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STING in TNA: “Return of the Icon” (30 Volumes!). 12/05 – 4/07 Excellent Quality
This set covers the TNA career of Sting. This set has menus with music and it in perfect quality.

12.11.2005 (Turning Point) Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino – NWA World Championship
12.17.2005 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett In Ring Promo
12.24.2005 (Impact) Christian Cage In Ring Promo
12.31.2005 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown vs Kenny King & Shark Boy
01.01.2006 (Impact Special) Christian Rings in the New Year
01.07.2006 (Impact) Sting Tribute
01.14.2006 (Impact) Christian Cage & Rhino vs AMW
01.15.2006 (Final Resolution) Sting & Christian Cage vs Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown

01.21.2006 (Impact) The Impact After Final Resolution
01.28.2006 (Impact) Sting Retires
02.04.2006 – 03.04.2006 (Impact) Sting Sightings
03.12.2006 (Destination X) Lance Hoyt vs Matt Bentley
03.12.2006 (Destination X) Jeff Jarrett, Abyss & AMW vs Team 3-D, Rhino & Ron Killings
03.25.2006 (Impact) Sting Issues a Challenge
04.01.2006 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett In Ring Promo
04.08.2006 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo

04.13.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Eric Young
04.20.2006 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett & AMW vs Team 3-D
04.23.2006 (Lockdown) Jeff Jarrett, AMW vs Sting, AJ Styles, Ron Killings & Rhino
04.27.2006 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett Challenges Sting
05.04.2006 (Impact) Sting Offers Jarrett a Choice
05.11.2006 (Impact) Sting Makes His Decision
05.14.2006 (Sacrifice) Sting & Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

05.18.2006 (Impact) King of the Mountain Announced
05.25.2006 (Impact) Sting Backstage Interview
06.01.2006 (Impact) Sting Attacks Jeff Jarrett
06.08.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Scott Steiner – King of the Mountain Qualifyer
06.15.2006 (Impact) In Ring Promo
06.18.2006 (Slammiversary) King of the Mountain Match – NWA World Championship
06.22.2006 (Impact) Sting Visits Cornette
06.29.2006 (Impact) In Ring Promo
07.06.2006 (Impact) Sting & Christian Cage vs Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

07.13.2006 (Impact) Road to Victory Promos
07.16.2006 (Victory Road) Sting vs Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner -- #1 Contender’s Match
07.20.2006 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett vs Jay Lethal – NWA World Championship
07.27.2006 (Impact) In Rafters Promo
08.03.2009 (Impact) Sit Down Interview
08.10.2006 (Impact) Christian Cage vs Scott Steiner
08.13.2006 (Hard Justice) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett – NWA World Championship

08.17.2006 (Impact) Sting Challenges Jeff Jarrett
08.24.2006 (Impact) Challenge Accepted
08.31.2006 (Impact) Public Execution
09.07.2006 (Impact) Jarrett Takes a Polygraph Test
09.14.2007 (Impact) Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley
09.28.2006 (Impact) Bound for Glory Press Conference
10.05.2006 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett Backstage Promo
09.28.2006 -- 10.19.2006 (Impact) He’s Coming / Biblical Promos

10.22.2006 (Bound for Glory) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett – NWA World Championship
10.26.2006 (Impact) Victory Speech
11.02.2006 (Impact) Sting Vignette
11.09.2006 (Impact) Abyss vs AJ Styles -- #1 Contender’s Match
11.16.2006 (Impact) Kurt Angle vs Abyss
11.19.2006 (Genesis) Sting vs Abyss – NWA World Championship

11.23.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Christian Cage -- #1 Contender’s Match
11.30.2006 (Impact) Sting Confronts Abyss
12.07.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Samoa Joe vs Abyss vs Christian Cage vs Rhino vs Kurt Angle
12.11.2006 (Turning Point) Sting vs Christian Cage vs Abyss – NWA World Championship
12.14.2006 (Impact) In Ring Promo
12.21.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Kaz
12.28.2006 (Impact) Sting vs Christian Cage vs Abyss – Nightstick on a Pole

01.04.2007 (Impact) Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage
01.11.2007 (Impact) Abyss vs Tomko
01.14.2007 (Final Resolution) Sting vs Abyss vs Christian Cage – NWA World Championship
01.18.2007 (Impact) James Mitchell Kidnapped
01.25.2007 (Impact) Fireball!
02.01.2007 (Impact) James Mitchell Issues a Challenge
02.08.2007 (Impact) Abyss vs Chase Stevens
02.11.2007 (Against All Odds) Sting vs Abyss – Prison Yard Match
02.15.2007 (Impact) #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match

02.22.2007 (Impact) Deathbed Promo
03.01.2007 (Impact) Abyss Backstage
03.08.2007 (Impact) Kurt Angle, Rhino & Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage, Tomko & Scott Steiner
03.11.2007 (Destination X) Sting vs Abyss – Las Rites Match
03.15.2007 (Impact) Lockdown Team Captains Announced
03.22.2007 (Impact) Cage/Styles vs Abyss/Sting
03.29.2007 (Impact) Dinner with the Devil
04.05.2007 (Impact) Team Meeting
04.12.2007 (Impact) AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe – Lockdown Advantage

