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To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require and either send me an Email with the item you require on and I will send you the price plus postage or work out how much the amont is going to be, add the postage on as well and then Email me with your list and pay the full amont to Pay Pal at this mail address at  ---  OR--- use the shopping trolley system mentioned above at 'VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE', which does all the calculations, sends the Emails and everything for you!!

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15mm Samurai

A small range of Samurai period figures including foot and mounted Samurai and Ashigaru. Sorry had to increase price slightly as they were wrongly priced before

Samurai 1 Mounted Samurai assorted x 3  £2.50

Samurai 2 Foot Samurai assorted x 8   £2.50

Samurai 3 Ashigaru foot assorted x 8   £2.50

Samurai 4 Ashigari foot spearmen x 8  £2.50

Smaurai 5 Ashigari foot aquisbusier x 8 £2.50

Samurai 6 Mounted Samurai Command x 3 £2.50

15mm Samurai and Ashigaru painted by Kev Ward

Mounted Samurai painted by Kev Ward

Samurai painted by Kev Ward

Samurai Ashigai group


Free Samurai period flags painted by Kev Ward

Copy and print off!

Samurai flags 28mm and below 15mm

Samurai flags 15mm

Click for Map