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I am away on holiday from

5th October until the 19th October 2018, so will not be processing any orders during that time.



To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple! 

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  


Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to

£3.00 minimum and may rise again



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

If you have any problems then Email me at


25mm Dark Age Figures


Viking Warriors painted by Kev Ward

25mm Dark Age Figures,

Vikings, Saxons and Normans


These figures are 25mm figures (average height 30mm) and have seperate heads, weapons and shields


For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me

Please note


25mm Dark Age Figures

Saxon Warriors painted by Kev Ward

Separate heads, weapons and shields 


SAX1 Advancing right arm at 45 degrees
SAX2 Standing feet apart in chainmail
SAX3 Attacking right arm raised
SAX4 Attacking chainmail right arm raised
SAX5 Standing/advancing full chainmail right arm raised
SAX6 Light infantry
SAX7 Standing arms against body
SAX8 Advancing chainmail right arm strikes
SAX9 Standing chainmail in cloak no shield

 Saxon foot figures as listed above in various poses for £1.00  each


Saxon Flags drawn by Kev Ward

Separate heads, weapons and shields

Viking warriors painted by Kev Ward

25mm Vikings 

VIK1 Standing chainmail arm lowered
VIK2 Standing left arm raised
VIK3 Advancing chainmail right arm raised
VIK4 Standing chainmail left arm raised
VIK5 Berserker in trousers only
VIK6 Standing in armour right arm across body
VIK7 Advancing left arm 45 degrees right arm lowered
VIK8 Advancing standing in chainmail
VIK9 Advancing light infantry
VIK10 Advancing light infantry
VIK11 Advancing light infantry
VIK12 Striking in chainmail

1 Viking warriors of the above listing, in various poses for £1.00  each


Vikings painted by Kev Ward


Separate heads, weapons and shields

Norman Cavalry painted by Kev Ward

25mm Norman Horsemen Warriors   painted by Kev Ward

NORM1 Standing striking
NORM2 Advancing arm close to body
NORM3 Advancing chainmail arms close to body
NORM4 Chainmail advancing
NORM5 Advancing standing arm raised
NORM6 Advancing chainmail
NORM7 Advancing chainmail right arm at 45 degrees
NORM8 Advancing chainmail and bow
NORM9 Advancing running arm close to body
NORM10 Advancing chainmail arm close to body
NORM11 Bowman
NORM12 Standing left arm raised

1 Noman foot figures  in various poses for £1.00 each 

NH1 Standing advancing horse with separate
knight arm raised  
NH2 Advancing horse with separate
rider with arm lowered 

Six Noman horsemen in various poses for £1.50.  


Norman foot and horse painted by Kev Ward

Norman Warriors  painted by Kev Ward

Free Norman flags  by Kev Ward


Free Saxon flags


Viking Warriors painted by Kev Ward

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