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Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

( Mail as of 1st Feb 2024 has risen to

£3.00 minimum and may rise again



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

If you have any problems then Email me at



Omani Arab and Arabs in general

Useful for actions from the ancient period up to 1700

Each pack contains 8 foot figures or 4 mounted figures (attached) or as decribed on the list!  Packs are £2.50.

ARAB1 Swordsmen     various

ARAB2 Spearmen       various

ARAB 2A Spearmen, vertical spears 

ARAB3 Bowmen

ARAB4 Arabs armed with shot weapons


ARAB5 Mounted swordsmen x 4

ARAB7 Mounted bowmen x 4

ARAB8  Camel spearmen x4

ARAB9  Camel swordsmen x4

ARAB10 Camel bowmen x4

ARAB11 Camel riders assorted x4
ARAB12 Camels with fodder & packs x4

ARAB13 Seated camels with saddles x4

ARAB14 Seated camels, no saddles x4

ARAB15 Armoured camel with spearmen x4

ARAB16 Armoured camel with swordsmen x4

ARAB17 Seated camels and foot arab defenders x3

ARAB 18 3x Seated Camels with Bowmen

ARAB 19 3x Seated Camels with firearms foot

ARAB 20 Townspeople/mob various


ARAB 21 Foot Command various

ARAB 22 Inferior Artilery 

ARAB 23 Scorpion pots,fire pots, smoke pot bombs and slingers

ARAB 24 Donkeys x 4 and handler x1


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