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Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value

or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to £3.00 minimum and may rise again soon)



EU-  30% of order value or

minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America

has doubled in the past couple of

years.  I can not absorb this cost

any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of

order value but a minimum postal

rate of £15 


New website is now old website, we're back on Spanglefish with no shopping cart!

Ships are £1.00 unless marked




I am away on holiday from

                                          October 2022  so will not be processing any orders during that time.

To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple!

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  

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Please note

I normally send packages out by first class mail.  If you would like to pay extra and have your package to be sent by 'signed for' or if a large expensive package, 'insured', or some other form of postage, then please indicte when ordering.  When I post a package I receive a 'proof of posting 'receipt and as a result I can not be held responsible for packages that get lost (very occasionally) in the post

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me


For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING


Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £2.00 postage

EU-USA and Rest of the world 30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


HMS Repulse and 3022 HMS Hood  painted by Kev Ward

1/3000th Scale Waterline Ships

These are wargame ships, mostly one piece castings without masts and other small detail. 

For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

Priced at £1.00p each unless shown.
New pricing structure in process of being installed

B = British
G = German
US = American
J = Japanese
F = French
AH = Austro-Hungarian
I = Italian
L.P.  Low Profile on the sea
H.P   High Profile on the sea 
Prop = Proposed              Canc = Cancelled
BB = Battleship  BC = Battlecruiser CC = Cruiser  L/C= Light Cruiser  H/Cruiser = Heavy Cruiser
Pre = Pre Dreadnought   A/C Aircraft Carrier  Sea/C =  Seaplane Carrier
E/ AC = Escort Carrier   DD = Destroyer 
Merc/ship = Merchant /cargo-ship   AMC  = Armed Merchant Ship/Raider

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3001 Tribal Class Destroyer x2 B            50p

3002 Narvik Class Destroyer x2 G          50p
3003  Scharnhorst B/cruiser  L.P.G
3003a Scharnhorst B/cruiser H.P.  'G
3003b Gneisenau (2a/c) BCH.P.  'G
3003c Proposed Gneisenau (8x15")
B/cruiser H.P. 'G
3004 Leander Class L/Cruiser B

3005 HMS Norfolk County Class Cruiser B

3006 HMS King George V ( I A/Craft 1940) B £1.25

3007 Seydlitz BC WW1 G

3008 HMS Manxman Minelayer B               50p
3009 HMS Duke of York 'B' L.P.(No Aircraft)£1.25 *                                                                        
3009a HMS Duke of York 'B' H.P.(No A/craft £1.25
3010  Bismark B/B 'G' L.P.   WW2                £1.25p

3010a Bismark BB 'G' H.P.  WW2               £1.25p

3010bTirpitz BB 'G' H.P.     WW2                £1.25p
3011 Prinz Eugen H/Cruiser G WW2
3011a Admiral Hipper, H Cruiser with scoutplane
3012 HMS Rodney Nelson BB 'B' L.P.            £1.25p
3012 HMS Rodney Nelson BB 'B' H.P.           £1.25

3013 Graf Spee Pocket B/ship 'G' WW2
3013a Graf Spee Pocket B/ship 'G' (Dummy funnel)
3013b Graf Spee type as half carrier (proposed)

3014 Koln L/Cruiser    x1
3014 a  Karlsruhe, Light Cruiser x1
3014 b  Konigsberg, Light Cruiser  x1    
3015 USS Fletcher Destroyer x2 US  50p
3016 Dreadnought HMSTemeraire WW1 B

3017 Circassia Liner
3018 Akitsuki Class Destroyer x2 J WW2     50p
3019 British Endurance Tanker

3020 Nachi Class H/cruiser J WW2

3021 HMS Good Hope Arn Cruiser  WW1 B

3022 HMS Hood BC  B                      £1.25p

3023 HMS Illustrious Class  AC 'B'  L.P.    £1.25p
3024 HMS Queen Elizabeth BB  B        £1.25p

3025 HMS Belfast Cruiser B

3026 HMS Southampton Class cruiser B

3027 USS Alabama BB US   WW2                £1.25p

3028 Brooklyn Class Cruiser US not yet available

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3029 Takao Class H/cruiser J WW2

