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Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to £3.00 minimum and may rise again soon)



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 


New website is now old website, we're back on Spanglefish with no shopping cart!


To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple! 

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  

If you have any problems then Email me at

Please note

I normally send packages out by first class mail.  If you would like to pay extra and have your package to be sent by 'signed for' or if a large expensive package, 'insured', or some other form of postage, then please indicte when ordering.  When I post a package I receive a 'proof of posting 'receipt and as a result I can not be held responsible for packages that get lost (very occasionally) in the post

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me


1357 HMS Glatton painted by Kev Ward

1217 HMS Dreadnougt painted by Kev Ward

USS Utah/Florida, WW1

HMS Glatten                                HMS Dreadnought

WWI Merchant ship            and    Scheswig Holstein  WW2

Ranges of metal wargames ships in 1-3000, 1-4800 and 1-1200 scale.  Most are one peice castings and of limited detail. Can be super detailed if you so wish  These ships are ideal for coastal forces battles between  smaller type vessels, which look better in the larger scale.


Italian Light Cruiser               and     Town class destroyer


1/1200th Scale Waterline Ships

These are wargame ships, mostly
one piece castings without masts
and other small detail.

For Postage and Packing Prices

see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum

of £2.00 postage

EU-USA and Rest of the world 30% of order value

or minimum of £5.00 postage


1225D Buckley Class DE (John C Butler)
DE   £2.50
(Photo to follow !)
 HMS Dreadnought     and HMS Lightfoot (
World War One British Ships
1217 HMS Dreadnought                     £10.00

1230 HMS Good Hope Armd/C          £9.00p
1254  HMS Wolfe 18" gun Monitor         £8.00p
1257  HMS Glatton Monitor                    £8.00p
1266  Lightfoot Class Destroyer Leader  £3.50p
1273  HMS Brooke Destroyer Leader     £3.50p
River class destroyer with extra detail      R Steel
1263  'K' Class Destroyer              £3.00p
1264  'L' Class Destroyer             £3.00
1265  'M' Class Destroyer               £3.00
1275  River Class Destroyer         £2.50p
1267  Boadicea Class Light Cruiser £4.00p
1223  HMS Weymouth cruiser        £5.00p
1326  Colossus Class Battleship    £10.00p
1327  HMS Erin Battleship              £10.00p
1325  Floating Dock 12,000 ton             
1209 Erebus                                    £5.75p
1361 HMS Hermes, Seaplane Carrier  £5.00
1362 HMS Slinger  Exper catapult ship  £2.00 
1363 HMS Marksman Flottila leader       £4.00
1371 Pegasus, seaplane carrier              4.00
1372 Flower class sloop                         £4.00
1376 HMS Restless R Class Destroyer    NA
1378 M Class Monitor No 15-28 1915   £3.00
1379 M Class Monitor No 29-33 1915   £3.00
1380 HMS Marshall Ney 1918 6x6" 2x3" £7.75
1381 HMS Marshall Soult 1915 2x15"4x4" £7.75
1382 Abercrombie Class Monitor 2x14"    £7.75
German World War One

1245  Nassau Battleship 1909                 £10.00p
1331  Schlesien Pre-dreadnought           £10.00p
1246  Helgoland Battleship                     £10.00p
1328  Konig Battleship                           £10.00p
1328A Bayern                                        £10.00
1328B Kaiser                                          £10.00
These two ship (1328A and 1328B) are
simple conversions of the 1328 Konig hull with
superstructure and turrets in different positions
1383 SMS Wittelsbach                             £10.00
1384 SMS Hessen                                    £10.00
Both conversions of the 1331
SMS Wittelsbach                           SMS Hessen    
1224  B Class Destroyer                          £3.00p
1337  Seydlitz                                         £11.00p
1373  Minelayer/sweeper WW1/2         £2.50
1374  German type fishing boat             £3.00
1375 T136 type Gross torpedo boat      £2.50
Seydlitz painted and added detail (masts etc) by Roy Steel
1328 Konig Battleship  painted by Kev Ward
World War Two British Ships