04.19.2007 (Impact) The Fallout from Lockdown
04.26.2007.001 (Impact) Kurt Angle vs Sting (#1 Contender's Match)
04.26.2007.002 (Impact) Sting vs Christian Cage (NWA World Title)
05.03.2007 (Impact) Kurt Angle & Sting vs Christian Cage & AJ Styles
05.10.2007 (Impact) AJ Styles, Daniels & Storm vs Chris Harris, Rhino & Joe
05.13.2007 (Sacrifice) Angle vs Cage vs Sting (World Title)
05.17.2007 (Impact) KOTM Announced
05.24.2007 (Impact) Sting vs Samoa Joe (KOTM Qualifyer)
05.31.2007 (Impact) Christopher Daniels vs Rhino
06.07.2007 (Impact) Daniels + Sting Interview
06.14.2007 (Impact) Styles, Joe & Angle vs Rhino, Tomko & Sting
06.17.2007 (Slammiversary) Sting vs Christopher Daniels

06.28.2007 (Impact) Angle vs Cage vs Rhino (World Title)
07.05.2007 (Impact) Sting + Abyss Interview
07.12.2007 (Impact) Abyss vs Lance Hoyt
07.15.2007 (Victory Road) Sting vs Abyss vs Styles & Tomko
07.19.2007 (Impact) Storm & Cage vs Harris & Abyss
07.26.2007.001 (Impact) Sting vs Roode
07.26.2007.002 (Impact) Abyss vs AJ Styles
08.02.2007 (Impact) Sting & Abyss vs AJ Styles & Cage (Ladder Match for HJ Stips)
08.09.2007 (Impact) Stipulations Announced

08.12.2007 (Hard Justice) Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
08.30.2007 (Impact) Cage vs Sting vs Styles vs Joe (World Tag Titles)
09.06.2007 (Impact) Sting & Angle vs Abyss & Lethal
09.09.2007.001 (No Surrender) Angle & Sting vs Team Pac-Man (World Tag Titles)
09.13.2007 (Impact) Sting + Angle Promo
09.20.2007 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo
09.27.2007 (Impact) Sting + Mesias Promo
10.04.2007 (Impact) Angle Confronts Sting's Son

10.11.2007 (Impact) Angle & Team 3-D vs LAX & Junior Fatu
10.14.2007 (Bound For Glory) Angle vs Sting (World Title)
10.18.2007 (Impact) Angle Wants a Rematch
10.25.2007 (Impact) Angle vs Sting (World Title)

11.01.2007 (Impact) Sting's Mystery Partner
11.08.2007 (Impact) Sting, Young & Joe vs Angle, Roode & Storm
11.11.2007 (Genesis) Sting & Booker T vs Angle & Nash (World Title)
03.20.2008 (Impact) Cage & Rhino vs Team 3-D
03.27.2008.001 (Impact) Devine vs Shelly (Xcape QF)

03.27.2008.002 (Impact) Cage, Sting, Rhino & Nash vs Styles, Tomko & Team 3-D
04.03.2008 (Impact) Sting vs Storm
04.10.2008 (Impact) Sting & Nash vs Team 3-D
04.13.2008 (Lockdown) Team Tomko vs Team Cage (Lethal Lockdown)

04.17.2008 (Impact) Sting, Booker & BG James vs Storm, Roode, Kip James
04.24.2008 (Impact) Sting & Booker vs Storm & Roode
05.08.2008 (Impact) Sting vs Storm
05.11.2008 (Sacrifice) Sting & Storm vs Team 3-D
05.15.2008 (Impact) Sting Sit Down (Pts 1-3)
07.03.2008 (Impact) Joe & Nash vs Beer Money
07.10.2008 (Impact) Homicide vs Roode

07.13.2008 (Victory Road) Booker vs Joe (World Title)
07.17.2008 (Impact) Victory Road Fallout
07.24.2008 (Impact) Hard Justice Contract Signing
07.31.2008 (Impact) Searching for the Icon Sting
08.07.2008 (Impact) 8-Man Weapons Gauntlet

08.10.2008 (Hard Justice) Angle vs Styles (Last Man Standing)
08.14.2008 (Impact) Angle vs Styles (Gold Medal Challenge)
08.21.2008 (Impact) Angle vs Styles (Gold Medal Ladder)
08.28.2008 (Impact) Sting Confronts AJ
09.04.2008 (Impact) Sting Confronts Samoa Joe
09.11.2008 (Impact) A Surprise Return

09.14.2008 (No Surrender) Joe vs Angle vs Cage (World Title)
09.18.2008 (Impact) In Ring Promo
09.25.2008 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo
10.02.2008 (Impact) Counterpoint Interview
10.09.2008 (Impact) Bound for Glory Contract Signing
10.12.2008 (Bound for Glory) Sting vs Joe (World Title)
10.16.2008 (Impact) In Ring +Styles

10.23.2008 (Impact) Sting & Nash vs Styles & Joe
10.30.2008 (Impact) Angle vs Abyss
11.06.2008.001 (Impact) Sting, Nash & Angle vs Lethal Consequences & Eric Young
11.06.2008.002 (Impact) Steiner vs Joe

