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The sandeel is a very effective bait fish for almost all popular salt water sports fish in Europe from Spain to Scotland, and in the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. Sand eel is the first choice pray for popular species such as trout, salmon, bass, mackerel, garfish and pollack.

The sandeel is a bait fish that every one bait fishing in Europe should know. Why? the answer is very simple, because the sandeel often catches more fish than any other bait. Exactly why the sandeel is such a popular pray among the predators in the sea is hard to say. But it is a fact that you can catch almost all species when you have a live sand eel at the end of your line , of course we aint bait fishing so why should we miss out on a top bait well we dont have to heres a step by step for a deadly sandeel pattern ....enjoy

 materials are as above i like to use superhair or something simular that is a stiff fibre as this gives a great solid baitfish look in the water , the hooks are from piketrek ill put links to products at the bottom of the page , and no i dont get paid for the links its just what i use

step 1

 lay down a bed of clear mono thread , start from the eye go back to the start of the hook bend and then back to the hook eye

step 2

place some glue along the hookshank this will secure and stop the materials spinning on the hookshaft

step 3 

tie in at the head a 5 inch section of of ep sparkle (or a flash of your choice) and secure with a couple of thread wraps

 step 4

take a thin section of yellow superhair 5 inchs long and not to thick you need it almost transparent 

step 5

now the glue will be almost tacky to the touch so bring your thread down the hookshaft to the point where the hook pount is , as above then bring your thread back up to the hook eye

step 6

turn your hook upside down and tie in the first piece of yellow  superhair only secure it to the point above no further back  

step 7

you next and final piece of yellow superhair (only 4 bits of material in this fly thats value for money) this needs to be slightly shorter as you want to give the idea of a tail shape

step 8 

flip the hook back over and your readdy to repeat steps 6 and 7 except this time with olive superhair

 step 9

having repeated steps 6 and 7 tie off witha few wraps you can see that by using thin pieces you get a nice nose shape

step 10 

once ive whipped off if im using syntetics i like to heat the hook eye just a touch this melts the core under the nose and make a very secure bond to the hook as it melts inside

 step 11

a very small gator eye is place into position on either side , gator eyes are very tacky on the back and sit well while you get the correct position , again eye choice is compleatly up to you this is just what i use , 3d, stick on or epoxy eyes are just as good

 step 12


as you tied a shorter pieace in the top and bottom this give you a little section for the tail , all you need to do is grab a sharpie marker and colour it in  

step 13


having colored it in the sandeel is just about finished all we need to do is epoxy the head

i use piketreks mr bond quick cure uv to form the head i usually add a couple of layers to get the right shape , , you can if you like just use normal epoxy the choice is yours but doing this does add a slight weight to the fly which helps the action in the water

the finished fly 


eat me  





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gator eyes

mr bond uv cure

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