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(The ultimate pike glidebait fly)
 You will need
Hook- 6/0 wide gaped hook
Thread – phantom thread or clear mono
Body – gliss and glint plus perch (or colour your choice)
Varnish – a touch clear varnish
Glue – croc glue (the toughest glue on the plane)
Eyes – 8mm hard eyez


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1- Firstly place a little glue onto the hook shank then lay down 2 wraps of mono along the shank finishing in line with the hook point



2- Add a second very thin layer of glue at the rear end of the hook shank, where the thread finishes (this is to protect against teeth and give you a longer lasting fly)  



3 – Take a pencil thickness length of gliss and glint (a whole length) plus and fold in half, then whip on to the hook , before you ad the next lot add a touch of varnish on the whipping (again to help guard against teeth)



4 –you next take another section of gliss and glint plus tied in slightly in front of the last piece fold on
 Half underneath the hook and one half on top as above and that sorts out the tail end now for the body 



5 – Building the body is pretty much a repetitive thing as you do the following steps over and over until you get to the hookeye  , so first take a whole section of gliss and glint plus and cut it in half 



6 – Take one of the sections off gliss and glint plus and tease out the fibers so they are uneven as above 



7 - Take one piece of gliss and place just in front of where you have tied in the tail make sure 90% of the material is towards the tail, the 10% that’s facing forward will form the head. You now need to place the same amount of material underneath and on the sides so you use 2 full sections of gliss cut in half to give you 4 sections 



8 – Once you have placed all 4 pieces on as in step 7 add a touch of varnish and make sure it goes all around the whipping 



9 – Pull all the sections back as above 



10 – Then whip down as above and varnish the whipping 



11 – Follow all the steps from step 5 to build up the body, don’t be concerned if you think the body is to bulky we will trim it down at the end of the tie



12 – the final tie , you can see the fish shape formed nicely , although you may think this is quite bulky there’s actually not a massive amount of material involved 



13 – Once the final piece has been tied in whip of and varnish to seal 



14 – The raw finished bullhead 



15 – Allow the varnish to dry and take the fly out of the vice ready for trimming 



16 – time to trim , now with trimming the best thing is to trim small amounts at one time (you cant stick it back on if you cut to much off)  always trim from the back towards the front , I usually start the sides first and work round , you need to start your trim from the hook bend back 



17 - Once you have started trimming you’ll start to see the shape form very quickly 



18 – if you want a larger profile only trim the sides and bottom , this works well for bream and perch patterns and the action will still be the same 



19 – The fly fully trimmed and waiting for eyes 



20 – take 2 8mm hardeyez and trim the stems, you need to make sure you don’t trim them flush as you need a little bit of stem to secure them properly , if you trim them flush they will at some point just fall off and you’ll lose the action of the fly



21 – hardeyez with stems cut down just enough left to hold them securely in place 



22 – Next you need to mix up a five min epoxy



23 - Take you dubbing needle (I use a wine cork with a darning needle stuck into it) and force the epoxy into the head this adds to the weight of the head and the action of the fly, remember to push the needle right through 



24 – add the eyes and hold them in position for 2 mins and that’s you bullhead ready to fish
You can do this fly in any size you like or any color just reduce the size of your eyes to match the head
Supplier’s links
Hook- 6/0 wide gaped hook
Thread – phantom thread or clear mono
Body – gliss and glint plus perch (or colour your choice)
Varnish – a touch clear varnish
Glue – croc glue (the toughest glue on the plane)
Eyes – 8mm hard eyez
check back for more step by step by steps as i do them for all my predator step by steps please visit my website 
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