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material suppliers 

As you’ll know there is a million places to buy materials for tying flies both your local tackle shop or online I do believe everyone has there place, from supporting your local tackle shop to supporting small business in your own country
The companies listed here are companies I use and all have outstanding quality product and first class customer service and I really rate and recommend them all , I will not list a company I haven’t used myself or tested there materials
Leading uk and European company piketrek really know what there talking about and are straight to the point with innovating synthetic materials and a fantastic uv cure product called mr bond click the banner below to go there and check them out


For the best in eyes and marabou feathers as well as glint and gliss and glint and gliss plus , dubbing dumbbell eyes and all kinds of great tying stuff  nick over at deer creek is the place to go nick also stocks a limited edition pike flies click the picture below to go visit nick


tying materials

each suplier comes highly recommended click the picture to go to the product or site


dyckers.com is based in holland but ships all over and carrys pretty much the whole e.p fibre range at a great price click the picture to go directly to the site a highly recomended website


bob has a great range of material click the pic below to explore




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