCool in a Santa's little helper costume match, Melina vs Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix, Melina vs Maria vs Mickie James vs Jillian vs Ashley in a divas pillow fight match, Melina/Beth Phoenix/Layla vs Ashley/Maria/Mickie, Melina vs Maria, Melina vs Maria, Melina vs Maria, and one more Melina vs Maria match, Melina/Beth Phoenix/Santino vs Ashley/Maria/Jerry Lawler, Melina/Beth Phoenix (with Santino Marella) vs Ashley//Maria (with Snoop Dog) in a Playboy Bunny match at WrestleMania 24, Melina/Jillian vs Ashley/Mickie, Melina and all of the heel divas interrupt Mickie's title win victory, Melina/Victoria/Beth Phoenix/Jillian/Natayla/Layla vs Mickie James/Maria/Kelly Kelly/Michelle McCool/Ashely/Cherry in a 12 divas tag team match at Backlash, a 12 diva tag team rematch on Raw, Melina is a lumberjack for the Beth vs Mickie match, Melina/Beth vs Mickie/Maria (Beth abandons Melina), Melina and Beth Phoenix brawl backstage, Melina vs Beth Phoeniz at Judgment Day, Melina commentates the Beth va Maria match (Melina attacks Beth after the match), Melina vs Jillian, Melina vs Beth in an Extreme Rules match, Melina/Melina vs Beth/Katie Lea, Melina attacks Beth, Melina/Kelly Kelly/Maryse/Layla/Jillian/Maria all compete in a hot bikini contest, Melina/Mickie vs Natayla/Victoria (Melina legitimately hurts her ankle in this match and needs to be carried off putting her out for several months), Melina/Candace Michelle/Mickie vs Beth/Jillian/Katie Lea (Melina's video package appears on the titan tron prematurely ruining the surprise of her return), Melina vs Jillian, Melina calls out Beth Phoenix (Santino tries to impersonate her entrance - funny!), Melina is dressed up in evening wear along side Teddy Long to present a Slammy Award (brawls with Beth), Melina/Kelly Kelly vs Beth/Jillian, Melina/Mickie vs Layla/Jillian, Melina/Mickie vs Layla/Jillian, Melina/Kelly Kelly/Mickie /Jillian/Candice/Katie Lea all compete in a battle royal, Melina/Goldust vs Santino/Beth, Melinaattacked by Rosa Mendez while walking to the ring, Melina vs Jillian, Melina vs Beth Phoenix at the Royal Rumble (Melina wins the women's title!), Melina/Kelly Kelly vs Beth/Jillian and a rematch between the two teams. The DVD covers a lot of ground in Melina's career and has a lot of sexy segments!

Melina's run as part of MNM is chronicled on the following DVDs...

MNM in WWE   Volume I    Approx 6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video follows the WWE career of Johhny Nitro, Joey Mercury and the extremely sexy Melina from February 28, 2004 – November 11, 2005.  This video starts off with a great match from Velocity as Johnny “Blaze” teams up with fellow Tough Enough winner Matt Capotelli to go against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.  He then who debuts on Raw known as Johnny Nitro, but changes his name to Blaze later, and is Eric Bishoff’s lackey and is pretty much abused by wrestlers and Bischoff.  He is in several matches including battles with Eugene and in a Battle Royal.  This stint of his career doesn’t last very long and he disappeared from the WWE for almost a year before debuting on Smackdown with Joey Mercury and Melina as the phenomenal tag team, MNM.  The sexy Melina has quite a ring entrance!  They have immediate success, as the capture the Tag Team titles from Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.  Melina also competes in several matches, including battles with Torrie Wilson and her feud with Christy Hemme.  There are tons of matches on this video including battles with the Legion of Doom, Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas, Batista & Eddie Guerrero, Booker T & Chris Benoit and so many more.  Any match, interview, angle, or promo involving either Melina, Nitro, or Mercury between the specified dates is included in this video compilation.

MNM in WWE   Volume 2    Approx 6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video follows the WWE career of Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and the extremely sexy Melina from November 11, 2005 – March 24, 2006.  This video is loaded with tons of matches, angles, and interviews from these three amazing talents including Melina’s war with Trish Stratus, MNM vs London/Spanky, MNM vs Rey/Eddie, MNM in a battle royal, MNM and Mark Henry in 6 man matches, MNM’s war against Matt Hardy and his various partners, MNM in the Royal Rumble, MNM vs Batista and Rey Mysterio and much more.  This video is loaded!

MNM in WWE   Volume 3    Approx 4.5 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video follows the WWE career of Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury (only until he was suspended in April) and the extremely sexy Melina from March 31, 2006 – September 11, 2006.   This video is loaded with tons of matches including MNM/Finlay vs Lashley/Matt Hardy/Tatanka, MNM vs Paul London/Brian Kendrick, another excellent rematch with London/Kendrick, MNM cuts a promo, Melina vs Jillian Hall, MNM vs London/Kendrick/Jillian Hall, MNM vs London/Kendrick at Judegement Day in a great match where MNM loses the tag titles (after the match Melina and Nitor blame Mercury and beat him down marking the end of one of the best tag teams in recent memory), Melina vs Jillian Hall, from here Johnny Nitro and Melina enter the single ranks and jump to Raw and wrestles John Cena in his first Raw match, Nitro vs Chalie Haas, Nitro vs Carlito, Nitro/Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito, Nitro vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin in a triple threat match at Vengeance where Nitro becomes the Intercontinental Champion, Ntiro and Melina confront Trish Stratus, Nitro vs Carlito, Melina vs Trish Stratus, Nitro/Melina vs Carlito/Trish Stratus from Saturday Night’s Main Event, Nitro and Melina confront Ric Flair, Nitro/Edge vs Cena/Flair, Nitro vs Carlito vs Benjamin, Melina befriends Mick Foley in his battles against Ric Flair, Nitro vs Flair, Melina dances with Kelly Kelly on ECW, Melina helps Mick Foley in his match against Ric Flair at SummerSlam, Melina turns on Mick Foley and aligns herself with Vince McMahon and tells him he’s fired, Nitro vs Kane, Nitro and Melina have an in ring press conference (Jim Ross talks about how awful it is!), Nitro vs Jeff Hardy, and so much more.   This video ends off with an excellent six man tag match on Raw in MSG as Nitro/Orton/Edge battled Hardy/Carlito/Cena.