3030 Hiei BB J WW2

3031 Egton (Tramp steamer) Cargo Ship

3032 USS Northampton CC US WW2

3033 HMS Tiger BC WW1 B
3036 'O' Type Transport Ferry G x2  50p
3037 Tone Cruiser J WW2

3038 HMS Invincible B/cruiser WW1 B
3039 Helgoland Cruiser WW1 A/H
3040 Town Class Destroyer x2 B/US               50p

3041 Kitakami Cruiser J     WW2
3042 Chitose AC/carrier J WW2
3043 Ise B/cruiser-AC carrier J WW2

3044 Nurnburg Cruiser CC G WW2
3044a Leipzig,  Cruiser CC G WW2

3045 HMS Warspite BB 'B' WW2          £1.25p

3046 HMS Renown BC 'B'   WW2         £1.25p

3047HMS Dido Class L/Cruiser x1 B                    

3049 'A' Class Submarine B x2                         50p

3050 HMS Roberts Monitor B WW1

3051 Flower Class, Corvette x2 B                     50p

3052 Von Der Tann WW1 B/Cruiser G

3053 Ashland LS Dock US

3054 Liberty Ship Merc/ship US
3055 Transport, Attack Type Merc/ship US

3056 Eldorado Amphibious Force F/ship US

3057 Transport, Attack Type Arenac Merc/ship

Ships are £1.00 unless marked



3058 USS Neches, Fleet or Civilain Oiler/Tanker US
3059 Formally Russian, 'Asso',Armoured CC 1908 J
3060 Yamato BB 'J'              £1.020
3060a Proposed 6x18" gunned Yamato BB  £1.20 

3061 USS Sims DE High Speed Transport x2 50P
3061a USS Buckley type Destryer Escort DE x2  50p

3062 LShip  Rocket US/GB x2           50P

3064 USS Fulton Class, Submarine Tender
3065 Asahi Pre Dtradnought BB 1900 J      

3066 Fuji 'Pre Dreadnought BC' 1905 J        

3067 Shinano AC/carrier J £1.50p
3068 Aoba H/cruiser J                     not available

3069 Kumano H/cruiser J

3070 859ft Floating Dock                      £2.50

3071 HMS King George V Class BB WW1 B

3072 USS New Mexico Class BB  WW2  
3073 USS North Carolina Class BB   WW2  £1.20

3074 USS Alaska B/cruiser US 2             £1.20

3075 'B' Class Destroyer x2 WW1 G          50P

3076 'S' Class Destroyer x2 WW1              50P

3077 'M' Class Destroyer x2 WW1 B          50P
3078 Derfflinger Class BC WW1 G

3079 Caio Duilo Class BB ‘I’ WW2

3080 Vittorio Veneto Class BB ‘I’ L.P.       £1.20
3080a Vittorio Veneto Class BB ‘I’ H.P.     £1.20
3080b Vittorio Veneto‘I’ ( 2Aircraft) .BB   .£1.20 
Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3080c Roma  BB ‘I’ (2 /Mono Ac) H.P      £1.20
3080d Imperio BB Blockship I                  £1.20
3080e Littorio (Italia)  B/ship ‘I’ (1 Aircraft).   £1.20

3081 Viribus Unitis Class B/ship WW1 Austria

3081a Prop Jugoslavia/Italy (Viribus Unitis) WW2  
3082 Dunkerque Class B/cruiser F         £1.02p
3082a Strasbourg B/Cruiser 1942           £1.20
3083 Richelieu Class B/ship F                £1.20p
3083a Richelieu Class B/ship 1944         £1.20