11.09.2008 (Turning Point) Sting vs Styles (World Title)
11.13.2008 (Impact) Sting vs Lethal (World Title)
11.20.2008 (Impact) Joe & Styles vs MCMG
11.27.2008 (Impact) Promos & Interviews
12.04.2008 (Impact) Sting vs Rhino

12.07.2008 (Final Resolution) MEM vs Frontline (World Title)
12.11.2008 (Impact) Kurt Angle vs Brother Ray
12.18.2008 (Impact) Sting & Nash vs Joe & Styles (Steel Cage)
12.25.2008 (Impact) Kurt Angle vs Rhino

01.08.2009 (Impact) MEM In Ring Promo
01.11.2009 (Genesis) Sting vs Rhino (World Title)
01.15.2008 (Impact) Sting vs Hernandez (World Title)
01.22.2009 (Impact) Against All Odds Main Event Announced
01.29.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Team 3-D
02.05.2009 (Impact) Sting & Kurt Angle vs Team 3-D

02.08.2009 (Against All Odds) Sting vs Angle vs Devon vs Ray (World Title)
02.12.2009 (Impact) Sting & Kurt Angle vs Team 3-D
02.12.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Kurt Angle (World Title)
02.19.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Kurt Angle (Empty Arena Match)
02.26.2009 (Impact) Destination X Contract Signing

03.05.2009 (Impact) Mick Foley Confronts Sting
03.12.2009 (Impact) Eric Young vs Rocco
03.15.2009 (Destination X) Sting vs Kurt Angle (World Title)
03.19.2009 (Impact) Sting & Kurt Angle vs Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett
03.26.2009 (Impact) Sting Confronts Mick Foley
04.02.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Samoa Joe
04.09.2009 (Impact) Mick Foley vs Motorcity Machine Guns (IWGP JUNIOR TAG TEAM TITLE HANICAP FIRST BLOOD MATCH)

04.16.2009 (Impact) Mick Foley Interviews Cactus Jack
04.19.2009 (Lockdown) Sting vs Mick Foley (World Title)
04.30.2009 (Impact) Sting Attacks
05.07.2009 (Impact) Main Event Mafia vs Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe
05.14.2009 (Impact) Sting Sit Down
05.21.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Eric Young

05.24.2009 (Sacrifice) Sting vs Angle vs Jarrett vs Mick Foley (World Title)
05.28.2009 (Impact) The New Godfather
06.04.2009 (Impact) Matt Morgan Confronts Sting
06.11.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Kurt Angle (KOTM Qualifyer)
06.18.2009 (Impact) Sting & Angle vs AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett
06.21.2009 (Slammiversary) Sting vs Matt Morgan

06.25.2009 (Impact) Sting Confronts Kurt Angle
07.02.2009 (Impact) Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles (World Title)
07.09.2009 (Impact) Sting Confronts Samoa Joe
07.16.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Kurt Angle (Six Sides of Steel)
07.19.2009 (Victory Road) Sting vs Samoa Joe
07.30.2009 (Impact) Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash vs Mick Foley & Bobby Lashley (World & Legends Title)

08.06.2009 (Impact) The Riot of 2009
08.06.2009 (Impact) Sting vs Brutus Magnus
08.13.2009 (Impact) AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan
08.16.2009 (Hard Justice) Sting vs Matt Morgan vs Kurt Angle (World Title)

09.24.2009 (Impact) AJ Makes Sting an Offer
10.01.2009 (Impact) Sting & AJ Sit Down Interview
10.08.2009 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo
10.15.2009 (Impact) AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
Bound for Glory Bonus Footage
~Bound for Glory Special
~Sting Interview
~Fan Interaction Footage
10.18.2009 (Bound for Glory) Sting vs AJ Styles – World Heavyweight Championship

VOLUME 32 (Supplemental)
Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles -- Joined in Progress (June 11, 2003)
Sting & Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles & Sxyxx-Pac (June 18, 2003)
Sting: Behind the Paint -- The Mike Tenay Interview (All 4-Parts)
Sting vs Jeff Jarrett (November 5, 2003)
Sting & AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett & Lex Luger (November 12, 2003)
Sting vs Jeff Jarrett (December 17, 2003)
Abyss, Kevin Northcutt & Legend vs Raven, CM Punk & Julio Dinero
Steel Cage Match (December 17, 2003)

VOLUME 33 (Supplemental)
Sting In Ring Promo (March 24, 2004)
Raven vs AJ Styles vs Abyss vs Ron Killings
w/ Sting as Special Enforcer (March 31, 2004)
Sting: The Career (Return of an Icon DVD)
Sting: The Moment of Truth (Return of an Icon DVD)
The Making of The Moment of Truth Movie
Behind the Scenes of The Moment of Truth Movie
The Moment of Truth Movie Trailer
Sting vs Lex Luger (February 29, 1992)
Sting vs Vader (March 11, 1993)
Sting vs Hollywood Hogan (December 28, 1997)
Sting vs Hollywood Hogan (February 22, 1998)

VOLUME 34 (Supplemental)
Sting vs DDP (April 26, 1999)
Sting vs Hulk Hogan (September 12, 1999)
The Moment of Truth Movie

