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NEWS: 1/4800 ships at 50p each


Postage and Packing

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minimum of £3.00 postage 

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The price of postage to America has

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So mail to America is nowl 40% of

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Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £2.00 postage

EU-USA and Rest of the world 30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me

1/4800 scale

Article from the TMP,(The Miniatures Page) 
unknown member writes:
I recently had the opportunity to review the 1:4800 scale naval miniatures from Mick Yarrow at M.Y. Miniatures. The 
scale is not the one I personally collect, and

although I had heard of models in this size, those that arrived were my first experience with them.
Mick was quick to point out by email that they are from the old Trafalgar range and that some of the masters were a bit dated, so I was a little unsure what to expect. As they were unpacked, I was quite surprised. I could certainly tell which ship classes they were, but my sense of perspective took a little time to adjust from 1:3000 scale to these much smaller models.
Generally I found them easier to identify than 1:6000 scale ships, which I had collected a few years ago. With aging eyes, the 1:6000 scale ships were just too small for me, particularly when it came to destroyers and other small craft. But with the M.Y. range, the problem was much reduced and I only had trouble with one ship whilst in raw metal. (That was a U.S. destroyer escort, but I should point out that as soon as I put some white paint on it, I could immediately identify what it was.) So that was a plus for me.
When scale is considered, tabletop gaming in 1:3000 scale can sometimes look oversize. The smaller models therefore do have some advantages. I was particularly impressed with a couple, but by the same token could see how the modeller could improve them with some ease. This was mostly related to hull shape. After taking the photographs for this review, I intend to make some small adjustments to the forward hull lines of Yamato and a Washington-class battleship, which I feel will greatly improve them.
But that aside, these models are not all that bad, and one thing on their side is that they are quite inexpensive compared to others. Comparing them with the expense of 1:2400 scale, you could purchase a fleet for the price of a single battleship! (But then, I can get a squadron of 1:3000 scale ships together for the price of a single 1:2400 model...) The price and the fact they can be easily recognized for class would be an advantage for some wargamers. I would imagine that for those who find 1:6000 just too small, but also want to avoid expensive larger models, these would be ideal.
The range is quite good if not comprehensive, and the ships included are those one would be most likely to want for some of the historical scenarios, be it WWI or WWII. I'm sure Mick himself will be the first to admit that the detail is not as high as in other scales. But despite that, they are still a very useable bargain for those people who don't use their model ships all that often, nor want to lay out lots of dollars collecting a fleet.
Painting them up was no less straightforward than I would expect with my 1:3000 scale models, but considerably easier than 1:6000 scale when it came to adding detail such as camouflage. I was able to paint them to the usual schemes, which was pleasing, as it was far more difficult to do that in smaller sizes, and of course larger models show mistakes more easily. That is a plus
for these ships. Not too small, yet not so big that you have to spend a whole evening just painting one. I was able to wiz through a selection of them in pretty quick time, which I'm sure will appeal to many.

Ships marked with * have gun barrels to the turrets.  This mostly applies to battleships as smaller ships are two tiny to do this to, so fine painting of the position of gun barrels is prefered.


1/4800 scale ships all at £0-50 each,

unless priced higher 
World War One
202 Indefatigable and 201&203 Invicible and Lion
203 Lion                    and          204  Tiger



201 Invincible class B/cruiser * 50p


202 Indefatigable class B/cruiser   *50p


203 HMS Lion, class B/cruiser* 50p


204 HMS Tiger B/cruiser  *  50p


204a Derflinger  Hindenburg   (simple conversion of Tiger)  50p


205 Renown class B/cruiser  50p


206 HMS Courageous B/cruiser *  50p

206a HMS Furious B/Cruiser, 2x18" guns*  50p




207 HMS Hood B/cruiser    *  50p


208 HMS Dreadnought class Battleship   *  50p


209 SMS Seydlitz H/cruiser   50p


210 Iron Duke class Dreadnought   50p


211a HMS Furious half Carrier 1917   50p


211 HMS Furious, Carrier 1918   50p


212 HMS Agincourt Dreadnought *   50p


213 HMS Erebus Monitor *   50p



214 Kaiser class Dreadnought   *   50p


215 Helgoland class Dreadnought   50p


216 Queen Elizabeth class Dreadnought  50p


218 SMS Molkte Cruiser   50p


219 Westfalen class Dreadnought   50p


220 Breslau class L/cruiser   50p


221 Deutschland class Pre-dreadnought  *  50p

223 SMS Konigsberg Cruiser   50p


224 Orion class Dreadnough   50p


225 SMS Scharnhorst class or Roon class 
4 funnels   50p


225a Victoris Loiuse class  2 funnel conversion
Can be used for HMS Edgar class as well    50p



225b Prinz Aldelbert class  3 funnel conversion  50p



226 HMS Good Hope Cruiser, Drake class 
4 funnels   50p


227 HMS Kent Cruiser, Monmouth class 
3 funnels   50p


228 SMS Van Der Tann B/cruiser   50p


229 Pennsylvana class Dreadnought *   50p


232 King George V class Dreadnought   *   50p


233 HMS Brooke Flotilla leader x1   50p


234 'B' class Destroyer x1 G   50p



235 'S' class destroyer x 1 B  50p


236 'M' class Destroyer x1 B  50p


237 SMS Nassau BB *   50p


238 Radetzki BB Austria  *   50p



239 Viribus.Unitis BB Austria  *  50p


240 USS New York  *  50p


241 Bayern BB  (2) or Sachen BB (2)   50p



242  Four funnel Germans liner (3)   80p

243  Three funnel liner     80p

244  two funnel cunard type liner  80p



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