3084 HMS Indefatigable Class B/cruiser WW1 B

3085 Hagurd H/cruiser J
3086 Oyodo L/cruiser J

3087 Ushio x2 Destroyer J                          50p

3088 Shimakaze and similar Destroyer x2 J     50p

3089 HMS Agincourt BB WW1

3090 Tennessee Class BB   U.S WW2

3091 Helgoland Class B/C G WW1

3092 Conte De Cavour BB ‘I’ WW2

3093 Danton Class BB WW1

3094 Orion Class BB WW1 B

3095 Lion Class BC WW1 B

3096 USS Saratoga AC/carrier WW2        £1.50p

3097 Akagi AC/carrier J   WW2                  £1.50p

3098 U-Boat x2 G WW1-2                        50P

3099 HMS Vanguard BB 'B'  L.P.           £1.20
3099a HMS Vanguard BB 'B'  H.P.        £1.20

3100 SS Brit Marshal, small tanker 1912   

Ships are £1.00 unless marked



3101 SS Lady Rodney Cargo/Liner 1914
3102 SS Providence Liner 1914 F             n/a
3103 SS Jervis Bay C/Liner & AMC  1922 B

3104 SS Avila (Star )C/Liner 1927 B

3105 SS Atland Whale Back Cargo 1910 x1  

3106 Giuseppe Miraglia Seaplane Carrier ‘I’


3107 Rex Proposed Liner/AC carrier ‘I’   £2.50



3108 USS Langley AC/carrier 1930's

3109 USS Langley AC/carrier 1941

3110 USS Long island

3110 uss Long Island      and       3111 HMS Avenger

3111 HMS Avenger Escort carrier
3111a US Escort Carrier
3112 SS Eridan Small Liner
3113 Water Spouts/explosions x4
3114 Alla proposed  B/Acarrier G        £1.50

3115 Faa d’ Bruno ‘I’ Monitor                  50p

3116 Hosho A/C 'J' WW2

3117 HMS Argos A/C 'B' WW2

3118 Darwin 'Cam' Ship WW2

3119 Seydlitz HC Prop aircraft carrier
3120 Large generic subs    x3
3121 Medium generic subs x3
3122 Small generic subs     x3
3123 Large, medium, small sub one of each

3124 HMS Majestic BB WW1                  50p

Ships are £1.00 unless marked



3125 HMS London BB/Minelayer WW1     50P

3126 Shimikaze J   Pre dreadnought      80p   

3127Jean Bart Prop  half A/carrier F            £1.25

3128 Jean Bart BB  Op Torch 'F '         £1.25p

3129 Gasgoyne proposed BB  F          £1.25p
3130 HMS Vindictive 1930s CC/AC

3131 HMS Vindictive 1940s  CC/HQ

3132 Prop Franc' Carraciolo A/C 1920 ‘I’     £1.25p
3133 HMS Iron Duke WW1
3134 HMS Iron Duke WW2

3135 HMS Centurian AA & target ship Early WW2

3136 Europa, Seaplane Carrier WW1 ‘I’    
3137 Republique BB WW1 F  

3138 HMS Hermes x1 Sea/Carrier WW1   
3139 K Class subs x2  N/A

3140 USS Curtis deport seaplane/C  WW2

3141 Bolzano as aircraft carrier (not completed) ‘I’

3142 Europa prop. liner A/carrier G          £3.50

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3143 FISHING BOATS X2                                50  
3144 E1V PROP L/CC A/C Germ WW2   
3145 TORPEDO BOAT X2 ‘G’                          50    
3146 TORPEDO BOAT X 2 ‘GB’                       50  
3147 D CLASS TORPEDO BOAT x2‘GB’         50  
3148 COBRA TORPEDO BOAT x2‘GB’            50 
3149 PROP’ CHANNEL GUN TOWERS X 6   2.00     
3151 HMS AUDACITY First Escort/C ‘GB’   
3152 USS PATOKA,Oiler,seaplane/A/C,airship mast  
3153 Small ZEPPLIN AIRSHIP & STAND x 1      
3154 R80 AIRSHIP WW1 & STAND   ‘GB’ x 1     
3156 A11 PROP’ Full deck A/C 1943 ‘G’        1.50 

