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STEPHANIE McMAHON  2014   Approx. 4 Hours VG-EX Quality
This volume covers all of Stephanie's appearances on TV covering January 2014 - July 28, 2014.

STEPHANIE McMAHON  2009 - 2013   Approx. 4 Hours VG-EX Quality
This volume covers all of Stephanie's appearances on TV covering 2009 - 2013.

STEPHANIE McMAHON 2003 - 2009   Approx. 5 Hours VG-EX Quality
This volume in the career of Stephanie covers every aspect of her career from August 28, 2003 – February 16, 2009.  This DVD is loaded and covers a lot of ground.  Matches and angles include Stephanie comes to the ring as the GM of Smackdown to confront the Undertaker, Big Show, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar, Stephanie talks to Eddie Guerrero backstage, Stephanie talks to Vince and Shane McMahon backstage, Stephanie confronts Vince and Sable, Stephanie is confronted by Sable, Stephanie McMahon is forced to wrestle Brock Lesnar or she will be fired, Stephanie McMahon talks to Vince and Sable backstage, Stephanie confronts Vince, Undertaker, and Lesnar, Stephanie comes out to confront Vince and Sable (Steph and Sable brawl), Stephanie, Linda, Vince, and Sable have an in ring confrontation, Stephanie McMahon is interviewed backstage, Stephanie has a sit down interview about her family where she breaks down crying, Stephanie (with Linda) vs Vince McMahon (with Sable) at No Mercy in a No Holds Barred I Quit Match (this is brutal!!), Stephanie interview where she talks about her favorite WWE moments, Stephanie confronts Steve Austin on Raw and is the victim of a stunner, Stephanie talks about Austin ruining the Raw Homecoming, Stephanie is apologized to by JR, Stephanie confronts Steve Austin, Stephanie and Coach cut a promo, Stephanie and Mick Foley have a face to face promo, Stephanie is crying as she remembers Eddie Guerrero on the Eddie Tribute Raw, Stephanie is called in as a witness for the case against Eric Bischoff (Triple H and Steph stare at each other lovingly), a pregnant Stephanie McMahon talks to Shawn Michaels backstage and then drugs his water when he is not looking, Stephanie is backstage with Vince, Linda, and Shane for the McMahon Family prayer, Stephanie brings her baby backstage to meet grandpa Vince, Stephanie arrives to the arena in a limo, Stephanie cuts a promo about the death of her father, Stephanie remembers Chris Benoit at the Chris Benoit Tribute show, Stephanie confronts Vince McMahon about his faked death and who his kid is, Stephanie confronts Melina backstage, Stephanie is in the ring with her whole family regarding Vince's illegitimate kid and is confronted by Mr. Kennedy, Stephanie talks to Vince backstage, Stephanie and the whole McMahon family learn that Hornswoggle is Vince's son, Stephanie is in the ring with Vince, Sunny, Melina, MVP, Bastion Booger, HHH, and a whole host of other weirdos, Stephanie asks that the WWE wrestlers and staff maintain order in leiu of her father's absence, Stephanie and Shane ask the roster to act appropriately, Stephanie arrives to Raw with Shane, Stephanie talks to Mike Adamle, Stephanie addresses Batista about his rematch clause, Stephanie addresses the Raw roster, Stephanie talks to Chris Jericho backstage, Stephanie and Shane argue, Stephanie talks to Jericho backstage, Stephanie announces the return of the Slammy Awards, Stephanie presents Superstar of the Year to Jericho, Stephanie talks to Jericho backstage, Stephanie talks to Cena backstage, Stephanie addresses HBK, Orton, and Jericho, Stephanie talks to Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, Stephanie talks to Jericho backstage, Stephanie is interrupted by Chris Jericho and she then FIRES him!!!, Stephanie talks to William Regal backstage, Stephanie is talking on the phone backstage when she is confronted by Randy Orton (she slaps him!), Stephanie is shocked to find Chris Jericho waiting for her in her office, Stephanie is borught to the ring by Vince McMahon so that she can make Chris Jericho publicly apologize to her (from his knees no less), Stephanie watches Randy Orton from her dressing room, Stephanie is interviewed backstage, Stephanie is cutting a promo and is threatened with lawsuits by Randy Orton, Stephanie and Shane are assualted backstage by Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase, Stephanie talks to Kane backstage, Stephanie is on the phone, Stephanie talks to Shane backstage, Stephanie comes out to help Shane from Legacy (Randy Orton RKOs her!!!), and finally Stephanie drives off with her husband Triple H. This DVD chronicles six years in the career of Stephanie McMahon!



