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LITA in WWE Volume 12 Approx 5.75 Hours VG-EX Quality
Due to retirement, this will be the last WWE career compilation of one of the most groundbreaking women’s wrestlers of all time. This video chronicles the career of Lita from August 14, 2006 through her final appearance in a WWE ring at Survivor Series against Mickey James where she lost the Women’s title on November 26, 2006. For the duration of this video, Lita has a partnership with her protégé, Edge and appears with him in many matches and interviews.  Lita is the Women’s World Champion at the start of this video. Matches include Lita vs Maria, Lita vs Candice Michelle, Lita vs Mickie James, Lita vs John Cena, and her war with Trish Stratus.  They conclude their feud at Unforgiven where Trish defeats Lita for the Women’s title.  Lita would go on to regain the title for her fourth reign.  From there, Lita begins her was with Mickie James, which culminates at her final match at Survivior Series.  Sadly, Lita has expressed displeasure with the way her final WWE appearance was part of a lame Cryme Tyme angle.  All in all, another great volume of the extremely talented diva/wrestler.

LITA in WWE Volume 11    Approx  6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from April 17, 2006 – August 14, 2006.  Lita is a main player on Raw as she is Edge’s manager and is actively involved in many of his matches/angles.  Some highlights include her attacking Mick Foley, Lita teaming with Edge and Mick Foley against Tommy Dreamer, Beulah, and Terry Funk at ECW One Night Stand, Lita helps Edge in her war with John Cena, and so much more. This video concludes with Lita becoming the Women’s Champion by defeating Mickey James on Raw. Lita looks hotter than ever on this video.

LITA in WWE Volume 10    Approx  6 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from November 27, 2005 – April 17, 2006.  As always, anything that she’s done on TV during this time is included on this video.  This video really solidifies Lita as a great heel manager.  This video starts off with Edge’s war with Ric Flair.  Lita and Edge taunt Flair repeatedly, leading to Edge’s win over John Cena for the World Title.  After Edge becomes World Champion, Lita and Edge celebrate in the ring with a live sex party.  Lita reveals a lot in this segment.  From there, Lita and Edge become obsessed with destroying Mick Foley.  Lita has tons of mic time on this video and seduces, or at least tries to, many wrestlers.  Another hot video from the red headed bombshell.

LITA in WWE Volume 9    Approx  3 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from August 29, 2005 – November 11, 2005.  As always, anything that she’s done on TV during this time is included on this video.  This video starts out with Lita attempting to use her sex appeal to seduce her ex-boyfriend, Matt Hardy, prior to him match with Edge.  Lita is showing more skin than ever in this era.  She manages Edge, and gets involved in most of his matches, during this time resulting in Matt nailing her with the Twist of Fate at Unforgiven.  Lita makes it her personal mission at rid Raw of Matt Hardy and her and Edge are successful!  Lita and Edge make out throughout this video to taunt Matt.  In a hysterical moment, Lita flashes Eric Bischoff to try to make him un-book the Edge vs Batista match.  Eric just calls her a slut!  Lita and Edge go to Smackdown to rage war with Batista.  All this and much more on this, ninth, installment in the WWE career of Lita.

LITA in WWE Volume 8    Approx  4.25 Hours    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from March 7, 2005 – August 22, 2005.  Lita’s character really takes a drastic change on this installment of her career.  This video starts off with Lita returning from knee surgery and starts off with her making her return to assist and train Christy Hemme in her upcoming match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22.  They show various training sessions.  Lita takes Christy under her wing and she greatly improves in the ring leading up to their WrestleMania match.  Trish then assaults Lita after a rematch between the two.  It was about this time, the story about Lita cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge became public.  During a face to face in ring promo with Trish Stratus, the fans in Madison Square Garden turn on Lita and call her “slut” and chant “you screwed Matt”.  Lita is visibly shaken by this and the chants at arenas do not stop.  This video includes Lita as the manager/wife of Kane and includes all of the backstage skits where Lita and Kane make out. The chants of  “slut” and “you screwed Matt” do not stop and eventually  lead to the writers changing directions and writing Lita and Edge together in the storylines.  During a match against Edge, Lita turns on Kane and forms a partnership with Edge!  They go on to cut many promos with double meaning, taking shots at Matt Hardy and the fact that Lita cheated on Matt with Edge.  All the while, Matt is gone from the WWE due to being let go over his bringing this situation to the public.  During this time period, Lita begins to dress a lot more provocatively and for the first time in her WWE career, she is a heel!  This video includes the Edge-Lita wedding and her subsequent feud against her former “husband”, Kane.  From there, Matt returns to the WWE and promises to make Lita and Edge’s career a living hell.  They feud and have many pull apart brawls, leading to the Edge-Matt match at SummerSlam.  This video concludes at SummerSlam and is absolutely loaded with some of the best Lita angles/interviews/promos to date.