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3157 K CLASS US BALLOON & STAND WW2 x1   50p 
3158 M CLASS BALLOON & STAND ‘I’ &’GB’x1    50p     
3159 SPAVIERIO PROP A/C ‘I’                      1.50    
3160 SCHWARBENLAND Trans'/Seaplane/C ‘G’ WW2    
3161 HMS HIGHFLYER X 2 L/Cruiser    WW1   
3162 HMS HERMIONE X 2   L/Cruiser  WW1       
3163 ZMAJ, Sea/Carrier ‘Yugoslavia,’I’ G’     50p 
3164 1937 ‘A’PROP BB A/C ‘USA USSR’      1.50   
3165 ‘ODIN’ PROP BB, A/C (Angled flight deck) ‘G’                                                                                1.50    
3167 USS FLORIDA BB     
3168 USS UTAH     BB    WW1           
3169 USS AG 16 Gunnery train' (UTAH) 1941  
3170 USS UTAH AS DUMMY A/C (prop)     
3171 ‘H to N’ PROP 1939  BB ‘G’               1.50 
3172 HMS HOOD PROP BC A/C conv’1940   1.25 
3173 Gibbs&Cox 1937 ‘B’ Proposed large Battleship/ carrier for USSR’ , or later USA?             1.50

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3174 1925 PROP Cruiser Aircraft Carrier, Italy 
3175 AKITSU MARU ‘J’ /C  1.25
3176 HMS NELSON PROP BB  A/C   1.25   
3178 CMBs (MTB) x2 N/A                                                                                                             
3179 NASSAU BB ‘G’ WW1               
3180 MOLTKE BB ‘G’ WW1               
3181 BLUTCHER BB ‘G’ WW1             
3182 HMS COLOSSUS BB    WW1          
3183 HMS NEPTUNE BB    WW1          
3186 USS LEXINGTON Aircraft Carrier         1.50
3188 USS PORTLAND CLASS CC           
3190 Prop Flight Deck (Half) CC 1939 USA    
3191 Prop Flight Deck(Full) CC 1940 USA
3192 Kongo class BC
3193 Hygato as BB.jap Early WW2
3194 Fuso BB WW2 J
3195 Kasuga Old Coast defence BB WW2
3196 Asuma Old Coast defence BB  WW2
3197 Azuma Old Coast defence BB  WW2
3198 Tokiwa Coast/Minelayer BB  WW2
3199 HMS Canopus BB  WW1
3200 LST(2)x2   WW2/Modern  £1.25               
3201 Iwate Old Coast Defence BB WW2 
3202 Zahringen BB WW1                    
3203 Zahringen target BB WW2       
3204 Nagato, BB WW2
3205 Hessen target BB WW2             
3206 Hessen BB WW1                        
3207 USS Maryland  BB WW2
3208 USS West Virginia BB WW2
3209 HMS Centurion op’ Vigorous WW2
(Disguised to look like HMS Anson)
3210 HMS Malaya BB WW2
3211 HMS Barham BB WW2
3212 USS Mississippi, rocket test BB 1947
3212 USS Mississippi, rocket test battleship 1947 
3213 HMS Queen Elizabeth BB WW1
3214 Sultan Osman 1 BB (Agincourt 1914)
3215 Agincourt experimental ship 1918
3216 HMS Dreadnought BB 1906
3217 Admiral Scheer BB
3218 Lutzow BB
3219 HMS Sussex CC
3220 HMS Suffolk CC
3221 HMS London CC
3222 HMS Devonshire 1946 - 52
3223 HMS Cumberland 1946 - 54
3224 HMS Exeter CC
3225 HMS York CC
3226 HMS Perth CC

3227 HMS Berwick CC n/a
3228 Coal Hulk (Agincourt 1886)
3229 Condorcet French BB train/ship WW2
3230 Verdun Prop'  BB French 1930s  £1.25
       3232 Kawachi                and                 3231 Settsu

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3231 Settsu Target BB J WW2
3232 Kawachi BB WW1 J
3233 HMS Resolution BB WW2
3234 HMS Ramilles  BB WW2
3235 Royal Sovereign BB class WW1
3236 HMS Tiger BC 1918
3237 USS Hawaii 1950 Prop'com/ship   £1.25
3238 Royal Sovereign BB class Norway 1940
3239 HMS Royal Oak BB 1939  n/a
3240 HMS Collingwood BB WW1
3241 HMS Bellerophon 1917/18  (2 aircraft)
3242 St Vincent class 1918   (  1 aircraft)
3243 Princess Royal / Lion BC 1918
3244 Queen Mary BC
3245 HMS Inflexible BC 1917/18
3246 HMAS Australia  BC 1917/18 WW1
3247 HMS Thunderer BB 1917 WW1

