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SABLE in the WWE “The Return”   Volume I    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume follows the WWE return of the extremely sexy Sable, looking hotter than she did when she was in the WWF over 3 years earlier!!  Watch her return on April 3, 2003 as Torrie Wilson is speaking about her upcoming PlayBoy layout.  Sable comes out and seduces Torrie as she claims she is the original playmate!  This is one awesome angle as Sable courts Torrie Wilson!  It leads up to the GREATEST bikini contest of all-time between Sable and Torrie at the Judgement Day 2003 Pay Per View.  Torrie is a very pretty girl and might have won the contest, but Sable is the SEXIER woman and shows it in her dental floss she wears as a bikini.  From there, watch Sable become the personal assistant of Stephanie McMahon while she is seducing her father, Vince McMahon!  This leads to the war between Sable and Steph, leading to their match at the Vengeance Pay Per View in July.  This volume concludes with Sable’s SummerSlam appearance in the corner of Albert on August 24, 2003.  Every interview, every match, every segment, every story on Confidentail, EVERYTHING that Sable did on WWE TV in the specified dates appears on this volume. This is one sexy volume of, in my opinion, the hottest woman over the age of 35 on this planet today!

SABLE in the WWE “The Return”   Volume II    Approx. 3 Hours     VG-EX Quality
This volume covers the career of the sexy Sable from 8/28/03 – WrestleMania 20 on 3/14/04.  This volume starts with Sable in the corner of A-Train (beauty and the beast?) as a favor from Vince McMahon.  From there, Sable can be seen at the side of Vince McMahon.  Sable competes in a reall hot bikini contest involving Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson, and Nidia, only to be ended ealy by the attacking Shaniqua.  See all the excellent promo’s, interviews, Confidential segments, including all of the hype and promotion for the Torrie Wilson & Sable Playboy spread, and so much more.  See Sable’s mini-feud with The Cat Ernest Miller, her being the victim of a John Cena rap, Sable in Iraq for Christmas in a hot bikini contest, and the entire Sable & Torrie Wilson vs Jackie Gayda & Stacy Keibler match, concluding with the Playboy Evening Gown match at WrestleMania 20.  This is one HOT volume!

SABLE / DEBRA "Blonde Bombshells"    6 Hours    Very Good-Excellent Quality
This volume chronicles the WWF careers of Sable (aka Rena Mero) and Debra. I would say that 70% of this volume consists of Sable, and the remaining 30% being Debra. This volume is hot and I have had many requests to put something together of these two divas. Here is what's on this tape:
Sable has a pull apart brawl with Luna / Sable-Marc Mero volume package illustrating Mero's jealousy of Sable / Sable & Marc Mero vs Goldsut & Luna from WrestleMania 14 / Sable vs Luna in an Evening Gown Match---Sable strips down at the end!! / Sable vs Marc Mero---Sable powerbombs Mero!! / Sable vs Marc Mero in a Loser Leave WWF Match from Over the Edge '98 / Sable says goodbye to her fans since she is forced to leave the WWF / Sable-Jaquline Volume Package / Sable vs Jaquline in a BIKINI CONTEST!! During this contest, Jackie's nipple slips out of her bikini. Sable takes her top off and reveals she is wearing nothing except for painted on hands!! HOT!!! / Sable vs Jaquline in an Arm Wrestling Match / Sable & Edge vs Marc Mero & Jaquline-Edge is Sable's mystery partner! / Sable vs Jaquline in an Evening Gown Match---Sable strips down again!! / Sable vs Jaquline/ Savle vs Jaquline again!/ Sable & Christian vs Marc Mero & Jaquline / Sable vs a Masked Woman, who later turns out to be Luna. This is the debut as Tori / Sable vs Luna in a Strap Match / Sable Interview---This is the first interview with Sable where she puts on her new heel persona as an arrogant superstar who is too good for the fans. She talks about being in Playboy and going to Hollywood. Tori comes out again and Sable insults her. / Another Sable heel interview. Tori comes out and Sable insults her big time! / Sable vs Luna---Tori watches from in the ring and cheers on her hero, Sable! / Sable accompanies Tori to the ring for her match against Luna. Sable commentates during the match and than attacks Tori afterward. / Jerry Lawler visits Sable at the Playboy Mansion! / Sable does an interview and talks about her Playboy issue being released. / Sable vs Ivory / Sable vs Tori from WrestleMania 15. Nicole Bass makes her debut by coming out and attacking Tori and becoming Sable's bodyguard./ Sable & Jaquline vs Ivory & Tori / Sable vs Ivory vs Jaquline-Nicole Bass comes out and destroys! / Sable vs Ivory / Sable vs Debra---Sable appears on the TitanTron and says she can't make the match because she is too busy in Hollywood to be bothered with defending her Women's Championship. Nicole Bass, dressed as Sable, came out to defend on Sable's behalf. / Sable vs Debra in an evening gown match. Sable looks incredibly hot here in her last WWF appearance ever. Commissioner Shawn Michaels awards Debra the title because Sable didn't get stripped down. The commentators make some really disrespectful, sexual comments about Sable, showing how she was on the outs with WWF Management. Sable looks HOT here! / Commissioner Shawn Michaels makes Debra strip down to bra & panties after a match. She looks Smokin!! / Debra & Jeff Jarrett vs D-Lo Brown & Ivory / Debra vs Ivory / Debra vs Nicole Bass / Debra vs Sable / Debra & Jeff Jarrett vs Nicole Bass & Val Venis / Debra vs Nicole Bass in a Bikini Contest / Debra vs Ivory / Debra & Jeff Jarrett vs Stephanie McMahon & Test. After the match, Jarrett turns on Debra and puts her in the fugre four leglock / Debra accompanies Chyna to the ring for her match against Jeff Jarrett. Debra brawls with Miss Kitty. / Debra competes in a Womens Battle Royal / Sable Unleashed-This is the discontinued 45 minute volume that shows Sable training, in the ring, and at home. It has her commentary and is a great compilation of her WWF career, before her heel turn. / The entire Slammys 1997 Bathing Suit Competition which features Sable, Sunny, Chyna, The Funkettes, and Marlena. Sunny looks incredible and this is where Sable first revealed her body on tv! / Sable accepts the award for Miss Slammy 1997 / Sable is interviewed by Shawn Michaels about who her partner will be. Sable and Shawn than dance together in a grinding manner! / Sable accompanies Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring for his match against The Ultimate Warrior. This is Sable's WWF debut at WrestleMania 12 / Sable is saved by "Wildman" Marc Mero when Hunter Hearst Helmsley is yelling at her in the backstage area / Debra is a participant on the TV Game Show "The Weakest Link" along with Steve Austin, Kane, The Dudley Boys, Terri Runnels, Jerry Lawler, and Edge. / Debra is shown in the back coming to the ring with Stephanie McMahon with her famous cookies./ Debra comes to the ring with Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, and the entire WCW/ECE roster to celebrate Austin Appreciation Night Raw / Debra returns to Raw and talks to Chyna backstage/ Debra talks to Mick Foley backstage in the Commissioners Office / Debra and Jeff Jarrett interview directly after Owen Hart fell to his death. Both of them are visibly upset / Debra & Jeff Jarrett vs Nicole Bass & Val Venis from Over the Edge '99 / Debra accompanies Jeff Jarrett to the ring for his match against Test at the Owen Hart Memorial Raw Show.

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