1202  'A' Class Submarine                  £2.00p
1368  'T' Class Submarine                   £2,00
1203  'D' Class MTB                           £0.75p
1228  Grey Goose MTB                      £1.00p
1206  Flower Class Corvette              £2.50p
1213  Black Swan Class Frigate          £3.50p
1201  Town Class Destroyer              £3.50p
1204  Tribal Class Destroyer              £4.00p
1214  HMS Halcyon                             £3.00p
1215  HMS Algerine                           £3.00p
1217  'V' & 'W' Class Destroyer         £3.50p
1234  Battle Class Destroyer                £4.00p
1268  Hunt Class Destroyer                  £3.50p
1268A  Hunt Class Destroyer Group 4   £3.50p
1270 'S' Class Destroyer                       £3.75p
1320  'J', 'K' & 'N' Class Destroyer       £3.75p
1237  Dido Class Cruiser                     £7.00p
1258  MAC Escort Carrier                 £10.00p
HMS Norfolk   extra detail and painted by Roy Steel
1304  Norfolk Class Cruiser                £9.50p
1367  HMS Achilles  L/Cruiser             £7.00
1251  Bayonet Class Boom Defence Vessel   £3.00p
British Merchantmen

1241  Marionage D Thermiotis 1904 trunk carrier £5.50p
1306  Atlantic 1904 general carrier          £5.00p
1333  Nonsuch Turret Ship 1904              £5.50p
1336  Bridgeport 1904 general carrier     £4550p
1243  Royal George 1910 liner                  £10.00p
1310  Wentworth 1913 general carrier       £5.00p
1303  War Thistle 'A' Type                           £6.00p
1305  Angusburn 1920 general carrier        £5.00p
1312  Fairfield coaster                                 £2.00p
1334  Bangalore 1928 general carrier        £6.00p
1284  City of Benares 1935 liner                £8.50p
1242  Clan Macauley 1936 general carrier £9.00p
1235  Circassia 1937 liner                          £9.50p
1240  Gretavale 1937 general carrier          £5.50p
1236  Egton 1938 general carrier              £5.50p
1247  Bustler Class Tug 1940                     £3.00p
Bangalow                      and        Nonsuch            
1335  Empire Malta Class 1944 general carrier £6.00p
1248  LST                                                    £2.50p
1249  LCG                                                   £2.50p
1250  LSI Glenroy                                       £8.50p
1232  British Endurance tanker                   £5.50p
1282  M V Sutherland general carrier            £5.75p
1298  Tern 1950 general carrier                    £2.50p
Royal George          and            Wentworth
1299  Milo Short 1950 general carrier          £3.00p
1300  Longfellow 1950 bulk carrier             £5.00p
1301  Boheme 1950 general carrier             £6.00p
1308  Rookwood 1950s            £5.50p  N/A
1297  Leda 1953 liner                                 £8.00p
1302  British Sailor 1953 tanker                   £12.00
1309  Baron Inchcape 1956 general carrier   £6.00p
1276 Flammingo Small cargo                       £3.00p
1377 Small single funnel Liner/Ferry           £5.50


German World War Two       1306  Atlantic

1269  Class 4 U-Boat                           £2.00p
1274  'E' Boat MTB                               £0.75p
1211  'T' Class Escort                           £3.00p
1212  'F' Class Escort                          £3.00p
1227  Wolf Class Escort                       £3.00p
          Torpedo boat        n/a
1208  Narvik Class destroyer               £4.50p
1317  Type 34 Destroyer                    £4.50p
1291  KSB 1-27 Minesweeper               £3.50p
1338 Lati-25 armed coaster 1940        £2.50p
1339 Lat Orion 27-36                          £2.50p
1340 Sat Westaaden  armed coaster    £2.50p
1341 KT49 armed coaster                    £2.50p
1345 Koln light cruiser                        £7.50p
1231 M35 minesweeper                       £3.00p
 Navrick Destroyer        and    T class Escort
World War Two German Merchantmen
1293  Kormoron armed  raider               £7.00p
1294  Komet armed raider                    £.7.00p
1295  Orion armed raider                      £7.00p

