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2/0 dai riki hooks 
large sandeel fish heads
diamond fine uv (the only non tacky out there)
icelandic sheep hair white / olive
deer creek crystal flash
clear mono thread
a tube of silicone 




hook in the vice (obviously)




attatch thread down the length of the hook shank





add a small amount of gorilla glue to the shank  





take a piece of white Icelandic sheep hair (length is depending how long you want the eel) and tease out the soft hair from the butt end 




tie on from the hook eye and finish off where the back of the head sits (just place the head on to get the correct measurement) and bring the thread back up to the hook eye




take a piece of red angel hair and tie in on the under side of the shank  




fold over loose angel hair and tie down to the back of the sheep hair 





tie in the same length of olive sheep hair 




add a couple of lengths of crystal flash and finish off at the back of the hook




place the head on and get the position correct , the bottom of the fish head should sit flush with the hook shank  




flip the hook in the vice and make sure your happy with the positioning , then tie in a couple of wraps at the nose (there is a little tag that makes this easy to hold for position )




add a small amount of diamond fine to hold the head in position




next take a pinch of silicone (i find it best to place it on my finger makes it easier for working on the head)




spread along the head , filling in the gap on the head and over the body (not as messy as it seems)




i finish off just behind the head 




and leave for a few mins to dry 




and there you have a great looking sandeel , using silicone gives the head a life like feel 




these things are not only good for sea species , i have caught a ton of pike on them as well give it a try youll be surprised just how good these things look in the water 


(a cave in scotland)









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