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ok folks i had a recent request to do a photo step by step for a large flashy type fly for pike and no doubt muskies would be up for it as well if you tuning in from the states so as always happy to  oblige , for this fly you will need the following 

6/0 octopus hook 
magnum flashabou in silver
orange uv fritz  
clear mono tying thread 
uv finish (dont use bugbond it cures tacky) or varnish

1 - ministry of the bloody obvious , stick the hook in the vice 

2 - add a pinch of strong glue (i use zap a gap ) i wish they would do croc glue again that stuff was awesome 

3 - take your mono tying thread and wrap around the hook making sure you spread the glue as you wrap round , this give a strong tying base and you materials wont move on the hook when finished 

4 - take you flashabou and place along the hook at the point of the curve , leave enough material to fold a few inchs back over this will help profile the fly 

5 - take a length (around 2 inchs) of chenille and tie in in front of the flashabou 

6 - wrap around until you have a ball of chenille and tie down (the reason for this will be obvious in the next few steps)  

7 - now take a few strands of flashabou and place around 3 quarters of it facing away from the hook  

8 - repeat this on each side and top and bottom and add a couple of wraps of mono to hold in place 

9 - now take each piece from the top middle and sides one at a time and fold back and secure 

10 -  now you can see what the ball of chenille does it give the material something to lye on creating a profile when wet  

11 - take a few full strands of flashabou and tye in this will give you length on the back of the fly , also worth noting you can add any color of flashabou  at this point to create a different back color  

12 - now tie off and seal with a high quality uv (i still use deer creeks uv as quite simply it is the best out there and cures in a few seconds , unlike other brands which dry tacky )

13 - a few seconds blast and its cured 

14 - a fast perfectly bombproof head 

and there you have it a fast simple and very effective predator fly and worth having a few in your box 

below is a few examples of different ideas you can do to pimp em up

have fun 

greetings from the cave 

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