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This is a free Spanglefish 1 website.

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

Due to a massive rise in the price

of metal and moulds, (about 20%+) I am forced

to increase the price of all my figures and ships. 

Sorry, blame the government or the Russians!

Mick Yarrow     24/3/2022      








We are still open for business so send

those orders in !



There appears to be a web site, believed to

be in America trading by the name of Mick

Yarrow Miniatures.


They sell everything from metal

miniatures, coins, to sexy butt plugs. 

This site has nothing to do with me and is

most likely a large scam. 

Be warned My website is spangelfish,

  Remember to write

spangelfish on the end if you are unsure if

the site you are visiting is mine or a scam 


The 15mm Medieval Range has


been painted and re-organised. 


Check it out 






York Vapnartak

2022 nfortunately didn't

attend due to Covid .



Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order

value or minimum of £2.00



EU-USA and Rest of the world

30% of order value or minimum

of £5.00 postage

NEWS: New website is now old website, we're back on Spanglefish with no shopping cart!

To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (eg 15mm The Ice Age). Click on the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  

Send the details of the figures that you require in an email to: or 
Please include the catalogue number, name of item and amount required and I will invoice you with the amount to pay and postage etc. Simple!

Alternatively, you can email me a full list of the items you require, including the prices together with the total amount to pay, plus postage, then pay the full amount and postage to my account at PayPal, to  

If you have any problems then email me at


Please note

I normally send packages out by first class mail.  If you would like to pay extra and have your package to be sent by 'signed for' or if a large expensive package, 'insured', or some other form of postage, then please indicate when ordering.  When I post a package I receive a 'proof of posting' receipt and as a result I can not be held responsible for packages that get lost (very occasionally) in the post

If you have a querry over the figure, ships etc, please do not hesitate to E-mail me



I recently purchased at a sale a number of master moulds of unknown origin that contained a small number of individual figures and vehicles etc.  The moulds are not the normal rubber type but of a fragile white latex? or similar and were small rectangular two part moulds containing one , two and occasionally three castings.  This is a 20mm, BA 10M Russian Armoured car that I have made into a one piece casting (originally body, turret and wheels seperate)to see how they would look.  There are no makers names on the bottom of any of the vehicles and figures and what I have purchased are obviously the master moulds.  I will provide more photographs as the figures are prepared.  

Any information on the origins would be helpful

18-3-2020  I have been reliable informed that the Landsknechts figures displayed were formally Lamming Miniature figures. 

BA 10M Russian Armoured Car, WW2


Dingo Armoured Car


25mm Landskneckt figures


25mm Landskneckt figures


Elephant and 25mm Landskneckt figures


I am away on holiday from

..CANCELLED !! ..............., so will not be processing any orders during that time.


Gallery 6mm Sci Fi figures and free rules

New 15mm Samurai



Some new pictures of painted 25mm French and Austrians (by Kev Ward to see.  Also more Free Flags !





New Kremlin Sci Fi Fantasy Orni-copter (measues from wing tip to wing tip 11", aprox 28cm ) Has 16 pieces and is priced at £15 



New, Fantasy Trolls, Ogres and Giants, 38mm tall!

25mm Bavarians, painted by Kev Ward



I have had to increase the price of my 15mm figures from £2.00 to £2.20.  But I am using a better quality metal and the postage rates have not increased, only the minimum postage amount to the EU and the Rest of the world

Mick Y 19/8/2014

25mm Vikings with seperate heads, shields and weaponsViking Warriors painted by Kev Ward

Conquest of Siberia, 15mm figures

                                       painted by Kev Ward

 Kremlin 'Conquest of Siberia ' range



New Kremlin Miniatures Sci Fi available here

Check out the lists and free set of rules!


Check out the page on Kremlin Sci Fi


15mm Napeleonic Cavalry painted by Kev Ward

15mm Napoleon, broken gun and Napoleonic figure

By Kev Ward


I have changed my  backing colour scheme as the flashing stars upset a few people.  Sorry about that


Sedgemoor 1688 and Covenanter Rebelion 1679  Royal foot, by Kev Ward

Napoleonic British and French  painted by Kev Ward

Early Medieval Knight painted by Kev Ward

30th December 2013



28mm, Early Medieval Knights 1250-




Painted 28mm Beowulf and Gredall figures by Kev Ward

The 15mm figures of Beowulf and Gredall are in the same poses

A new range of 28mm figures designed by Kev Ward 

This covers the period roughly between 1250 and 1350?

Most of the knights are in Great Helms and have various different horses, plus seperate shields and spears

Can be used in conjunction with the 28mm Robin Hood figures on which page they are listed on

EM  1  BOWMAN in helmet    

EM  2  BOWMAN in helmet

EM  3  FOOT KNIGHT in great helm, shield and sword

EM  4  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm, shield and spear

EM  5  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with feathers, shield and spear 

EM  6  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with crest shield and axe

EM  7  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with

EM  8  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with vertical crest shield and spear

EM  9  Foot knight in helmet with shield and sword     

EM  10 Foot knight in great helm with spear and shield    


EM  12 Religious man/ Monk/Friar with banner

EM  11 Religious man / Monk/Friar with ragged cross on staff

Can be used from 1170, death of Thomas a' Becket to the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536?