3248 US airship 1920s-30s
3249 HMS Hercules BB       WW1
3250 Proposed 'Vasco Da Gama'
(USS Utah) WWII BB Portugal Canc
3251 USS Delaware BB WW1
3252 Schleisien Pre BB WW2               n/a
3253 Hannover Pre BB WW1 / 2         n/a
3254 Kongo Maru AMC WW2 Japan 
3255 Proposed ‘Tirpirtz 1?’ of 1934  (Ex Salamis) Canc
3256 Proposed HMAS Australia BC
1915s- WW2 Canc
3257 Proposed Admiral Cochrane?
(HMS Indefatigable) Chile WW2 Canc
3258 Proposed HMAS Australia BC/TS 1915s-WW2Canc
3259 Mont Clare AMC
3260 Large generic merchant ship WW2
3261 Proposed ‘Lima?’ (HMS Orion) Portugal                  1925-WW2 Canc
3262 HMS Howe BB 1943                        £1.25

Ships are £1.00 unless marked



3263 Proposed HMS Anson BB. 1960
with missiles on stern               £1.25
3264 Small Italian monitors x2 WW1    
3265 HMS Majestic class BB (disarmed, troop transport WW1) 50p
3266 HMS Repulse/Renown BC WW1      1.25
3267 Radetzky BB Austia/H  WW1

3269 HMS Hood 1920-30s with aircraft on turrets                                                        1.25
3270 LSL(L) x 2
3271 LST(2)
3272 Italian Corvette x 2
3273 LST(2) Depot/Repair/HQ x 1
3274 LST(2) (16) Aircraft Carrier x 1
3275 LCM Landing Craft Medium x not available
3276 LSM Landing ship medium (Pacific) x n/a
3277 3 x tiny LCVs on circular base x 2
3278 Proposed but not completed BB47as in 1940
3279 Partially (79%)completed BB47in 1924 
3280 BB49 South Dakota class (All canc, 1920s) 
3282 Naturi class L/Cruiser 'J'
3232 Tenryu class L/Cruiser 'J'
3284 Farragut type DD X 2   WW2    1.00p     
3286 Archimede Italian sub x2   WW2  n/a
3287 S Class British sub x 2 WW2        n/a
3288 Filippo Corridoni x1 Italian sub   n/a
3289 Fluto, Italian sub x 2                     n/a
3290 Navigatori class DD x2                 n/a 
3291 Tonnes class DD x2                    n/a
3292  Kamikawi Maru seaplane carrier
3293  HMS Archer Escort Carrier
3294  Akagi Maru Armed Merc' Cruiser
3295  Yasukama Maru seaplane carrier

