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CHRISTY HEMME in WWE  Volume 1   Approx. 5.75 Hours   Very Good-Excellent Quality
This volume covers Christy's entire WWE Career starting with the One Million Dollar Diva Search Contest in Summer 2004 through her match against the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, at WrestleMania 21 on April 3, 2005.  This volume contains the million dollar Diva Search contest that took place in July 2004, which Christy won!   Christy competes week after week to win the diva search contest.  From seducing Kamala, to making ice cream cones, to interacting with The Rock (and putting a pie on her but), Christy wins over the hearts of her fans while looking hotter and hotter!  Se also has to arm wrestle other divas, box the coach along with Carmella, and much more.  This volume also has the controversial tirade where the four remaining divas had to tell each other off.  There is some foul language here that made it on the air!  Christy wins the contest, but then begins feuding with jealous runner up, Carmella Decesare.  Christy wrestles Carmella in a sexy lingerie pillow fight at Taboo Tuesday.  From there, Christy does all sorts of things on Raw such as ring announce, shoot shirts in the crowd, and more.  From there, Christy has a lingerie pillow fight with Stacy Keibler, is yelled at by Edge, is in a bikini contest, competes in a diva limbo contest hosted by Chris Jericho, is confronted by Snitsky, is confronted by Eugene during a photo shoot, has bikini pool chicken fights from New Years Revolution, Christy is in another lingerie pillow fight with Lillian Garcia, Maria, and Joy, Christy and Torrie Wilson issue the numbers to the wrestlers for the Royal Rumble, is grabbed by Edge, but saved by Shawn Michaels, Christy is part of a bikini contest with Victoria, and Joy, but is interrupted by Simon Dean.  From there, Christy's feud with Trish Stratus begins.  Trish calls her a slut for posing in Playboy and the two of them have pull apart brawls and cut promos on one another, arm wrestle and more.  Behind the scenes footage of Christy's Playboy shoot is on here, as well as Christy's first match as she teams with William Regal & Tajiri against La Resistance and Molly.  Lita takes Christy under her ring and begins training her for her match with Trish at WrestleMania.  The hysterical Kurt Angle-Chritsy WrestleMania commercial is on here as well.  As an added bonus, Christy's appearance on the Howard Stern Show is on here where she has a trivia contest with an 11 year old kid.  This is hysterical.  From there, Christy gets into a sexy little school girls outfit and Howard spanks her!  Christy reveals A LOT about her sex life and other things during the Howard Stern interview.  This volume concludes with Christy (with Lita in her corner) wrestling Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21.

CHRISTY HEMME in WWE  Volume 2   Approx. 3.5 Hours   Very Good-Excellent Quality
This volume covers Christy's entire WWE Career starting on April 4, 2005 – November 14, 2005.  Every match, interview, and promo that Christy was involved in at this time is included on this volume compilation.  This volume is loaded and starts off with Christy having a WrestleMania rematch with Trish.  From there, she team with Victoria to battle Trish and Molly, promotes the new Diva magazine, participates in bikini contests, manages Hurricane and Rosey (as well as teams with them), hosts diva search segments, manages Eugene, and more.  From there, Christy is traded to Smackdown where she accompanies the Legion of Doom in various matches and starts a war with Melina.  This volume concludes with Christy at the Eddie Guerrero Raw Tribut show in a diva Battle Royal including Trish Stratus, Melina, Victoria, Mickey James, Jillian Hall, Candice Michelle, and Maria.

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