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CHARLIE HAAS in WWE Volume 2    Approx Hours  1.25  VG-EX Quality
This video follows the WWE career of Charlie Haas from February 20, 2005 – June 2005.  This video has the final few months of Charlie Haas’s WWE career, before he was released from the company.  I truly believe that Charlie had such excellent potential and am puzzled by his release.  This video has matches such as Charlie and Hardcore Holly against Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, a feud with MNM, including some excellent matches, and more.

CHARLIE HAAS in WWE Volume 3    Approx Hours  5.5  VG-EX Quality
This installment follows the WWE career of Charlie Haas from April 17, 2006 – November 5, 2007.  This volume starts off with Haas making his return to the WWE as Shelton Benjmain’s surprise opponent on Raw.  From there, matches include Haas/RVD vs Benjamin/Masters, Haas vs Johnny Nitro, Haas apologizing for accidentally injuring Lillian Garcia, Haas in a mini-feud with Viscera, Haas & Viscera vs Shawn Michaels/Triple H, Haas & Viscera vs Cryme Tyme, and much more.  From there, Haas reunites with Shelton Benjamin to reform the World’s Greatest Tag Team and have tons of various tag team matches.  Matches from this time include Haas/Benjamin vs The Highlanders, Haas in a battle royal, Haas/Benjamin vs the Hardys, Haas/Benjamin vs the Highlanders, Haas/Benjamin vs Jim Duggan/Super Crazy, Haas/Benjamin vs Michaels/Cena, Haas/Benjamin vs Flair/Carlito, Haas/Benjamin vs the Hardys, Haas/Benjamin vs Hardys in a ladder match, Haas/Benjamin vs London/Kendrick in a few great matches, Haas competes in a battle royal, Haas vs Cody Rhodes, Haas/Benjamin vs Holly/Rhodes, and so much more.

CHARLIE HAAS & SHELTON BENJAMIN (TEAM ANGLE)  Volume I   Approx  6 Hours  VG Quality
This video follows the career of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas from their WWE debut through April 2003.  Here is a brief synopsis of what’s on this video:
-Paul Heyman introduces Team Angle
-Team Angle interferes in Chris Benoit's match
-Team Angle cuts a Promo
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Charlie Charlie Haas Vs Edge
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Benoit Vs Angle
-Royal Rumble
-Charlie Haas Vs Benoit
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Edge
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Team Angle Vs Edge/Benoit
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Los Guerarros Vs Team Angle
-Team Angle Vs Autograph signing
-Edge Vs Charlie Haas
-Eddie VS Shelton Benjamin
-Brock Lesnar attacks Angle
-Team Angle warms-up
-Brock Vs Charlie Haas
-Brock Vs Shelton Benjamin
-Brock Vs Angle
-Team Angle Vs Los Guerarros
-Team Angle Prep-talk
-Team Angle Vs Benoit/Brock
-Paul Heyman talks with Team Angle
-Team Angle Vs Brock
-Brock Vs Heyman
-Team Angle Vs Mysterio/Kidman
-Stephanie makes match for Wrestlemania
-Charlie Haas Vs Rhyno
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Benoit
-Chavo Vs Shelton Benjamin
-Team Angle Vs Rhyno/Benoit Vs Los Guerarros
-Team Angle Vs Tajiri/Funaki
-Team Angle cut Promo
-Shelton Benjamin Vs Chavo
-Team Angle Vs Los Guerreros

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