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I made a mistake with the number of items in 8a.  It should read 2 x Polar Bears not three



To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple! 

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  


Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to £3.00 minimum and may rise again soon)



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

If you have any problems then Email me at



The Ice Age,

15mm Figure ranges

 Unitatherium 40 x 40mm base          Mammoth 40x40mm base
Warriors of the Late Ice

Age -

40,000 to 10,000BC

and beyond into historicaL times 10,000 to 10.00 AD?

This was the period of the last great ice age when towards the end the climate began to change and man came into conflict with each other over territory or herds. There is limited infomation but we must not underestimate what these humans could accomplish. Some tribes even to this day live the 'hunter gatherer 'way of life and can fashion tools, weapons and equipment, to a very high standand from what they can find about them.


Inhabitants of Artic  northern Europe, Russia, Siberia, Alaska Canada/USA and Greenland. can be used as summer and winter dressed tribes of the late Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and early Neolithic peoples 



  Yeti, Toxodon, Mesonyx wolf and Ancient armadillos,  40mm bases

 Bronotherium Rhino, Polar Bear, Mammoth, and Straight Tusk Elephant




Zebra                           and  Thanis Large flightless terror bird          

Figures come in packs of 8 x infantry 

or 4 x Cavalry for £2.50 or

as individually priced per figure or pack

Inuit 1 Shaman command and warband x 8

Inuit 2 Bows x 8

Inuit 3 Sledge, 3 dogs + 2 crew

Inuit 4 2 x Kayak (2 different crew)

Iniut 5 Sledge, horse, dog, 3 crew

Inuit 6 8 slingers x 8

Inuit 7 Inuits with firearms x 8

Inuit 8      3 x Polar Bears or brown bears (redesigned!)

Inuit 8a      2 x large Polar bears (old design)

Inuit 9 Rhino x 1£3.00 

Inuit 10 Mammoth x 1 £3.00p 

Inuit 11    8 x Huskey dogs

Inuit 12 8 x Shamen

Inuit 13 Mammoth with tree trunk weapon and 1 crew



Inuit Shamen                                Warriors and Shamen


Mammoth with 3 crew                  Stone Age people

Inuit 14  Mammoth in swamp / pit x1 £3.00p

Inuit 15  Mammoth with 1 crew Howdah x 1  £3.00p

Inuit 16  Mammoth with 2 crew  x1    £3.00p

Inuit 17 Polar / Brown Bears & ridersx 3

Inuit 18 Early Horses & riders     x 4

Inuit 19 Reindeer with riders      x 4  

Inuit 20 Early Horses    x 4          

Inuit 21 Reindeer     x 4          

Inuit 22 Auroch cattle       x 4    

Inuit 23 Inuit/cold climate Warriors   x 8    

Inuit 24 Inuit/cold climate Warriors/com  x 8    

Inuit 25 Dead Mammoth and rider x 1 £3.00p

Inuit 26 Sabre tooth cats x 2

Inuit 27 Mediterranean Dwarf Elephant x 1


Mammoth with 1 crew Howdah & Mediterranean’ Dwarf Elephant & 1 rider

Inuit 28 American Columbian Mammoth  x 1  £3.00p
Inuit 29 Columbian Mammoth & 2 riders x 1  £3.00p

Inuit 30 Columbian Mammoth 1 cew howdah x 1 £3.00p

Inuit 31 Elasmotherium, long horn Rhino x 1 
Inuit 32 Elasmotherium, Rhino & rider x 1 

Uintatherium and howdah,  Pyrotherium and howdah, Stone Age warriors and Musk Ox on 40 mm bases
Terror Birds, Zebra, Smiodon, Grizzly bears and Sabre Tooth Cat

Inuit 33 European/Asian Stone Age foot com’ x 8
Inuit 34 European/Asian Stone Age Warriors x 8