01.04.2010 (Impact) Time for a Change
01.04.2010 (Impact) Samoa Joe vs Abyss
01.14.2010 (Impact) Eric Bischoff Adresses the Band
01.17.2010 (Before the Bell: Genesis) The Carter Interview
03.08.2010 (Impact) AJ Styles & Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan & Abyss
03.08.2010 (Impact) Sting vs RVD
03.15.2010 (Impact) Hulk Hogan Calls Sting Out
03.22.2010 (Impact) The Road to Lockdown Begins
04.05.2010 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo
04.12.2010 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett Calls out Sting

04.18.2010 (Lockdown) Team Flair vs Team Hogan (Lethal Lockdown Match)
04.19.2010 (Impact) Sting, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money vs Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Rob Terry & Samoa Joe
04.26.2010 (Impact) Sting & AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy (Falls Count Anywhere)
05.03.2010 (Impact) The Hogan - Sting Summit
05.16.2010 (Sacrifice) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett

05.20.2010 (Impact) Sting vs Jeff Hardy
05.27.2010 (Impact) RVD Calls Out Sting
06.03.2010 (Impact) Sting vs Samoa Joe
06.03.2010 (Imapct) Sting vs RVD vs Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe
06.10.2010 (Impact) Sting's 'Deception'
06.13.2010 (Slammiversary) Sting vs RVD (World Heavyweight Championship)

06.17.2010 (Impact) Jeff Jarrett Calls out Sting
06.24.2010 (Impact) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett
07.01.2010 (Impact) The Sting Situation
07.15.2010 – 07.22.2010 (Impact) …Meanwhile
08.05.2010 (Impact) Kevin Nash Confronts Hogan
08.19.2010 (Impact) Sting In Ring Promo
08.26.2010 (Impact) Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett
09.02.2010 (Impact) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett
09.05.2010 (No Surrender) Sting & Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
09.16.2010 (Impact) Kevin Nash vs Samoa Joe

09.23.2010 (Impact) D'Angelo Dinero vs Samoa Joe
09.30.2010 (Impact) Mr. Anderson vs Samoa Joe
10.07.2010 (Impact) $100,000 Royal Rumble
10.10.2010 (Bound for Glory) Sting, Kevin Nash & D'Angelo Dinero vs Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
10.14.2010 (Impact) Sting Has Left the Building

STING 2002-2003   Approx. 90 Mins   VG-EX Quality
This video features all of Sting’s appearances in the world of wrestling from 2002-2003. Here is the listing:
-Sting Inteview with WWA - WWA Retribution
-Sting vs Jarrett vs Luger - WWA Retribution
-Sting greets the crowd - WWA The Reckoning
-Sting vs Jarrett - WWA The Reckoning
-Sting/Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles/Sean Waltman - TNA 6-18-03
-Sting Interview Behind The Paint Part 1 - TNA 7-2-03
-Sting Interview Behind The Paint Part 2 - TNA 7-9-03
-Sting Interview Behind The Paint Part 3 - TNA 7-16-03
-Sting Interview Behind The Paint Part 4 - TNA 7-23-03
-Sting vs Jeff Jarrett - TNA 11-5-03
-Post Match Comments - TNA 11-5-03
-Sting/AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett/Lex Luger - TNA 11-12-03
-Post Match Comments - TNA 11-12-03

STING 2003  
This DVD covers all of Sting’s WWA and NWA Appearances from 2003.  Available late December 2003.

STING: The Career of Sting 1986 - 1997   30 DVD Set  VG - EX Quality

Disc 1
Starrcade 1987 Sting/Firebirds vs. R. Steiner/Gilbert/Zbysko
TV 12/87 Sting vs. Tommy Angel
TV 12/87 Sting vs. The Gladiator I
TV 12/87 Sting vs. The Gladiator II
TV 12/87 Sting vs. Mark Fleming
TV 12/87 Sting vs. Gene Miller
TV 1/88 Sting vs. Ric Flair
TV 1/88 Sting/Windham vs. Martin/Angel
TV 1/88 Sting vs. Warlord
TV 1/88 Sting/Windham vs. Blanchard/Anderson (NWA tag title)
TV 1/88 Sting int.
TV 1/88 Sting vs. Gladiator
TV 1/88 Sting confrontation with Horsemen
TV 1/88 Sting/Windham vs. Royal/Jackson
TV 2/88 Sting vs. David Isley
TV 2/88 Sting/Flair int.
TV 2/88 Sting vs. Cougar Jay
TV 2/88 Sting vs. Jobber
TV 2/88 Sting vs. Jobber
TV 3/88 Sting vs. Riddle
TV 3/88 Sting vs. Terminator
TV 3/88 Sting/Horsemen confrontation
TV 3/88 Sting vs. Max McGyver

Disc 2
Clash 1 Sting vs. Ric Flair (World Title)
TV 4/88 Sting vs. Big Bear Collie
TV 4/88 Sting vs. The Destroyer
Crockett Cup 88 Sting/Luger vs. Koloff/Murdoch
Crockett Cup 88 Sting/Luger vs. Powers of Pain
Crockett Cup 88 Sting/Luger vs. Blanchard/Anderson
TV 5/88 Sting vs. Steve Atkinson
TV 5/88 Sting vs. Larry Davis
Clash 2 Sting/Rhodes vs. Blanchard/Anderson

