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Ice 9 jackpike

a great big jackpike fly using some great new materials from castle feathers

castlefeathers products details can be found at the bottom of this page

What a fantastic material

Every now and again you come across a really cool material that’s just perfect for pike and predator flies and a material that is easy to use simple to tie with and simply makes fantastic patterns, well I’ve come across a material that does just that it’s from a company called castlefeathers (contact details at the bottom of the page) who I had the pleasure of meeting at the BFFI and shared a stall with them when I was down doing tying demos for deercreek .

The material itself is called micro tinsel and comes in a massive variety of shades and blends that you simply can’t get anywhere else as they are all hand blended to their spec; I’ve tied quite a few flies with the micro tinsel and im very impressed with the results , ive not however had a chance to get them out on the loch yet due to the garbage weather but I have tested them in the bath and they have a very seductive movement in the water that looks very life like so im well looking forward to getting out with them next week I think in the smaller sizes they will be killer for pike




EMAIL- bobswann@btinternet.com 

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