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28mm Robin Hood &Early Medieval Knights

For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me

Figures painted by Kev Ward



Medieval Monk of the

Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536

Sword and banner armed Monks     painting by Kev Ward

Mounted knights from the Early Medieval range


28mm Robin Hood Range - £1.00 each and mounted £1.75 each
If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me

Painting of Robin Hood and outlaws by Kev Ward
Mounted Sheriff of Nottingham           painted by Kev Ward
RH 1 Robin Hood 
Robin Hood Friar Tuck Little John
N/A Not Available yet
A range of Robin Hood and his merry men plus the Sherrif of Nottingham type figures as well.
RH 1 Robin Hood as per Nottingham Castle statue, or outlaw or gamekeeper!

RH 2 Little John

RH 3 Friar Tuck

RH 4 Maid Marion

RH 5 Alan a Dale

RH 6 Sherrif of Notingham
RH 7   Bowman in hood
RH 8   Bowman, no hood
RH14  Robin Hood in cap as per Erol Flynn type
RH 24 Mounted Sheriff  £1.75

Early Medieval Knights 1250-1350?

 A new range of figures designed by Kev Ward ,  These are the early period of the 100 years war and similar.  Can also be mixed with the Robin Hood figures for greater variety

EM  1  BOWMAN in helmet    

EM  2  BOWMAN in helmet

EM  3  FOOT KNIGHT in great helm, shield and sword

EM  4  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm, shield and spear

EM  5  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm shield and spear

EM  6  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with crest shield and axe

EM  7  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with feathers shield and spear

EM  8  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with vertical crest shield and spear

EM  9  Foot knight in helmet with shield and sword     

EM  10 Foot knight in great helm with spear and shield    

EM  11 Religious man / Monk/Friar with ragged cross on staff (Use from 1170 to 1536)

EM  12 Religious man/ Monk/Friar with banner

Use from 1170 to 1536)

EM  13 Mounted knight in round helmet  

EN 14 Spearman

EM 15 Foot Knight in fan helmet 


EM15 and EM14 Knight in fan helmet and spearman by Kev Ward

 Medieval monk and banner            painted by Kev Ward


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