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3297  Mamiya armed merchant ship
3298  Condottieri class criser, Italy WW2
3299 Proposed Caracciola Class BB WW1                   
3300 Proposed Caracciola class as A/Carrier 1920s+  
3301 Prop' Leonardo de Vinci BB as A/Carrier 1920s+ 
3302 Conte di Cavour BB, WW1      
3303 Ciao Duillio BB WW1                 
3304 Proposed Livorno BC of 1929, Cancelled    
3305 Proposed Falco? A/carrier design of 1940 to be             constructed on unfinished 'Imperio BB'   £1.50
3306 Conte di Cavour, minus 2 turrets as captured by Germany in 1943         
War in the Mediteraean
3307  Large Liner 'Oceanic' Italy    WW2   £3.50
3308  Marco Polo, small Italian Liner   WW2  
3309  Victoria,  small liner Italy     WW2         
3310  Ramb 1-4  small cargo/hospial ships WW2 
3311  Arborea, Italian AMC        WW2      
3312  Caterina, Italian cargo ship  WW2   
3313  Coalier x2                             WW1 WW2  1.25p
3314  Gradisca   AMC  Italy   WW2            
3315  Cherso    AMC   Italy WW2  
3316  Steripe  tanker  Italy  WW2    
3317  Espira  small Italian Liner    WW2       
3318  Leonardo de Vinci  small liner/Hospital ship 
3319  Promeleo  small tanker  Italy  WW2   
3320  Dalmazia  small tanker   Italy  WW2  
3221  Typical small German deep se carg ships x 2 £1.20 
3322  Rosanda  cargo ship Italy  WW2                   80p
3323  Foscolo  Cargo ship Italy WW2                      80p  
3324  Ankara  Cargo ship  Germany WW2             80p
3325  Pasmotti  Depot ship Italy       WW2             80p
3326  White star liner (small)  WW1 WW2             80p
3331  HMS Terror, Monitor  WW1 WW2               80p
3332  HMS Lord Clive,  Monitor   WW1                80p
3333  HMS 'M' Class Monitors M15-33  X2        1.20
3334  HMS Monmouth, Arm Cruiser WW1
3335  USS Carina (AK 70-79) Cargo Ship
3336  USS Sheepscott, AOG 24 Gasoline Tanker
3337  USS Gen H A Dargue, Aircraft Repair ship
3338  USS Consolation AH15 Hospital Ship 
3339  USS Rescue AH18 Hospital Ship
3340a Menelaus, Balloon cargo type ship  WW1 
3340  Proposed USS United States(CV58) A/Carrier £2.50 
3341  USS Montauk, Landing Ship Vehicle (LSV6)
3341a Tramp Steamer Cargo ship x 1
3342  USS Nitro, AV2 Ammunition ships
3342aSmall Coasters x 2
3343  Landing Craft Tank 134 tons, 116' long(LCT (5) x 2
3343a USS Wright AV1, seaplane carrier WW2
3344  USS Wright Balloon, seaplane carrier 1920s
3344a  USS Wright Balloon, seaplane carrier with balloon on deck 1920s
3345 HMS Devonshire, Arm Cruiser  WW1
HMS Manica and HMS Hector, balloon ships WW1