1296  Atlantis armed raider                  £7.00p

1287  MAL supply lighter                      £2.00p
1288  MNL supply lighter                      £2.00p
1289  AF-1 1-120 transport ferry         £2.50p

1290  Type 'D' transport ferry              £2.50p


World War Two Italians 


                                                painted by Roy Steel
1277  Dardo Class Destroyer                £3.75p
1278  Soldati class destroyer              £3.75p
1280  Navagatori Destroyer               £3.75p
1316  Maestral Destroyer                   £3.75p
1322  Spica Class Destroyer               £3.00p
1281  Luigi Cadorna Class Cruiser        £7.50p
1279  Condottiere Class Cruiser         £8.50p
1233  Marbelhead Cruiser                  £7.50
1313  Atlanta AA Cruiser                    £7.50
1225  Fletcher Class Destroyer           £3.75p
1225D Buckley Class (Butler type)DE £3.00
1315  Porter Class Destroyer            £3.75p
1318  Sims Class Destroyer              £3.75p
1313  Sangamon Escort Carrier      £9.00p
1332 Florida Battleship 1929       £10.50p
1255  Liberty Cargo Carrier         £7.50p
1256  Liberty Tanker                   £7.50p
1332A Utah WW1 BB                  £10.50p
1332B Delaware WW1 BB           £10.50p
1332C AG19 Utah 1941               £10.50p
1342 USS Indiana BB 1893         £6.50p
1346 LCL landing craft                £3.00p
1248  LST                                   £3.00p
1249  LCG                                   £3.00p
1347 PC/AC minesweepe   r       £2.70p
U.S.S ATLANTA                    Painted by Roy Steel
USS iNDIANA                              USS Utah
World War Two Japanese

1239 Chitose Aircraft Carrier         £10.50p
1259  Kumano Heavy Cruiser        £10.50p
Kitakama Cruisers                                  Painted by Roy Steel
1260  Oi Light Cruiser 1944           £6.50p
1221 Kitakama cruiser 1944         £6.50p
1355 Kuma L/Cruiser 1941         £6.50
1356 Tenryu L/Cruiser 1941      £6.50
1219  Fubuki Class Destroyer        £3.50p
1226  Akitsuki Destroyer                £4.00p
1271  Kimikaze Class destroyer      £3.75p
1272  Yugumo Class Destroyer      £3.75p
1321  Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer  £3.75p
1360  Wakatake type destroyer      £2.50
1348  W17 type Minesweeper         £3.00

1238  Mamiya naval cargo carrier   £7.00p
1244  Tatekawa naval oil tanker     £6.00p
1223  1/400 submarine                 £4.00p
World War 1 Japanese
1352 Satsuma, (2 Funnels) B/ship 1914 £8.00
1353 Aki   (3 funnels) Battleship 1914    £8.00
Rest of the World

Cruiser De Ruyter                                    painted by Roy Steel
1283  De Ruyter WW2 Dutch Cruiser    £8.00p
1330  Danton WW1 French Battleship       £9.00p
1366  Bouclier WW1 Destroyer                  £3.00
1314  La Fantasque WW2 French Destroyer £4.25p
1324  Mogador Class WW2 French Destroyer £4.00p
1357  Mistral Tonnes class French destroyer  £3.00p
1358  Le Flore 600 Tonnes class Escort          £2.50p

1323  Optiny Class WW2 Russian Destroyer £3.75
Austro-Hungarian WW1
1329  Prinz Eugen WW1 Austro-Hung BB £10.50p
1329A Radetzy WW1  Austro-Hung BB     £8.00
1285  Helgoland Austro-Hung cruiser        £4.00p
1365  Aspern, Light Cruiser                      £4.00
1359  Tatra type Austro-Hung destroyer    £2.75
1364  No's 1-10 Austrian torpedo boats    £2.75
1343 Fishing Boat 1890-1950                  £2.00p
1344 Small fishing boats 1890-1950 x2   £2.00p
1349 Armed fishing boat WW1 & 2         £2.00p
1350 2 x small armed fishing boats          £2.00p
1369 Generic type torpedo boat              £3.00p
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