Disc 3
TV 6/88 Sting vs. Stan Lane
TV 6/88 Sting/Williams vs. Midnight Express
GAB 88 Sting/Koloff vs. Blanchard/Anderson
TV 8/88 Sting vs. Mike Rotunda
Clash 3 Sting vs. Barry Windham
TV 10/7/88 Sting/Road Warriors vs. Varsity Club
Clash 4 Sting helps Rhodes

Disc 4
Starrcade 88 Sting/Rhodes vs. Road Warriors
Clash 5 Sting/Hayes/JYD int.
Clash 5 Sting comes out during six man tag
Chi-Town Rumble 89 Sting vs. Butch Reed
TV 3/31/89 Sting vs. Mike Rotunda
Clash 6 Sting vs. Rip Morgan
TV 5/89 Sting vs. Dan Spivey
Wrestle War 89 Sting vs. Iron Shiek
TV 6/89 Sting vs. Al Green
TV 6/89 Sting attacked by Terry Funk
TV 7/89 Sting vs. John Brewer
Clash 7 Sting vs. Bill Irwin
TV 7/89 Sting vs. Ron Simmons

Disc 5
GAB 89 Sting vs. Great Muta
GAB 89 Sting helps Flair
TV 8/89 Sting vs. Ron Simmons
TV 8/89 Sting vs. Great Muta
Clash 8 Sting/Flair vs. Muta/Slater
Halloween Havoc 89 Sting/Flair vs. Muta/Funk (Thunderdome)
Clash 9 Sting/Flair int.
Clash 9 Sting helps Pillman/confronts Luger
Clash 9 Sting helps Flair/attacked by Luger
TV 12/89 Sting/Pillman vs. New England Militia
Starrcade 89 Sting vs. Luger

Disc 6
Starrcade 89 Sting vs. Muta
Starrcade 89 Sting vs. Flair
TV 12/89 Sting vs. Luger
TV 1/90 Sting vs. Dragonmaster
TV 1/90 Sting vs. Dragonmaster
TV 1/90 Sting int.
TV 1/90 Sting/Flair/Anderson vs. Dragonmaster/Muta/Sawyer
TV 1/90 Sting vs. Bob Cook
TV 1/90 Sting int.
TV 1/90 Sting/Horsemen int.
Clash 10 Sting kicked out of Horsemen
Clash 10 Horsemen int.
Clash 10 Sting injures knee/attacks Flair
TV 2/90 Sting int.
Wrestle War 90 Sting comes out during Luger vs. Flair
Capital Combat 90 Sting/Robocop/Horsemen confrontation
Capital Combat 90 Sting int.
Capital Combat 90 Sting comes out during Luger vs. Flair
Clash 11 Sting helps JYD
Clash 11 Sting int.

Disc 7
GAB 90 Sting int.
GAB 90 Sting vs. Flair
TV 8/90 Flair int
TV 8/90 Sting vs. Chris Sullivan
TV 8/90 Sting/Black Scorpion int.
Clash 12 Sting vs. Black Scorpion
TV 9/90 Sting
TV 9/90 Sting/Sid/Black Scorpion confrontation
TV 9/90 Black Scorpion int.
TV 9/90 Sting/Sid contract signing
TV 10/90 Sting/Sid confrontation
Halloween Havoc 90 Sting/Black Scorpion int.
Halloween Havoc 90 Sting vs. Sid
TV 11/90 Sting/Black Scorpion int.
TV 11/90 Sting vs. Bobby Eaton
TV 11/90 Sting vs. Buddy Landell
Clash 13 Sting/Black Scorpion int.
TV 12/90 Sting vs. Barry Horowitz
Handheld 12/90 Sting vs. Black Scorpion
Starrcade 90 Sting vs. Black Scorpion

Disc 8
1/91 Sting vs. Ric Flair (partial)
TV 1/91 Sting/Pillman/Steiners vs. Horsemen
Clash 14 Sting/Luger vs. Doom
Clash 14 Sting int.
TV 2/91 Sting/Steiners/Pillman int.
TV 2/91 Sting vs. Buddy Landell
TV 2/91 Sting int.
Wrestle War 91 Sting/Pillman/Steiners vs. Horsemen
TV 3/91 Sting runs in Gigante vs. Windham match
TV 3/91 Sting/Gigante vs. Flair/Windham
TV 3/91 Sting/Zbysko confrontation
TV 3/91 Sting vs. Larry Zbysko
N.J.S. 91 Sting vs. Great Muta
N.J.S. 91 Sting int.
TV 4/91 Sting/Gigante/Pillman vs. Horsemen
TV 4/91 Sting/Luger/Gigante vs. Spivey/Windham/Zbysko