Inuit 35 Med’ Dwarf Elephant & 1 rider  x 1

Inuit 36 Hippopotamus x 1 £3.00

Inuit 37 American Mastodon Elephant  x 1

Inuit 38  Mastodon Elephant and 1 crew x 1

Inuit 39 Rearing cave/grizzly bear x 2 

Inuit 40 Cave/grizzly bear in pit x 2 

Inuit 41 Pygmy Mammoth  x 1

Inuit 42 Pygmy Mammoth & 1 rider  x 1

Inuit 43 Pygmy Mammoth & log  x 1

Inuit 44 Columbian Pygmy Mammoth  x 1 

Inuit 45 Pygmy Elephant   x 1

Inuit 46 Ancient American Indian variants x 8

Inuit 47 Wooley Rhino  x 1

Inuit 48 Large Dire Wolf x 3  

Inuit 49 Large Walking Vultures x 4    

Inuit 50 Large Yeti-Big Foot x 2  

Inuit 51 Large African Rhino and 1 crew Howdah  £3.00

Inuit 52 Large African Rhino and 2 riders   x 1 £3.00

Inuit 53 4x Bear single chariot and crew   £3.50p

Inuit 54 2 x Reindeer (1 antler and no antlers) drawn sledges and 2 crewmen

Megatherium and Cro Magnum's. Pyrotherium and Howdah on 40mm bases

Inuit 55 2 x teams of 2 men with dead reindeer on pole

Inuit 56 Pyrotherium, South American elephant x 1

Inuit 57 Pyrotherium and 1 x rider x 1
Inuit 58 Pyrotherium and 1 crew howdah x 1

Inuit 59 Toxodon (hornless rhino) x 1

Inuit 60 Uintatherium (8 horned rhino) x 1
Inuit 61 Uintatherium and  x 1 rider x 1
Inuit 62 Uintatherium and 1 crew howdah x 1
Inuit 63 Dead Elasmotherium x 1
Inuit 64 Ancient armadillos x 1
Inuit 65 Ancient armadillos and 1 rider x 1

Inuit 66 Ancient armadillos and 1 crew howdah x 1

Inuit 67 Indian elephant  x 1  £3.00p 
Inuit 68 Indian elephant and 1 crew x 1  £3.00p
Inuit 69 Indian elephant and howdah £3.00p

Inuit 70 Cro Magnon warriors x 8

Yeti and Bear                                      Platybelodon 

Yeti and bear, Platybelodon elephant, Small Rhino and Sabre tooth cat on 40mm bases

Inuit 71 Small rhino x 1

Inuit 72 Reindeer headed boat and crew attached x 1 £3.00

Inuit 73 Brontotherium rhino x 1 £3.00

Inuit 74 Straight tusked elephant x 1

Inuit 75 Platybelodon elephant x 1

Inuit 76 Mesonyx wolf x3

Inuit 77 Andrewsarchus carnivore x 2

Inuit 78 Phorushacos or Diatryma (large flightless terror or ambush  birds x 4) 

Unitatherium, Elasmotherium and Large walking vultures.    Phorushacos Terror birds on 40mm bases

Inuit 79 European cave lion x 4

Inuit 80 Zebras x 4

Inuit 81 Inuit boat and 3 crew £3.00

Inuit 82 Entelodon / Dinotyus pigdog x3

Inuit 83 Musk Ox x 4

Inuit 84 Megatherium (large sloth) x 2

Inuit 85 Unicorn deer x 4 

Inuit 86 Megalanio large lizard x 2


Megalamo Lizard, Glypton  and Large Dinosaur

Inuit 87 Large ocean going Papyrus boat with 4 paddlers and seated cow cargo          £3.00

Inuit 88 Large ocean going Papyrus boat with 4 paddlers and 2 crew (raiding party?)   £3.00

Inuit boat and 3 crew. Large ocean going Papyrus boats

Inuit 89 Waterline Hippo x2

Inuit 90 Waterline Crocodile x 2

Inuit 91 Thanis Large flightless terror bird a 3

Inuit 92 Glypton Armoured type armadillo x 3

Inuit 93 Smilodon Sabre tooth cat x 2

Inuit 94 Waterline Crocodile and hippo heads only x 4

INUIT 95 Waterline Phobosuchus Giant Crocodile head x 3

INUIT 96 Indricotherium, Very large hornless Rhino x1 
INUIT 96 Indricotherium, Very large hornless Rhino x1 
INUIT 97 Arsinoitherium, Large twin horn Rhino x1 
INUIT 95 Waterline Phobosuchus Giant Crocodile head x 3  and   INUIT 97 Arsinoitherium, Large twin horn Rhino x1             
INUIT 98 Bullockornis, Demon Duck of Doom. Large flightless bird x 4    

INUIT 99 Small Ancient Rodent like Killer Kangeroos x 4  

Inuit 100 Large bipod attack dinosaur x 1

Inuit 101 From Inuit myth, Qupqugiaq x 1, a ten legged polar bear and a large head x 1

Inuit 101 From Inuit myth, Qupqugiaq, a10 legged polar bear, that renounced violence and trys to create a loved based society (you couldn't make these things up) and the 'head' (a very large grinning or scowling head ) from Inuit dream world  

Inuit 101 From Inuit myth, Qupqugiaq, and large head

Inuit 102 Sledge and 3 team with  cannon balls x 1

Inuit 103  Sledge and 3 team with light cannon

and 2 crew x 1

Inuit 104 Water attack birds x 4


Inuit 105 nasty water creature x 2


Megalano Lizard, Glyton and Thanis terror bird. 

Also waterline Hippo and Crocodile

















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