STEPHANIE McMAHON in the WWE 2002-2003   Approx.  3.5 Hours   Very Good-Excellent Quality
This video took me nearly a year to create and covers the career of Stephanie McMahon from November 21, 2002 – August 25, 2003.  This video has EVERY interview, backstage segment, match, or footage of Stephanie that has been on WWE programming within the specified dates in excellent quality.  See Steph as the GM of Smackdown interact with many of the WWE Superstars, as well as the “reunion” of her and her former husband, Tripl H, at the Raw 10th Anniversary Show!  See Stephanie make executive decisions and discipline some of her emplotees.  See Scott Steiner embarrass her on Smackdown as he turns down her sexual invitations to become a Smackdown wrestler.  Stephanie and Kurt Angle have some of the best on air chemistry ever and it’s obvious on this video.  This video also has the debut of Stephanie’s new haircut (with bangs) and you can see her bulking up with muscle week after week.  See Stephanie bring in Mr. America, causing a riff between her and her father when it is realized that it’s the retired Hulk Hogan.  See the entire Zach Gowen storyline unfold, leading to Steph teaming up with Zach to go against The Big Show.  From there, watch the entire Stephanie-Sable storyline unfold with all of their wild brawls, including their viscious match at Vengeance.  See Stephanie wrestle one on one with A-Train!  This video concludes with Stephanie running in to exact some revenge on Sable.  All in all, this is one excellent video that features everything I listed and much, much more! 