Disc 9
Superbrawl 91 Sting/Luger vs. Steiners
Clash 15 Sting vs. Nikita Koloff
Clash 15 Sting/Koloff/Fan confrontation
TV 6/91 Sting/Zenk/Gigante vs. Koloff/Gang/Studd
GAB 91 Sting vs. Nikita Koloff
Handheld 7/3/91 Sting/Yellow Dog/Gigante/Luger vs. Koloff/Windham/Gang/Sullivan
TV 8/91 Sting/R. Steiner vs. Hardliners, Gets 1st Gift Box (Abdullah)
Clash 16 Sting vs. Johnny B. Badd, Gets 2nd Gift Box (Cactus Jack)
Clash 16 Sting attacks Cactus Jack
TV 10/19/91 Sting vs. Doug Summers
TV 10/91 Sting/Eaton vs. Jack/Abdullah
Halloween Havoc 91 Sting/Steiners/Gigante vs. Cactus/Studd/Abdullah/Vader (Chamber of Horrors)

Disc 10
TV 11/91 Sting vs. Oz
TV 11/16/91 Sting vs. Thomas Rich
Clash 17 Sting is attacked by Luger
Clash 17 Sting interview from ambulance
Clash 17 Sting vs. Rude (U.S. title)
TV 11/91 Sting vs. Cactus Jack
TV 11/30/91 Sting int.
TV 12/7/91 Sting/Rude highlights
TV 12/21/91 Sting vs. John Peterson, confrontation w/Rude
Handheld 12/27/91 Sting vs. Rick Rude
Starrcade 91 Sting/Eaton vs. Abdullah/Pillman
Starrcade 91 Sting in Battlebowl
N.J.S. 92 Sting/Muta vs. Steiners
TV 1/92 Sting vs. Mr. Hughes

Disc 11
TV 1/92 Sting/Bagwell vs. Eaton/Austin
TV 1/92 Sting/Bagwell/Steamboat vs. Rude/Eaton/Austin
Clash 18 Sting int.
Clash 18 Sting/Steamboat vs. Austin/Rude
TV 1/92 Sting/Bagwell vs. Zbysko/Anderson
TV 2/92 Sting vs. Vader
TV 2/92 Sting/Steiners vs. Jack/Vader/Hughes
TV 2/92 Sting/Windham/Rhodes/Steamboat vs. Rude/Eaton/Anderson/Zbysko
TV 2/92 Sting/Bagwell/Steiners vs. Jack/Eaton/Anderson/Zbsyko
Superbrawl 92 Sting vs. Lex Luger

Disc 12
TV 3/21/92 Sting/Vader Confrontation
Handheld 3/28/92 Sting vs. Rick Rude
TV 4/18/92 Vader vs. Bagwell
Wrestle War 92 Sting's Squadron vs. Dangerous Alliance (War Games)
Clash 19 Sting int.
Beach Blast 92 Sting vs. Cactus Jack (World title)
TV 6/27/92 Sting int.
GAB 92 Sting vs. Vader (World title)
TV 7/25/92 Sting int.
TV 8/92 Sting vs. Dick Slater

Disc 13
Clash 20 Sting/Koloff/Steiners vs. Roberts/Vader/Invader/Rude
Halloween Havoc 92 Sting vs. Jake Roberts (Coal Miner's Glove)
TV 11/92 Sting/Rhodes/Simmons vs. Jack/Atlas/Barbarian
TV 11/92 Sting vs. Pillman
Clash 21 Sting vs. Rude
Japan 11/22/92 Sting int.
Japan 11/22/92 Sting vs. Great Muta
TV 12/5/92 Sting/Simmons vs. Vader/Rude
TV 12/19/92 Sting/Vader Video Package

Disc 14
Starrcade 92 Sting/Williams vs. Liger/Watts
Starrcade 92 Sting vs. Vader (King of Cable)
Starrcade 92 Sting in Battlebowl
Handheld 12/29/92 Sting/Muta vs. Vader/Chono
N.J.S. 93 Sting vs. Hase
Clash 22 Sting/Rhodes/Simmons int.
Clash 22 Sting/Rhodes/Jack vs. Windham/Vader/Orndorff (Thundercage)
Handheld 1/23/93 Sting/Jack vs. Vader/Orndorff
TV 1/30/93 Sting/Rhodes vs., Vader/Windham
TV 2/6/93 Sting vs. Barry Windham

Disc 15
TV 2/7/93 Sting/Simmons vs. Vader/Orndorff
Superbrawl 93 Sting vs. Vader (Leather Strap match)
Handheld 3/11/93 Sting vs. Vader
Handheld 3/17/93 Sting vs. Vader
Handheld 4/9/93 Sting vs. Vader
Slamboree 93 Sting vs. The Prisoner

Disc 16
TV 5/29/93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Vegas/Sky
TV 6/12/93 Sting/Bulldog/Rhodes vs. Wrecking Crew/Slater
TV 6/12/93 Sting/Bulldog/Rhodes int.
Clash 23 Sting/Bulldog/Rhodes int.
Clash 23 Sting/Bulldog/Rhodes vs. Vader/Sid/Rude
Beach Blast Mini Movie
TV 7/10/93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Rogers/Nations
Beach Blast 93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Vader/Sid
Clash 24 Sting/Bulldog on Flair for the Gold
Clash 24 Sting/Flair vs. Awesome/Kong
TV 9/93 Sting vs. Shanghai Pierce
TV 9/93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Harlem Heat
TV 9/93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Eaton/Benoit
TV 9/93 Sting vs. Kane
TV 9/93 Sting/Rhodes vs. Benoit/Orndorff

