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6mm SCI FI      

For Postage and Packing Prices see seperate heading POSTAGE AND PACKING

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me


6mm Sci-Fi Space Marrine figures vehicles and rule for fighting in the future era on unfriendly Grub infested planets 
GW 7 L/Flying Warbots             
Infantry and large Walker          Heavy infantry and Warbots 2
Battle tank, Atmoured Carrier, Small Carrier, Missle turrets and Siege tank  painted by Russ Jackson
Large flying Warbot              Battle tank and Armoured Carrier
GW 1   Battle Tank        75p
GW 1a Self Propelled Tank                   75p
GW 2   Siege Tank                                   75p
GW 2a Siege Tank 2 barrels                  75p
GW 3   Armoured Carrier                       75p
GW 3a Small Carriers x 2 b                   75p
GW 4 Light Infantry x 8                          1.00  
GW 5 Infantry H/Weapons  x 8            1.00
GW 6 Warbots type 1 x 2                      1.00
GW 6a Small Warbot scouts x2            1.00
GW 6b L/Warbot with turret x2             1.00
GW 6c Warbots type 2   x 2                  1.00
GW 7 L/Flying Warbots                           75p
GW 7a S/Flying Warbots                         75p  
GW 8   Missle Turrets x 2                        75p
GW 9 Large Walker                               1.50
GW 10  Crawling Grubs x 3                    2.00

GW11  Crawling Grubs emerging from holes  x3  2.00
Crawling Grub as alternative enemy!
Small carrier, Large flying Warbot and Battle Tank  2 Warbots
Small Flying Warbot, Warbot 2 A/Carrier and Self Prop Tank
Large Walker



15mm Sci Fi figures and creatures


Packs are £2.20 each

Sci Fi 1 Troopers x 8

Sci Fi 2 Rebel Feral Wastelanders x 6

GW 10  Crawling Grubs (6 or 15mm) x 3              2.20
GW11  Crawling Grubs emerging from holes  x4  2.20

Sci Fi 2 Rebel Feral Wastelanders and Grub creature





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