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This is a fantastic fly to tie and a real fish catcher the simplicity of its design means it has a great natural action in the water as all the materials are tied in very small area at the front of the hook this fly can be tied on the smallest size of hook right up to 12/0 for ocean game fish and believe it or not its tied with only 6 pieces of material

Materials needed

Clear mono tying thread

6/0 octopus hook

White ep fibre

Olive s.f fibre

Orvis jurrasic eyes

This fly is 6 inchs long perfect predator snax








tie in your clear mono you only need to go a few mms along this will be your work area








take a short length of ep fibre and tie in (youll note all the material is tied on top of the hook)








Add another length of ep fibre slightly longer than the last piece this will give you the belly shape







finally the last piece of white ep again slightly longer than the last , and that’s the first 3 bits of material done (at this point if your not using s.f fibre which has flash through it then you can add flashbou or crystal flash just run it the entire body length)









now your ready for the back colour in this case its olive s.f fibre you can off course use olive ep or any other colour you like , but as this is a roach pattern im using olive ,

the length of the first piece of s.f goes to the same length of the last piece of white ep you tied in








the second piece of s.f fibre is slightly shorter than than the last this will give the body profile on the finished fly








now the 3rd and last piece of s.f fibre again slightly shorter that the last , and whip finish







now add a bit of heat to the hook eye , what this does is melts the fibres into each other and onto the hook giving a bomb proof finish , after adding a bit of heat mold with you fingers to round it off , don’t worry its not that hot and you wont get 3rd degree burns







here ive added a couple of orvis Jurassic eyes just placed on a small blob of epoxy either side for the eyes to stick to although you could just use super glue but by adding epoxy it will improve the action of the fly by adding weight to the head







one high tie ready to fish








a couple of variations although you don’t need to add the red ep fibre for the gills you can just use permanent marker




dave mcfluffchucker


(a cave in Scotland)



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