STEPHANIE McMAHON: "The Billion Dollar Bitch"   6 Hours   Very Good-Excellent Quality
This is one of the most asked about comps I have ever made. This video is awesome if you're a fan of Stephanie McMahon. From her TV Debut in March 1999 right through her appointment as the General Manager of Smackdown in July '02. See the weddings, all of her matches, her singing, faking a pregnancy, and looking sexy as hell! Here is the rundown on this awesome video:
-Stephanie is found backstage after The Undertaker abducted her; Stephs TV Debut! (Raw 3/29/99)
-Stephanie is reunited with her family (Raw 3/29/99)
-Test asks Stephanie to marry him. She says she loves him but will need some time. Shane says "over his dead body". (Raw 8/23/99)
-Stephanie proposes marriage to Test (Smackdown 8/26/99)
-Test brings out Stephanie McMahon and Linda McMahon to confront Shane and Triple H (Smackdown 9/2/99)
-Stephanie & Test come to the ring and invite people to their scheduled wedding on Oct. 11, 1999. Shane comes out and says his war with Test is over. (Smackdown 9/9/99)
-Stephanie enters the ring during the Test vs Jeff Jarrett match. Jarrett attempts to put Steph in the figure four, but Shane comes to her rescue. (Smackdown 9/16/99)
-Stephanie tells Test that she will team with him against Jarrett & Debra tonight. (Raw 9/20/99)
-Stephanie McMahon & Test vs Jeff Jarrett & Debra STEPHS FIRST MATCH! (Raw 9/20/99)
-Stephanie's Bridal Party is shown. Linda gives Steph a trip to Vegas as a gift! (Raw 11/22/99)
-Stephanie/Test Video Package (Raw 11/29/99)
-Stephanie's Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas is shown (Raw 11/29/99)
-THE WEDDING!!!! This is one of the most talked about angles of all-time! Stephanie is supposed to marry Test, but Triple H comes out and the plans change. HISTORIC!! (Raw 11/29/99)
-Stephanie approaches Triple H will annullment papers. Helmsley says that the least he can do is look at them (Raw 12/6/99)
-HHH goes to the ring with roses and the anullment papers that Stephanie McMahon gave him. First, HHH tells the audience that he feels the same about the crowd as they feel about him. Triple H says that Stephanie is no slut, because Triple H would never marry a slut. At least not intentionally. Helmsley then calls out his bride. Triple H starts 'crying' in the ring, and says 'You complete me' to Stephanie. Triple H says if Vince can beat him at Armageddon, he will sign the papers and make her a free woman. He then says if he beats Vince, then he gets a shot at the title. Vince McMahon comes out. Helmsley tells Vince that he likes to seal things with a kiss and then kisses Stephanie. CLASSIC SEGMENT (Raw 12/6/99)
-Stephanie McMahon comes and sits in the front row for the Vince McMahon vs Triple H match. At the end of this match, Stephanie turns on her father and hits him with a sledge hammer!! This marks the very beginning of the McMahon-Helmsley Era!!! (Armageddon 12/12/99)
-Stephanie and Triple H run into a furious Shane McMahon in the locker room. (Raw 12/13/99)
-Stephanie comes to the ring to confront Vince. He looks heart broken as she tells him that Triple H turns her on. Triple H comes out and kisses her as Vince looks on. (Raw 12/13/99)
-Stephanie McMahon comes to commentate as she watches on the Wonmens Battle Royal to decide the #1 Contender to her title. (Smackdown 6/8/00)
-Stephanie McMahon vs Lita (Smackdown 6/8/00)
-Stephanie McMahon vs Lita (Raw 6/12/00)
-Stephanie and Triple H talk backstage about the flowers someone sent her (Raw 7/24/00)
-Stephanie McMahon & Shane McMahon vs Lita & The Big Show (Raw 7/24/00)
-Stephanie McMahon/Kurt Angle/Triple H vs Lita/Dudley Boys (Smackdown 8/3/00)
-Stephanie McMahon vs Lita (The Rock is Special Guest Referee) (Raw 8/21/00)
-Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle vs Lita & The Rock (Smackdown 8/24/01)
-Stephanie McMahon is kissed backstage by Kurt Angle (Smackdown 8/24/01)
-Stephanie McMahon in-ring interview promo (Raw 9/18/00)
-Stephanie McMahon and Triple H talk backstage about their upcoming match (Raw 9/18/00)
-Stephanie McMahon/Triple H/Kurt Angle vs Trish Stratus/T&A (Raw 9/18/00)
-Stephanie McMahon has a confrontation in the ring with Steve Austin. Austin berates her and rips off her top down to her bra and she runs to the back!!!
-Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus excellent Match, much better than many ever expected!! (No Way Out 2/25/01)
-Stephanie McMahon & William Regal vs Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus Vince turns on Trish and Stephanie dumps Trish's face in a mop bucket full of some disgusting slop! (Raw 2/26/01)
-Stephanie McMahon accompanies Vince McMahon to the ring for his Street Fight against Shane McMahon. Stephanie and Trish get into a huge brawl during the match and both are sent to the locker room (Wrestlemania X7 4/1/01)
-Stephanie comes to the ring to cut a promo and she's carrying a leather strap. (Raw 4/2/01)
-Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus in a Strap Match! (Raw 4/2/01)
-Stephanie McMahon/Triple H/Steve Austin vs Lita/The Hardy Boyz (Raw 4/9/01)
-Stephanie McMahon is named as a co-owner of WCW/ECW, much to the shock of Vince McMahon (Raw 7/9/01)
-Stephanie McMahon leads the ECW wrestlers to the ring along with Paul Heyman and join Shane and his crew of WCW wrestlers to cut her first promo explaining why she turned her back on her father and the WWF. (Smackdown 7/12/01)
-Stephanie McMahon, Debra, Paul Heyman and the entire roster of wrestlers that fall under the WCW/ECW roster are in the red carpeted ring to celebrate Austin Appreciation Night! Stephanie stops Lillian Garcia from singing "Ring Beneath Our Rings" and sings (screeches) it herself! Kurt Angle sprays them all down with milk!! Great segment! (Raw 8/20/01)
-Stephanie McMahon & Test vs The Rock (Raw 9/10/01)
-Stephanie McMahon & Test vs The Rock (Raw 9/17/01)
-Stephanie McMahon pleads with her father not to make her leave the WWF even though team WCW/ECW lost to the WWF the night before. Stephanie blames it all on Shane. Vince looks sympathetic at first but than has security drag her out as she is fighting with security. (Raw 11/19/01)
-Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring to cut a promo. She calls out Triple H and asks to renew their wedding vows. Triple H tells her "no", until she reveals that she is pregnant! Triple H rejoices and a wedding is set for next week! (Raw 2/4/01)
-THE WEDDING round 2! Stephanie looks as beautiful as ever, really filling out her wedding dress! Triple H realizes that the pregnancy was a scam just to get him to remarry and he beats up Vince and Steph!! When Triple H throws Steph down you get to see some skin! (Raw 2/11/01)
-Stephanie McMahon clips from WrestleMania X8 including Triple H hitting her with the pedigree (WrestleMania X8 3/17/101)
-Stephanie McMahon & Chris Jericho vs Triple H This is the match where if Stephanie is pinned, she must leave the WWF! Triple H and the crowd sing na-na-na-na- goodbye to her as security drags her out of the arena! (Raw 3/25/02)
-Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a business suit and her hair straight, is announces as the new general manager of Smackdown! She cuts a very pro-Smackdown promo promising to make Smackdown a superior product. Stephanie than walks backstage and throws Eric Bischoff out of the building (Smackdown 7/18/02)
This video is a true gem. You will not find a more complete, better quality career compilation of Stephanie McMahon.

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