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Unless otherwise noted figures are 15mm scale and cost £2.50p per pack of 8 foot or 4 mounted
Our figures are similar in size to Essex and Minifigs


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To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require. Send me detail of what you want, the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple! 

Also, alternatively, if you want to just Email me a full list of what item you require, plus the price together with the amount of  payment and postage,  then pay the full amount and postage to my account at Pay Pal, to  


£2.50 per pack


unless marked otherwise


Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to

£3.00 minimum and may rise again



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

If you have any problems then Email me at


Richard 111 and other knights painted by Kev Ward



15mm Mediaevals and

early Renaissance

Packs contain 8 foot or 4 mounted at £2.50

n/a = not available


Shot and Bows painted by Kev Ward
Knights and herald painted by Kev Ward 
I am in the process of reorganising this range with new or inproved figures and weapons.  So some figures may change there MED code and location.  Sorry about the inconvenience 
MED 1A Mounted Knight with seperate lance x4

MED 1B Mounted Knight  hand weapons attached, sword hammer axe. x4



MED 1C Mounted Knight, seperate lance x 4



MED 1 D  Mounted Knight, hand weapons attached, sword, hammer x 4


MED 2 A Mounted Knight, plumed, with seperate rider/ lance x 4

MED 2 A Mounted Knight with seperate rider/ lance x 4


MED 2 B Mounted Knight in tabard with seperate rider/ lance x 4


MED 3 Mounted l/cavalry/Reiver with spear x 4
MED 4 Foot Crossbowman, firing weapon
MED 5 A Bowman 
MED 5B Bowman 
MED 5C Bowman 
MED 6A Standing Billman
MED 6B Standing Billman
MEDA 7A Striking Billman
MED 8A Foot Knight, with weapons attached   v 
MED 8A Foot Knight, with seperate weapons attached v
MED 9 Foot firing Firearms
MED10 Armoured Foot
MED10 Armoured Foot​
MED10 Armoured Foot
MED11 Billman Advancing
MED12 Peasant with (attached )weapons, various
MED13A Scots English Bow
MED14A Scots with  Bill

MED14B Scots English with Spear 

MED15 Scots and border L/Cavalry
MED16 Mounted Command. various poses
MED17 Foot Command, various poses 
MED18A Lowland Scots/English Billman
MED 18B Scots/English shield and sword
MED19 Mounted Command, various poses x 4
MED20 Mounted light spear charging x 4
MED21A Mounted light horse 'prickers''
MED 21B Mounted pistols

MED22 Foot Command various poses
MED23 English Billman   
MED24 English Shire Billman 

Late Medieval figures painted by Kev Ward
Medieval bowmen (MED 5&26) Painted by Kev Ward
Late Medieval, King Henry VIII and staff?, (Med 34)by Kev Ward
MED27 Scots Foot Command assorted
MED28A  Scots Noble Pikeman (Lightly armoured and in bonnet) open handed for pike ( included)
MED 28B Scots Noble armed with sword
Med 28c Scots noble pike with shield 
Med 28d Scots Noble with rattler to scare horses and/or wooden rectangular home made shield 
Med 28e Scots noble front rank pikemen with Pavises
Med 28f Scots noble front rank with pavises
MED29 Noble Highlander,2 Handed Sword
MED30 Noble Highlander, in mail advancing
MED 30A Galloglas with axe 
MED 30B Cateren with javelin 
MED31 L/Cavalry/Reiver Command
MED 31 A Border Horse and mounted infantry
MED32 Mounted Lancer in Armour
Tudor wars and Rebellions
MED33 Tudor Armoured Horses and Men
MED34 Tudor mounted and command various poses
MED34 Tudor mounted and command various poses
MED35 Tudor mounted with pistol
MED36 Tudor Bowmen assorted)
MED37 Tudor Shot, Arquebusier
MED38a and b  Tudor Halberdier
Med 38c SPAIN14 Heavy pikeman standing


Med 39 A SPAIN13 Musketeer/Arquebusier helmet and musket rest

MED39 B Tudor aquibusier
Med 40A   Armoured foot with hand gun
Med 40B  Armoured foot shield and pole axe
Med 40c Mounted light horse with muskets
Med 40 d 
Aprox 1200 to 1350 AD
 MED41 Mounted Knight Command
   MED42 Mounted Knight, cloth covered horses
MED43 Foot Knight, Great helm,  Axe
MED 44 Foot Knight/Man at Arms shield and spear
MED 44 Foot Knight/Man at Arms shield and sword
MED45 Longbowmen various
MED46 Un armourmed bareheaded Light Spears and Bills
MED47 Foot Command, swords and flags
MED 48A  Man at Arms, shield and spear 
MED 48B Man at Arms, pavise and spear 
MED 48C Man at Arms, round shield and spear 
MED 48D Man at Arms and spear 
MED 48E Brugge Militia Clubmen
Med 49 Med Man at Arms with Crossbow
Med 50 Bombard and crew   £2.50
Med 51 Catapult and crew    £3.00
Late Medieval Knights painted by Kev Ward 
Flags for Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536 and the rising in the North of 1569 (Cuthberts banner)
Degigned, drawn and coloured by Kev Ward
Free Flags drawn and painted by Kev Ward
Flags of the Pilgrimage of Grace of 1536 and Tudor Flags of the Commotion time in the west in 1549, painted by Kev Ward.  The Pilgrimage of Grace was a war that 'nearly was' and would probably gone very badly for King Henry V111.  The king managed to defuse and placate the rebels from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire , plus a swollen and flooded River Don, that stopped hosilities between the Kings small army and the larger Pilgrim army before actual war and fighting began! A close run thing!! The Commotion Time and Ketts rebellion in Norflk in 1549 were well organised rebellions by the people against the crown and showed that the ;mob; could be as well equipped and led as the royal armied.
Ketts Rebellion (Conjectional) (Tree)
Cornish Rebellion (black flag, white cross)
Wyatts Rebellion, (No strangers, Liberty or death) (conjectional
London trained bands
More flags of the London Trained Bands and Tudor rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt.  Flags painted by Kev Ward
Religious banner for Pilgrimage of Grace and Pray Book Rebellion
Flags drawn by Kev Ward
More flags by Kev Ward, mostly for the Cornish rebellion





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