MNM in WWE   Volume 4    Approx 4.5 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video follows the WWE career of Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury (briefly since he was suspended for most of this time) and the extremely sexy Melina from September 18, 2006 – December 25, 2006.  At the start of this video, Nitro is the Intercontinental Champion and is in a bunch of great matches including Nitro vs Randy Orton vs Chris Masters vs Jeff Hardy vs Carlito Super Crazy, battles with Kane, his wars with Jeff Hardy (including exchanging the IC title several times) in regular matches and steel cage matches, Melina in a lot of women’s matches, and more.  Nitro then brings his pal Kevin Federline in and his war with John Cena begins.  Nitro also reunites with Mercury and has battles with the Hardy Boys, including the four team ladder match (consisting of the Hardy Boys, Regal/Taylor, and London/Kendrick), where Mercury suffered a wicked injury. This video concludes with Nitro wrestling The Undertaker from Raw in Iraq on Christmas.  Another great installment in the young careers of MNM!

MNM in WWE Volume 5    Approx 5.75  Hours     VG-EX Quality
This video covers the career of MNM from January 1, 2007 – April 9, 2007 and covers every match, promo, interview, and backstage segment that Mercury, Nitro, and Melina was involved in between the specified dates.  This video starts with Johnny Nitro and Melina backing up Kevin Federline for his war against John Cena.  Nitro aligns himself with Umaga to rage war with Cena.  From there, Nitro resumes his war with Jeff Hardy including a great steel cage match from the New Year’s Revolution.  Around this time, Melina aligns herself with Victoria and is in various matches against Maria and Mickie.  Meanwhile, Joey Mercury returns from his serious facial injury and attacks Matt Hardy on Smackdown. MNM would feud with the Hardys across brands and have a variety of awesome matches.  Melina begins doing her own thing and is involved in a lot more women’s matches.  Other matches/angles include Nitro in a feud with Super Crazy, Mercury’s battles with Matt Hardy, Melina winning the women’s title from Mickie James and feuding with Ashely Massaro leading up to their WrestleMania match and much more.  This video is loaded!

MNM  in WWE Volume 6   Approx 6 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This video covers the careers of Johnny Nitro and Melina from April 16, 2006 through August 21, 2007.   At the start of this volume, Nitro wrestles against Eugene on Raw.  From there, Melina is part of a lingerie contest on Raw from Milan, Melina vs Maria, Melina vs Mickey James at Backlash, Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy, Melina/Victoria vs Mickey James/Candice Michelle, Melina/Victoria vs Mickey James/Candice Michelle in a rematch, Melina vs Candice Michelle, Melina is asked about the Batista-Khali match, Melina vs Candice Michelle, Johnny Nitro/Kenny Dykstra vs The Hardys, Melina participates in an all diva water fight battle royal, Johnny Nitro/Kenny Dykstra/Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas vs The Hardys/Murdoch & Cade, Nitro is a lumberjack for the Kane vs Mark Henry match, Melina vs Candice Michelle in a pudding match, Johnny Nitro/Kenny Dyksta/Melina vs Cryme Tyme/Candice Michelle, Johnny Nitro competes in a battle royal, Melina/Jillian Hall vs Candice Michelle/Mickey James, Johnny Nitro vs Nunzio, Johnny Nitro, subbing for Chris Benoit, vs CM Punk for the vacant ECW title at Vengeance,(Nitro becomes world champion!), Melina vs Candice Michelle at Vengeance (Melina loses the title), Johnny Nitro vs John Cena, Melina vs Maria, Beth Phoenix /Jillian Hall vs Candice Michelle/Mickey James (Melina sits ringside), Johnny Nitro vs Tommy Dreamer, Melina/Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle/Mickey James, Johnny Nitro becomes John Morrison on ECW, Melina vs Candice Michelle from the Great American Bash, John Morrison vs CM Punk at the Great American Bash, John Morrison vs some jobber in a 15 minutes of fame match, John Morrison/Elijah Burke vs Tommy Dreamer/CM Punk, John Morrison vs some jobber in a 15 minutes of fame match, Melina/Beth Phoenix vs Mickey James/Maria, Melina/Beth Phoenix/Jillian Hall vs Maria/Mickey James/Candice Michelle, Melina confronts Vince McMahon over the possibility of her being his daughter, Melina/Beth Phoneix vs Candice Michelle/Mickey James, John Morrison vs CM Punk in a 1 5minutes of fame match, John Morrison/CM Punk contract signing, John Morrison vs the Boogeyman, and so much more.

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