LITA in WWE Volume 7    Approx  3 Hr 45 Mins.    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from July 19, 2004 – her untimely injury and title loss to Trish Stratus at Taboo Tuesday on January 9, 2005.  This volume is loaded with tons of awesome matches, interviews, promos, and more.  Everything Lita has done within the specified dates is on this video.  The video starts out with Lita and Matt Hardy saying that they want to get married and be together forever.  Little does Matt know what’s going to go down!  Matt learns that Lita slept with Kane and agrees to a Death Till Us Part match where the winner marries Lita.  Kane wins this battle and wedding bells are in the air.  From there, Lita is taunted by Trish Stratus as she throws a baby shower for her and gets taunted by her over the weeks.  Lita becomes Kane’s wife in a wild wedding ceremony that is interrupted by Trish Stratus and an angry Matt Hardy.  Lita is constantly antagonized by Trish Stratus throughout this video, as she escorts Kane thru matches and interviews.  It is later learned that Trish is pregnant with Kane’s baby!  Later on, Kane is wrestling Gene Snitsky and Lita is hurt, and the baby is lost!  Talk about a soap opera!  There are tons of excellent matches on this video too, including her wars with Trish Stratus, Lita vs Molly, a triple Threat of Lita vs Trish vs Molly, Lita/Victoria vs Trish/Molly, Lita gives Trish a kiss on the lips (the kiss of death!) and then beats her for the women’s championship in an excellent match on Raw.  During this match, Kita nearly breaks her neck again as she dives over the top rope and lands on her head!  This volume concludes with Lita losing the women’s title to Trish Stratus at Taboo Tuesday in a match where Lita injures her knee legitimately.  It will probably be a while before Lita returns from this injury.  Overall, this is another excellent video of the career of the Xtreme Diva!

LITA in WWE Volume 6    Approx  3 Hr 45 Mins.    VG-EX Quality
This video chronicles the career of Lita from December 15, 2003 – July 12, 2004. This video contains every match, interview, promo that she was involved in within the specified dates.  Lita is involved is some excellent matches with Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Molly, and others.  This video also features Litta reuniting with Matt Hardy and the Kane-Matt-Lita love triangle where ending off with Lita telling off Kane about the baby she is carrying.  

LITA in WWE   Vol. 5   Approx.  4.75 Hours     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This video picks up right where volume IV left off on March 14, 2002 and concludes with her tag team match with Trish Stratus again Chris Jericho and Christian at Armageddon on December 14, 2003. It runs a few minutes shy of 5 hours and is packed with tons of Lita!  This video starts right where volume IV left off with Trish managing The Hardy Boyz.  See her match at Wrestlemania 18 against Trish and Jazz, see Matt and Lita say goodbye to each other as they are picked to be on different rosters on the night of the brand extension, her wars with Ivory, Jazz, and others.  See Lita sexually harassed by Paul Heyman (who even finds her panties!).  From there, we have a clip of Lita on the Set of Dark Angel, where she breaks her neck in a freak accident on the set.  This video also has her Stacker 2 commercial, all of her segments from Confidential, her hosting on Heat and commentating a few matches, see her come back to Raw only to be confronted and fired by Raw GM Eric Bischoff, her matches with Gail Kim, Molly, Victoria, her getting dumped by Matt Hardy on a live Raw and her being courted by Christian.  This is the long awaited fifth installment in the Lita in the WWE series!

LITA  in the WWF   Volume 4         6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volume follows her career from August 2001 through March 14, 2002.  One of the best videos of her career.

LITA  in the WWF   Volume 3         6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volume follows her career from 2/12/01-August 2001.

LITA  in the WWF   Volume 2         6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volume follows her career from 8/27/00-2/12/01.  See Lita’s sexy Christmas striptease from WWF NY and her SEXY skits with Dean Malenko.  So much more on this loaded volume.

LITA  in the WWF   Volume 1          6 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
This volumes starts with Lita’s debut as Essa Rios manager and follows through to her tenure with The Hardy Boyz.  Lita’s career is followed from 3/23/00-8/24/00.

LITA: The Shoot Interviews         Approx 60 Mins.     Good to Very Good Quality
This video has 4 interviews with Lita outside of the WWF, so she talks out of character.  The first three were only available on Canadian television and were filmed in February 2001.  The 1st is Much Music from Toronto. Lita is interviewed by Ed the Sock. Shes wearing a black top and Red tiger print leather pants. They talk about her stint in WWF, thongs and fake ones going round ebay, (she even shows the thong shes wearing), her moves, injuries, managing Hardyz, guys she likes for Valentines Day, she kisses Ed the Sock and sends a Video shout out to Matt and Jeff.  She also talks about her patented move, the Huran-Lita!  Next is Open Mike with Mike Bullard where she wishes Kenny (audience member) a happy 91st BDay, talks about touring Canada, judo training, valentine sweetie, Mexico training, injuries and more. Then, she is on Off the Record. She talks about ladies in sports, wrestling while hurt, loyalty with a company, in the locker rooms, private life, being accepted as a wrestler and more.  The final interview on this video is of Lita and Trish Stratus on the Howard Stern Show from July 2001.  They talk about boyfriends, lesbianism, hype their match against Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler, and more.  This is a funny interview and a great way to end a phenomenal volume!

