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This is a very easy fly to tie and you can tie it in any number of sizes incorperating only a few materials you can come up with a great fish catching baitfish pattern that even if you’ve never tied a fly before youd be able to make in just a few mins the fly here has been tied on a 4/0 hook and is 5 inchs long for this fly you need the following
Hook – 4/0 oshaugnassy
Bucktail – colour of your choice extra long is better if you can find it
Spectrum angel harmony angel (from piketrek)
Spectrum twist In orange (from piketrek)
Spectrum fibre in harmony angel (from piketrek)
Eyes red crystal eyes from (from deer creek )
Thread clear mono
picture one
tie in a section of spectrum fibre in the tail end of the fly length is whatever your happy with if you like a long flowing flashy tail then add a long piece if not just add the same length as the bucktail your tying in with the next step
picture 2
tie in on top a piece of bucktail colour is whatever you like ive used a steel grey colour I like to add a bit of superglue or varnish at this point to seal it all down and make it tooth proof
picture 3
turn the hook upside down and tie in a thin section of white bucktail this will represent the belly of the baitfish white is the most common colour to use as a belly but you can use any colour you want
picture 4
turn the hook back round and add a few wraps of thread and seal with varnish or glue
picture 5
next we add in the spectrum twist this will form the main part of the belly of the fly make sure you match the colour to the piece of belly bucktail you tied in
picture 6
palmer the spectrum twist up the hook shank leaving a half inch or so clear to the end of the hook and tie off and trim any excess 

picture 7

take a short length of spectrum twist in orange and tie in then palmer to the front of the hook and tie off then whip your thread back to where you started the orange (this will be the start point for your bucktail) I tend to add a bit of glue or varnish at this point to secure you should end up with the head looking like this picture below , spectrum fibre is long so palmers back really well

picture 8

picture 9
next tie in a pencil thickness sized length of bucktail on top of this add in some flash and varnish or glue to seal
picture 10
add in another pencil sized pinch of bucktail then tie off ,at this point i like to give the head a quick varnish this will make the mono invisible
picture 11
once the varnish is dry add a little superglue and stick the eyes on (im using deercreeks crystal eyes on this fly) if you don’t want to use epoxy then just glue the eyes further back a five min epoxy will do for this remember if you don’t have a raotory drier the you can just hold it in between your fingers and keep turning it upside down till it sets
the finished product
a fantastic looking baitfish fly that is very simple to tie and you can use a million different colour combinations enjoy




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