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Unless otherwise noted figures are 15mm scale and cost £2.20p per pack of 8 foot or 4 mounted
Our figures are similar in size to Essex and Minifigs

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15mm Napoelonics

​Grenadiers a chevel of the Imperial Guard painted by

Kev Ward

​French Infantryand dead horse , painted by Kev Ward

Napoleon, french infantry and broken gun by Kev Ward


15mm NAPOLEONIC WARS, Former M J Figures.        FRENCH    £2.20 per pack of 8 foot or four mounted
NAP 1 Destroyed guns x 3
NAP 2 Dead horses x 4
NAP 3 Mounted Napoleon & Foot Aides (Generals)
NAP 4 Young Guard advancing &firing assorted
NAP 5 Young Guard standing & advancing assorted
NAP 6 French dead and wounded assorted
NAP 7 Dismounted Cuirassiers advancing & firing assorted
NAP 8 Dismounted Cuirassiers command
NAP 9 French Line Infantry assorted
NAP 10 French Line Command assorted
NAP 11 Gren/Volt advancing & firing assorted
NAP 12 Gren/Volt reloading & firing assorted
NAP 13 Gren/Volt dead & wounded assorted
NAP 14 Mounted French Chasseurs
​Grenadiers a chevel of the Imperial Guard
NAP 23 French Cavalry command assorted
NAP 24 French Cavalry Bearskins assorted
NAP 15 Highland command
NAP 16 Highland Sgt's, marching & wounded
NAP 17 Highlanders advancing & firing assorted
NAP 18 Highlanders advancing assrted
NAP 19 British Battalion Infantry advancing & firing assorted
NAP 20 British Infantry command assorted
NAP 21 British Grenadier Infantry advancing & firing assorted
NAP 22 British Infantry dead & wounded assorted
NAP 25 British Light Infantry assorted

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