Disc 17
Fall Brawl 93 Sting/Bulldog/Rhodes/Shockmaster vs. Vader/Sid/Harlem Heat
TV 10/93 Sting/Rhodes vs. Harlem Heat
TV 10/93 Sting vs. Bobby Eaton
Halloween Havoc 93 Sting vs. Sid
TV 11/93 Sting/Steamboat vs. Orndorff/Equalizer
TV 11/93 Sting/Steamboat vs. Nasty Boys
Clash 25 Sting/Bulldog vs. Nasty Boys
Battlebowl 93 Sting/Saggs vs. Cole/Simmons
Battlebowl 93 Sting in Battlebowl

Disc 18
TV 12/93 Sting/Flair/Steamboat vs. Nasty Boys/Rude
Starrcade 93 Sting/Hawk vs. Nasty Boys
TV 1/94 Sting vs. Steve Austin
TV 1/94 Sting/Pillman vs. Austin/Rude
Clash 26 Sting/Flair vs. Vader/Rude
Superbrawl 94 Sting/Pillman/Rhodes vs. Rude/Austin/Orndorff (Thundercage)
TV 4/94 Sting vs. DDP
TV 4/94 Sting/Pillman/Rhodes vs. Regal/Austin/Mauler

Disc 19
Spring Stampede 94 Sting vs. Rude
TV 4/94 Sting vs. Rude
Japan 5/3/94 Sting vs. Rude
Slamboree 94 Sting int.
Slamboree 94 Sting vs. Vader
Clash 27 Sting int.
Clash 27 Sting vs. Flair
TV 8/94 Sting/Steamboat vs. Austin/Flair
TV 8/94 Sting/Steamboat int.

Disc 20
Fall Brawl 94 Sting vs. Vader vs. Guardian Angel
TV 11/94 Sting/Dave Sullivan vs. Avalanche/Kevin Sullivan
Clash 29 Sting/Hogan/D. Sullivan int.
Clash 29 Sting/Hogan/D. Sullivan vs. Butcher/Avalanche/K. Sullivan
TV 12/94 Sting vs. Avalanche
TV 12/94 Sting/Duggan vs. Anderson/Bunk
Starrcade 94 Sting int.
Starrcade 94 Sting vs. Avalanche
Japan 1/04/95 Sting vs. Tony Balmore
Japan 1/04/95 Sting vs. Antonio Inoki
Clash 30 Sting vs. Avalanche
TV 2/95 Sting/Rhodes/Savage vs. Bunk/Slater/Bully
Superbrawl 1995 Sting/Savage int.

Disc 21
Superbrawl 1995 Sting/Savage vs. Avalanche/Bubba
TV 2/25/95 Sting/Savage vs. Harlem Heat
Uncensored 95 Sting vs. Bubba
TV 4/95 Sting vs. Butcher
Slamboree 1995 Sting vs. Bubba
TV 6/95 Sting vs. Dick Slater
GAB 95 Sting vs. Meng
TV 7/95 Sting/Hawk vs. Harlem Heat
Clash 31 Sting/Hawk vs. Meng/Kurasawa
Nitro 9/4/95 Sting vs. Flair
TV 9/95 Sting/Savage vs. Blue Bloods
Nitro 9/11/95 Sting vs. VK Wall Street
Nitro 9/11/95 Sting int.

Disc 22
TV 9/95 Sting vs. Paul Orndorff
TV 9/95 Sting vs. Shark
Fall Brawl 1995 Sting/Hogan/Savage/Luger vs. Dungeon of Doom
TV 9/95 Sting vs. Steven Regal
TV 9/95 Sting vs. Robert Eaton
Japan 9/23/95 Sting vs. Muto
Japan 9/25/95 Sting/Hawk vs. Norton/Bubba
TV 10/95 Sting vs. Brian Pillman
TV 10/95 Sting vs. Arn Anderson
Nitro 10/9/95 Sting vs. Shark
Nitro 10/9/95 Sting/Luger/Savage int.
Nitro 10/16/95 Sting/Flair vs. Anderson/Pillman
Nitro 10/23/95 Sting/Luger vs. Harlem Heat
Halloween Havoc 95 Sting/Flair vs. Anderson/Pillman

Disc 23
Nitro 11/6/95 Sting vs. Flair
Japan 11/13/95 Sting vs. Kensuke Sasaki
Nitro 11/14/95 Sting vs. Malenko
Nitro 11/2195 Sting vs.Hogan
World War 3 1995 Sting vs. Flair
World War 3 1995 Sting in Battle Royal
Nitro 11/28/95 Sting/Luger vs. Anderson/Pillman
Nitro 12/4/95 Sting vs. Kurasawa
Nitro 12/4/95 Sting int.
Nitro 12/11/95 Sting/Hogan vs. Flair/Anderson

Disc 24
Nitro 12/18/95 Sting vs Eaton
Nitro 12/25/95 Sting vs. Bubba
Starrcade 1995 Sting vs. Kensuke Sasaki
Starrcade 1995 Sting vs. Luger vs. Flair
Nitro 1/1/96 Sting/Luger vs. Super Assassins
Nitro 1/8/96 Sting/Luger int.
Nitro 1/8/96 Sting vs. DDP

