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These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted





For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

Unless otherwise noted figures are 15mm scale and cost £2.50p per pack of 8 foot or 4 mounted
Our figures are similar in size to Essex and Minifigs

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me


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To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple! 

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  


Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to

£3.00 minimum and may rise again



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

If you have any problems then Email me at


Beowulf and Grendel    28mm





Fantasy 14 Large Egyptians, Sorbek, crocodile headed horde with polearm x6
Fantasy 12 Harpy's x 4 (2 wings open and 2 wing folded)


Fantasy 20 Naked 'Amazon' females on horses x4
Fantasy 21 Passive Maidens x 6
  3 headed Hydra painted by 'Mick' from Gateshead Gaming £3.00
Centaur                               and           Flying horse


Fantasy 1 Chainmail Armoured centaurs,
command x4


Fantasy 2 Chainmail Armoured centaurs with lance

Fantasy 3 Assorted centaurs with ancient
Greek bodies and arms x4


Fantasy 4 Skeleton spearmen x8

Fantasy 5 Skeleton spearmen in Greek helmet x8

Fantasy 6 Skeleton spearmen in cloaks x8

Fantasy 7 Skeleton kopis and Spartan type pylos helmet x8

Fantasy 8 Skeleton swordsmen x8
Fantasy 8a Skeleton Foot command with flags and swords x 8
Fantasy 8b spears/swords 
Fantasy 8c Skeleton foot Command  
Fantasy 9 Scythian type centaur with bow x4
Fantasy 10 Amazon type male centaur with club and female with bow x4

Fantasy 11 Egyptians, Anubis headed horde with spears and swords x 8
Fantasy 12 Harpy's x 4 (2 wings open and 2 wing folded)

Fantasy 13 Medusa x1, Minotaur x1 and Cyclops

with club (34mm high) x1


Fantasy 14 Large Egyptian Sorbek crocodile headed warriors with poleaxe x 4
Fantasy 15 Tribes of Cyclops (34mm high) Bellyhands armed with rock, Thunderbolt maker with thunderbolt and maneaters with captured men, 2 figures
Fantasy 16 Cyclops bellyhands with rocks x 2
Fantasy 17 Cyclops with thunderbolts x2
Fantasy 18 Cyclops with captive man x2

Medusa  and  Anubis head            Medusa
Fantasy 19 Hydra with 3 heads  £3.00
Fantasy 20 Naked 'Amazon' females on horses x4
Fantasy 21 Passive Maidens x 6
Fantasy 22 Naked 'Amazon' females on foot x 6
Fantasy 23 Naked Amazon Leaders & Sabre tooth cat
Fantasy 24 Naked Amazon female on an small Elephant
Fantasy 24a Naked Amazon female on Armoured Bear
Fantasy 24                          
Fantasy 25 Talos (28mm) and Wing Pegasus horse
Fantasy 26 Wolfmen from myth, 8 assorted

Fantasy 30 /Inuit 101 From Inuit myth, 10 legged polar bear and the 'head' (a very large grinning head ) 

Fantasy 31 Large armoured wood Elves x 6

Fantasy 32 Dinosaur and Elven rider x 1  £3.50




These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


Small range of 15mm Orc's to fight against all comers !

Fantasy 27 Orc's with Bows x 8

Fantasy 28 Orc's with spears and swords x 8

Fantasy 29 Orc's foot command x 8

Fantasy 30 Wolf riders x 3

Fantasy 30a Pigdog riders x 3



Fantasy 31  15mm BEOWULF and GRENDEL figures

From Lone Warrior, Rob Morgan writes

"The Beowulf figure delightful, standing in huberk, with big round bossed shield, sword poised for thrusting over  shield rim.  Grendel on the other hand is bug, over 25mm tall, 35mm to the top of his arm which is raised ready to strike (with his spiked club): the monsters hairy, wild and partly clad in furs, he'd fit with many a fantasy scenario."

Price £2.00 for both  , Lone Warrior 2013

Fantasy 32  These two figures in identical poses are now available in 28mm,

priced at £3.00 for both

Fantasy 33  Large Bear warriors with weapon and shield.  Based on the legendary warrior 'Bothar Bjarki who would fight as a bear.  According to Rob Morgan in Hobilar "Don't forget the concept of shape shifters, well known in Viking armies and many other Euopean Mythologies.  Inancient Denmark, King Hrolf Kraki, no mean warrior himself, possessed a loyal champion in Bothar Bjarki who was famed through all the kingdom on the north for fighting in the ranks of the Kings army as a bear, whilw his human form slept in the mead hall!                2 large figures for £2.20


  Fantasy   uuF

Fantasy 33

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Trolls, Ogres and Giants   £2.50 each

These figures are 35mm tall and tower over the battlefield.  Armed with primative weapons (two included) such as clubs, axes and improvised weapons

Fantasy 34 Troll with improvised weapons x1

Fantasy 35 Troll with axe x 1

Fantasy 36 Giant with club or hammer x 1

Fantasy 37 Giant with shoulder coverings and club

Fantasy 38 Ogre with club or slashing weapon x 1






Giant and Ogre



 Fantasy 39  25mm Vampire

(found on old mould, damaged, repaired and altered by me) £1.00



True 15mm size Elves £2.50 per pack of 8 or 4 cavalry
These are older smaller figures (true 15s )
Useful for army rank and file with other personality figures as leaders

Elv1 Spearmen in chainmail x 8
Elv2 Open handed warrior in chainmail with shield
Elv3 Bowmen in chainmail with helmet and plume 
Elv4 Shields stuck in the ground x 8


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