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15mm Winter of discontent

Horse and foot in cloaks

This is a small range of 15mm, early and later medieval figures, which are conversions of long exsisting figures in my ranges but with the addition of cloaks etc for conflict in the winter

Can be used in any winter conflict such as 'Towton 1461' and also for armies fighting in 'Game of thrones'.  There are early medieval Saxon and Arthur figures plus later medieval knights in plate armour. Included are a few Inuits from my Ice Age range which are similar to 'Wildings' and a conversion of Grendal to make a Giant and a giant riding a Mammoth.


Grendal giant and Cavalry and foot in cloaks

Grendall Giant riding Mammoth


Mounted knights in cloaks


Medieval and Dark age figure conversion in varios poses, wearing cloaks that can be used in a variety of winter games



WOD 1   Heavycavalry in armour in cloak x 4     £2.20

WOD  2  Light Cavalry in cloak                 x 4     £2.20

WOD  3  Swordsmen in armour and cloak x 8    £2.20

WOD  4   Pikemen/spearmen in cloaks               £2.20               

WOD   5  Speamen with no armour  x 8            £2.20

WOD   6  Spearmen in chainmail x 8                  £2.20

WOD   7  Bowmen in cloak         x 8                   £2.20 

WOD   8  Inuits skin clad warriors     x8            £2.20 

WOD   9  Grendall giant on Mammoth x1          £2.50    

WOD   10 Grendal giant on foot X 2                  £2.20     


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