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EVE TORRES in WWE (2007 – 2011)   Approx 6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This 5 volume set covers the first three years in the WWE career of the very sexy Eve Torres.  From her beginnings as a diva search contestant in 2007 through her career as a full-time wrestler recently, this set covers a very wide spectrum of her blossoming career. Matches and angles include Eve in the 2007 diva search (including a very hot bikini contest, an arm wrestling contest, and more), Eve is a lumberjill at WrestleMania, Eve talks to Kelly Kelly in the locker room and is confronted by Layla, a diva dance off competition, the summertime bikini beach blowout, Eve in a 16 diva tag match, Eve helps Khali with the holiday kiss cam, Eve and Mr. Kennedy present a Slammy, Eve and Cryme Tyme distribute gifts to the troop, Eve cuts a face to face promo with Michelle McCool, Eve participates in the Miss WrestleMania battle royal, Eve is a member of Team Raw divas vs Team Smackdown divas, Eve vs Layla in a hot Brooklyn Beatdown Dance Off, Eve vs Layla in an arm wrestling match, Eve vs Layla, Eve/Melina/Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox/McCool/Layla, Eve/Melina vs McCool/Layla , Eve is on Word Up with Cryme Tyme a few times (funny!), Eve/Melina vs LayCool, Eve/Cryme Tyme vs Hart Dynasty/Natayla a couple of times, Eve vs Natayla, Eve vs Michelle McCool, Eve appears with the Nascar guys, Eve is the guest ring announcer and Eve participates in a diva battle royal, Eve hangs out with Verne Troyer, Eve teams with Hornswoggle to battle Chavo Guerrero, Eve present a Slammy Award, Eve is the guest ring announcer, Eve vs Katie Lea, Eve/Gail Kim vs Maryse/Alicia, Eve vs Maryse, Eve is on a bizarre Jerry Springer segment, Eve participates on a contest with other divas riding the mechanical bull, Eve is in a sexy diva pajama pillow fight, Eve/Kelly/Gail vs Maryse/Alicia/Layla, Eve/Beth/Gail vs Maryse/Laycool, Eve assists Beth Phoenix, Eve participates in a 10 diva tag and then there is a subsequent rematch, Eve in a divas battle royal, Eve vs Maryse, Eve/Maryse vs Laycool, and Eve hangs out backstage with Wayne Brady, Eve/Bellas vs Laycool/Maryse, Eve vs Maryse, Eve/Gail vs Alicia/Maryse, Eve participates in a diva battle royal, Eve & Gail Kim vs Maryse/Alicia Fox, Eve vs Maryse vs Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox, Eve/Gail vs Maryse/Alicia, Eve;/Great Khali vs Primo/Alicia, Eve vs Alicia and a subsequent rematch, Eve vs Maryse, Eve/Gail/Natyla vs Alicia/Tamina/Jillian, Eve in a hot 3 way summertime fun match, Eve/Melina vs Laycool, Eve/R-Truth vs Maryse/Ted DiBiase, Eve participates in a diva battle royal, Eve accompanies R-Truth to the ring for a few matches, Eve/Bellas vs Alicia/Maryse/Tamina, Eve vs Alicia Fox, Eve competes in a divas Battle Royal, Eve vs Melina vs Alicia, Eve vs Gail vs Alicia vs Melina, Eve/Brie Bella/Natayla vs Melina/Alicia/Maryse, Eve/Natayla vs Laycool and a subsequent rematch.  All this an much more on this extremely hot set!

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