LITA & TRISH STATUS   Interview Appearances 2003   Approx  75 Mins.  VG-EX Quality
This video featurs 2 interviews with Lita promoting her book on various Candian TV Shows and 2 interviews of Trish Stratus, including a one on one on Off the Record, promoting the release of her DVD.  These are some excellent interviews of the two beauties!

LITA: Extreme Before Raw Pre-WWF Days         2 Hrs.     Very Good to Excellent Quality
2 Hours of Lita when she was Miss Congenialtiy and Angelica in ECW.  Sexy footage here!

THE HARDY BOYZ/LITA   Handheld/Interview Compilation   Approx 2 Hours 15 Mins   VG-EX Quality
This video focuses on RARE handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz and the lovely Lita.  Some of this material is very rare and you will not find anywhere else.  Here is a list of the clips/interviews on this video:
-Handheld footage of Matt & Jeff Hardy signing autographs with Chris Jericho in New Jersey  Jan ‘01
-RARE Handheld footage of Lita doing a WWF Photo shoot in the middle of New York City.  There are some very nice, clear close ups of Lita and she has never looked better!
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz arriving at Madison Square Garden   June ‘00
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz and at an autograph signing   June ‘00
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz and Lita exiting WWF New York   June ‘00
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz at WWF New York doing promotional work for the Unforgiven PPV.  After they do an interview, Matt and Jeff work the crowd by signing autographs and mingling.
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz arriving at Madison Square Garden   Sept. ‘00
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz (with Lita) wrestling against Lo Down in an outdoor ring in the middle of New York City.  This is filmed from the front row and has some really nice shots!   Oct. ‘00
-Handheld footage of The Hardy Boyz at an autograph signing.  The camera guy sticks the cam right in Jeff’s face!
-Handheld footage of Jeff Hardy arriving at an arena before a show.  It’s the middle of the afternoon and Jeff trolls around socializing and signing some autographs.  He also plays with one of his fans baby’s. Cool!!!
-The Hardy Boyz & Lita appear on Off the Record   March 2001  This is a great interview where they discuss many topics!!
-Lita Interview on Sky Sports in the UK.  She is promoting the Royal Rumble and looks damn good!  Jan. 17 ‘02
-Lita Interview on “The Saturday Show” in the UK promoting the Royal Rumble.  She discusses a number of topics and comes across really good!  She participates in some goofy skits including doing sumo-balloon wrestling.  This is classic!   Jan 19 ’02.
-Matt Hardy Interview on Sky Sports News promoting Rebellion (Matt says he’d love to wrestle HBK!) Nov. ‘01
-Matt Hardy & Lita appear on SMTV:Live (UK Kids Show)  They are in all sorts of skits and stuff..funny!  Nov. ‘01
-Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Lita on Fear Factor (along with Test, Jaquline, and Molly Holly).  Watch them compete in some disgusting competitions!!

THE HARDY BOYZ/LITA   Handheld House Show Compilation   2.5 Hours   VG Quality
See the Hardy Boyz and Lita as if you were in the arena! This compilation has a bunch of matches that were filmed from a handheld camcorder inside the arena. Here is a rundown of the contents:
-THE HARDY BOYZ (w/Terri) vs THE DUDLEY BOYS vs THE ACOLYTES vs THE HOLLY’s (San Jose, California November 26, 1999) Elimination Match Rules
-THE HARDY BOYZ (w/Terri) vs EDGE & CHRISTIAN vs TOO COOL vs THE DUDLEY BOYS (San Francisco, California November 27, 1999) Elimination Match Rules
-THE HARDY BOYZ vs EDGE & CHRISTIAN Tag Team Title Match (Edmonton, Canada May 28, 2000) Excellent Match, filmed really close and clear!
-THE HARDY BOYZ (w/Lita) vs EDGE & CHRISTIAN vs TOO COOL vs TEST & ALBERT (Madison Square Garden, NYC June 24, 2000) Another great match. Watch the Hardys wrestle in the Mecca of all wrestling, MSG!
-THE HARDY BOYZ (w/Lita) vs RIGHT TO CENSOR vs TOO COOL vs THE DUDLEY BOYS (Philadelphia, PA January 28, 2001) Jeff, Matt, and Lita dance after the match with Dudley’s, Debra, and Too Cool! This is excellent!
-LITA & TRISH STRATUS vs STACY KEIBLER & TORRIE WILSON (Crowd is really into Lita!) (Albany, NY 7/14/01)
-THE HARDY BOYZ vs EDGE & CHRISTIAN vs THE DUDLEY BOYS vs LANCE STORM & KANYON (Albany, NY 7/14/01) The last 2 minutes of this match are cut.
-JEFF HARDY vs ROB VAN DAM (Nassau Coliseum Long Island, NY 8/11/01) Awesome Hardcore Title Match!
-MATT HARDY (w/Lita) vs HURRICANE HELMS (Nassau Coliseum Long Island, NY 8/11/01) European Title Match
-LITA vs JAZZ (From Smackdown Tapings Albany, NY 11/17/01---This is a dark match that never aired. This is Jazz’s tryout match)

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