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Haas.  Shelton has an excellent match with Eddie Guerrero, participates in the Fatal Four Way at WrestleMania 20, and then wrestles Charlie Haas in an excellent match.  From there, he has battles with Billy Gunn and Rey Mysterio.  He is then drafted to the Raw brand, where he gets his first singles push.  On his first night, he is assaulted by Evolution, leading to his feud with Triple H!  This feud puts Shelton on the map, as he defeats The Game!  From there, Shelton is involved in many matches, interviews, and angles on this tape like Shelton/Foley/HBK/Benoit vs Evolution, Shelton vs Ric Flair, Shelton vs Randy Orton, and so much more.  This tape concludes with Shelton Benjamin becoming the Intercontinental Champion by defeating Chris Jericho at Taboo Tuesday.  A great start to a potentially excellent career!

TEAM ANGLE  Volume I   Approx  6 Hours  VG Quality
This video follows the career of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas from their WWE debut through April 2003.  Here is a brief synopsis of what’s on this video:
-Paul Heyman introduces Team Angle
-Team Angle interferes in Chris Benoit's match
-Team Angle cuts a Promo
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Charlie Charlie Haas Vs Edge
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Benoit Vs Angle
-Royal Rumble
-Charlie Haas Vs Benoit
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Edge
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Los Guerarros Vs Team Angle
-Team Angle Vs Autograph signing
-Edge Vs Charlie Haas
-Eddie VS Shelton Benjamin
-Brock Lesnar attacks Angle
-Team Angle warms-up
-Brock Vs Charlie Haas
-Brock Vs Shelton Benjamin
-Brock Vs Angle
-Team Angle Vs Los Guerarros
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Team Angle Vs Benoit/Brock
-Paul Heyman talks with Team Angle
-Team Angle Vs Brock
-Brock Vs Heyman
-Team Angle Vs Mysterio/Kidman
-Stephanie makes match for Wrestlemania
-Charlie Haas Vs Rhyno
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Benoit
-Chavo Vs Shelton Benjamin
-Team Angle Vs Rhyno/Benoit Vs Los Guerarros
-Team Angle Vs Tajiri/Funaki
-Team Angle cut Promo
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Chavo
-Team Angle Vs Los Guerreros

Charlie Haas solo Career Compilations are also available.

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