Disc 25
Nitro 1/15/96 Sting vs. Ric Flair
Nitro 1/22/96 Sting/Luger vs. Harlem Heat
Clash 32 Sting/Luger vs. Blue Bloods
Nitro 2/5/96 Sting/Luger vs. Road Warriors
Superbrawl 6 Sting/Luger vs. Harlem Heat
Superbrawl 6 Sting/Luger vs. Road Warriors
Nitro 2/26/96 Sting vs. Bubba
Nitro 2/26/96 Sting/Luger/Warriors int.
Nitro 2/26/96 Sting Comes Out

Disc 26
Uncensored 1996 Sting/Booker T vs. Road Warriors
Nitro 3/25/96 Sting/Luger vs. American Males
Nitro 4/1/96 Sting vs. Giant
Nitro 4/15/96 Sting/Luger vs. Flair/Giant
Nitro 4/22/96 Sting/Luger vs. Flair/Giant
Nitro 4/29/96 Sting/Luger vs. Harlem Heat
Nitro 5/6/96 Sting vs. Steven Regal
Nitro 5/6/96 Sting comes out during Giant vs. Duggan
Nitro 5/13/96 Sting comes out during Giant vs. Luger

Disc 27
Slamboree 1996 Sting vs. Giant
Nitro 5/20/96 Sting/Luger vs. Faces of Fear
Nitro 5/27/96 Sting vs. Scott Steiner
Nitro 6/3/96 Sting/Luger/Steiners int.
Nitro 6/3/96 Sting/Luger vs. Steiners
Nitro 6/10/96 Sting vs. Meng
Nitro 6/10/96 Sting/Luger vs. Flair/Anderson
GAB 1996 Sting vs. Steven Regal
Nitro 6/24/96 Sting/Luger/Savage/Heat/Steiners int.
Nitro 6/24/96 Sting/Luger vs. Steiners vs. Harlem Heat
Bash at the Beach 1996 Sting/Luger/Savage vs. The Outsiders

Disc 28
Nitro 7/8/96 Sting vs. Arn Anderson
Nitro 7/22/96 Sting/Luger/Savage int.
Nitro 7/22/96 Sting/Luger/Savage vs. Benoit/McMichael/Anderson
Nitro 7/29/96 Sting/Luger/Savage vs. Flair/Benoit/McMichael
Nitro 8/5/96 Sting/Luger/Nasty Boys int.
Nitro 8/5/96 Sting/Luger go to limo
Nitro 8/5/96 Sting/Luger/Savage int.
Nitro 8/5/96 Sting/Luger in control center
Nitro 8/5/96 Sting/Luger vs. Nasty Boys
Hog Wild 1996 Sting/Luger vs. The Outsiders
Nitro 8/12/96 Sting/Luger int.
Nitro 8/12/96 Sting/Luger vs. The Outsiders
Clash 33 Sting/Luger vs. Harlem Heat vs. Steiners
Clash 33 Sting helps Flair
Nitro 8/19/96 Sting/Luger int.
Nitro 8/19/96 Sting/Luger/Horsemen int.
Nitro 8/26/96 Sting/Luger int.

Disc 29
Nitro 8/26/96 Sting/Luger vs. Mongo/Benoit
Nitro 9/2/96 Sting/Luger vs. Steiners
Nitro 9/2/96 Sting/Luger chase after N.W.O. limo
Nitro 9/9/96 Luger interview about Sting's whereabouts
Nitro 9/9/96 Fake Sting attacks Luger
Nitro 9/9/96 Luger/Horsemen int.
Fall Brawl 1996 Sting int.
Fall Brawl 1996 WCW vs. N.W.O.
Nitro 9/16/96 Sting int.
Nitro 10/21/96 Sting comes out during Fake Sting vs. Mr. JL
Nitro 10/28/96 Sting/Luger incident
Nitro 11/4/96 Sting comes out during Jarrett int.
Nitro 11/11/96 Sting attacks Jeff Jarrett
Nitro 11/18/96 Sting/Luger Confrontation
Nitro 11/18/96 Sting in crowd
World War 3 1996 Sting attacks Jeff Jarrett
Nitro 11/25/96 Sting attacks R. Steiner
Nitro 12/2/96 Sting vs. Rick Steiner
Nitro 12/9/96 Sting Video
Nitro 12/16/96 Sting Video
Nitro 12/16/96 Sting/Fake Sting/Steiners confrontation
Nitro 12/16/96 Sting Comes Out During WCW vs. N.W.O. brawl
Nitro 12/23/96 Fake Sting comes out during Jeff Jarrett vs. R. Steiner
Starrcade 1996 Sting Video
Starrcade 1996 Sting comes out during Luger vs. Giant
Nitro 1/6/97 Sting comes out
Nitro 1/13/97 Sting deathdrops Duggan
Nitro 1/13/97 Sting Video
Nitro 1/20/97 Sting gets Savage out of ring
Nitro 2/3/97 Sting/DDP/Outsiders confrontation
Nitro 2/10/97 Sting/DDP/Macho Man
Nitro 2/17/97 Sting/Macho come out
Nitro 2/24/97 Sting/WCW/N.W.O. int.

Disc 30 Sting Early UWF Days

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