3346 USS Hammondsport AKV-2 Aircraft

3347 USS Laramie AOI6  Oiler

3348 San Clemente AG79 Seaplane tender

3349 USS Samaitan Hospital ship AH 10

3350 USS Artemis AKA-21 Attack cargo

3351 USS Cascade  AD-16 Destroyer tender

3352 USS Tryon APF-1 Transport

3353 USS Fomalhaut  AK 22 Cargo ship

3354 City of Oxford Balloon ship WW1

3355 HMS Hector Balloon ship WW1

3356 HMS Manica Balloon ship WW1

3357 HMS Canning Balloon ship WW1

3358 Royal Ulsterman Landing ship WW2

3359 HMS Bulolo, Landing Ship HQ WW2

3360 Box transport Liberty ship

3361 USS Zaniah AG 70 Repair /distilling

3362 T1 Torpedo boat x 2      50p

3363  Emden, Training Light Cruiser

3364 Stuttgart, small German liner, Hospital ship/transport WW2

3365 Duke of Welligton, Landing ship infantry

Ships are £1.00 unless marked


3366 HMS Powerful, WW1 Cruiser         

3367 HMS Terrible WW1 Cruiser             

3368 HMS Black Prince WW1 Cruiser      

3369 Russian AskoldWW1 Cruiser           

3370 HMS Diadem unarmedWW1 Cruiser    

3371 HMS Diadem WW1 Minelayer          

3372 HMS Cressy WW1 Cruiser                

3373 HMS Edgar WW1 L/Cruiser              

3374 HMS Bristol WW1 Cruiser                 

3375 Konigsberg WW1 Cruiser                  

3376 USS Kenneth Whiting AV14 Seaplane Tender   

3377 USS Titania AVA14 Cargo ship                           

3378 USS Gen’ John Pope AP110 Troop Transport    

3379 USS Gen G.O Squire AP130 Troop Transport    

3380 USS George Clymer AP55 Transport                  

3381 USS Vulcan AR5 Repair Ship                               

3382 USS Euryale AS22 Submarine Tender               

3383 USS Gunston Hall LSD 5 Dock Landing              


3295 Yasukamaru S/plane Carrier and 3344a USS Wright

 More new ships as of 02 05 2017

3384  Grief Seaplane small tender          Germany      50p

3385  Friesland  Seaplane Carrier   Germany               

3386  Ostmark  Seaplane Carrier   Germany                

3387  Lauting  Germany                                                

3388  Brosen, tender Germany WW2                          

3389  HMS Eastwood  Dock Landing                            

3390  M1 Minesweeper x 1  WW1/2 Germany           50

3391  M 60 Minesweeper  WW2 Germany                   50

3392  Otra  x2      WW2 Germany                                50

3393  Rugan  Small transport ship/Minelayer Germany 

3394  Berlin transport                                                      1.20

3395  Strasburg transport                                               1.20

3396  Proposed Kleiner Flughafen small escort carrier Germany WW2     

Ships are £1.00 unless marked



3397  Proposed AII    (40,000 tons) BB/AC  WW2          1.50

3398  Proposed A111, (70,000 tons) WW2                    1.50

3399  Proposed liner/escort carrier  Gnenisenau            1.50

3400  Proposed liner/escort carrier, Potsdam                 1.50

3401  Large Tanker                                                          

3402  F 1 Escort ship x 2   Germany      Not Available yet         

3403  Small  Coastal U boat x 2    WW2    Germany        

3404  Small Coasters, Op' Pluto, Mulberry Harbour x 2     

3405  Coaster and Balloon  x 1                                

3406  Coaster x 2     Costal conveys                              

3407  Pueyrredon Armoured Cruiser Argentina 1940         

3408  Belgrano  Armoured Cruiser Argentina  1940               

3409  Pisani  Armoured Cruiser  Italy 1900                            

Mulberry Harbour

3410  Corn Cob, Gooseberry Liberty ship 1944                  

3411  Corn Cob, Gooseberry, Cargo ship  1944                  

3412  Large Balloons on bases  x 2                                                                                

3413  Trucks and tanks on bases x10                               

3414  Tanks on bases x 10    Can be used for  Allied or Axis                                                                                                 

3415  Concrete Phoenix caissons for Mulberry harbour x 2                                                                                                  3416  Lobnitz Pierheads x 2 for Mulberry Harbour                 

         to fit on 3416A                                                                                                              

3416A Whale & Beetle roadways and pontoons  x 3             

         to fit on 3416  (Mulberry Harbour)                                                               

3417  Seydlitz  Heavy Cruiser disarmed 1944 Germany         

3418  Prinz Eugan type BB WW1 Austria disarmed for France

           or Italy                                                                      80

3419  SMS Hanover BB disarmed Germany 1935-1944        

3420  SMS Schleswig Holstein, BB disarmed, March 1945    

3421  B type submarines WW1 Uk x 2                               50

3422  UC type Minelaying WW1 submarines  x 2 Germany 50

3423  ‘E’ type submarine  WW1 Submarines Uk x 2          50    

3424  Durbo Italian WW2 submarine x 2                            50

3425  Eurydice French WW2 Submarine x 2                         50

3426  Tug and barge x 2   Allied or Axis                             

3427  Single funnel small cross channel type ferry         

3428  Barge and barrage balloon x 2 Allied or Axis             

3429  Sangammon class Escort Carrier                              

3430 Nassau, Bogue class Escort Carrier (Transport)          

3431 Barnes, Bogue class Escort Carrier (Transport)         

3432 Empire Mackay/MacColl Escort Carrier                      0

3433 USS Theenim AKA 63 Attack Cargo ship (LCVPs)       

3434 USS Lenoir AKA 74 Attack Cargo ship                        

3435 USS Provo Victory AK228 Ammunition ship                

3436 USS Mindanao ARG 3 Gasoline repair ship                    

3437 USNS 'Liberty', Spy Ship  1967                                  

3438 Coastal Gun emplacements x 2                                 

3439 German, French, Romanian, Russian and

Portugesse type Merchant Seaplane Carrier  WW1                                         

3440 Karappara troopship WW1                                       

3441 Indarro, Troopship WW1                                          

3442  Santa Anna, Seaplane Carrier Germany  WW1        

3442a German Seaplane Carrier      WW1                         

3443  Virginian British WW1 AMC                                      

3444  Marama Typical hospital ship WW1-2                     



Ships are £1.00 unless marked












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