EM  13 Mounted knight in round helmet  .

More to come  

Mick Yarrow

7 St Peters Lane
East Yorkshire
DN14 7UA

Tel/fax (01430) 431009

Email us at:
Postage and Packing

UK / BFPO    +10%
Other EU      + 30%
Non - EU       + 30%
Minimum postage £2.00 in U.K. & £5.00 EU
Minimum postage of £5.00+ non-EU / USA

All prices are in UK pounds. Payable by cash or cheque (in UK pounds sterling) drawn on a UK bank and made payable to: M. Yarrow 


Payment can also be made via Pay Pal.  E-mail with the items required and I will reply with the price plus postage and the Pay Pal account to pay into


Email with details of order plus postage and pay directly into my Pay Pal account at

Sorry we do not accept Debit or Credit cards


Please note

I normally send packages out by first class mail (sometime 2nd class depending on weight and cost).  If you would like to pay extra and have your package to be sent by 'signed for' or if a large expensive package, 'insurred', or some other form of postage, then please indicte when ordering.  When I post a package I receive a 'proof of posting 'receipt and as a result I can not be held responsible for packages that get lost (very occasionally) in the post



30th December 2013

I have produced more of the World War One figures of the 1914 period.  These are for the opening stages of the war where it fought in open ground in France and Belguim.  Also included are troops for the siege of Antwerp!  Not all are out yet, but should be released soon.  There are also a small range of Russian figures of the same period included


15mm BEOWULF and GRENDEL figures

From Lone Warrior  

The Beowulf figure is delightful, standing in huberk, with big round bossed shield, sword poised for thrusting over shield rim.  Grendel on the other hand is big, over 25mm tall, 35mm to the top of his arm which is raised ready to strike (with his spiked club): the monsters hairy, wild and partly clad in furs, he'd fit with many a fantasy scenario.

Price £1.50 for both

Rob Morgan, Lone Warrior 2013 ....

These two figures in identical poses are now available in 28mm, priced at £2.50 for both    Grendal is seriously big and could be used in a varity of senarios G ..


1200 SCALE WARSHIPS           March 2012

1225D Buckley Class DE (John C Butler type) £2.00

4th October 2011.  Due to a rise in postal prices in the UK, especially to the rest of the world (Minimum is £2.07, I must increase my prices to minimum postage to £2.00.  Sorry about that 

New 15mm ranges coming out, World War 1914/15 figures British, German and French


New New New New New New New New New New

World War One 1914/5 British, German and French

Start of a new expanding range of figures as the centenary of the begining of the great war approaches.  These are 15mm in size and comparable with the smaller Peter Pig figures.  Price is £2.00 per pack of 8 infantry

Britsh 1         8 x Assorted infantry

British 1a       8 x Assorted infantry including officers

German1       8 x Assorted infantry

German 1a    8 x Assorted infantry including officers

French 1       8 x Infantry advancing

French 1a     8 x Infantry advancing including officers

New New New New New New New New New New

Also new 25mm Hob Goblins Individual figures at special opening price of 50p each !!  these were originaly titled as Orc's but are a little small and look and feel more like Hob Goblins

Hob Goblin with bow

Hob Goblin  with sword type weapon

Hob Goblin  with spear

Hob Goblin  with pole axe

25mm Hob Goblin  with 1 Euro coin for comparisson   Opening price is 50p each








 Due to the huge increase in the price of

metal I have increased my

prices by a small amount, sorry!! 


1/4800 scale ship                 15mm Ice Age creature

15mm German Infantry         15mm Egyptian chariot

Late Ice Age circa 14000 to 8000 BC

Warriors of the Ice Age and creatures

Inuits (Eskimos)

Egypt, Pre Dynastic, Early, Mid and New Kingdom

Sea People


Macedonian and Successors





Dark Age Greece


King Arthur

Early Saxons


Gundestrup Celts

Northern Barbarians



Napoleonics British and French

World War 2

Modern Wars 1990-2010


NEW NEW Fantasy Ancients

6mm Sci Fi

15mm Sci Fi

15mm Accessories

Mediaevals, Wars of the Roses


Early 100 Years War

16th Century Spanish/ Dutch

Sedgemoor 1688

Covernanter Rebbelion 1679


Vilanovian Italian 1000-600BC

Sardinian 1000-600 BC



25MM Napoleonic British, French, Bavarian, Russian, Spainish and Austria

25mm Dark Age Normans, Saxons and Vikings

(Seperate Heads and Weapons)

25mm Cowboys

(Seperate Heads and Weapons)(Packs only)

25mm English Civil War


NEW NEW 28MM Robin Hood


H0/00 Scale Railway Figures

N Scale Railway Figures




1/1200 Scale Waterline Ships

Former Trafalgar Range


1/3000 Scale Waterline Ships

Former Trafalgar Range


1/4800 Scale Waterline Ships (30p and 40p each)

Former Trafalgar Range











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